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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Thorne’s, Grandma Stephanie sits coloring with little Ally and answers questions about Taylor. Would it make her mommy sad if she loves her? Caught slightly off-guard, Stephanie replies that her mommy loved her and wanted her to be happy, so she thinks it would be okay with her mommy. She then wants to know if her daddy loves Taylor? Stephanie explains that they like each other a lot and have been friends for a long time….and grown-ups are a little different. Alexandria tells her that Taylor spent the night there last night and it was fun. Then she wants to know why ground-ups are different? Stephanie quips because they are tall.

Thorne joins in and asks what are they yakking about? All Stephanie will say is it is girl talk. He hands them some birthday pictures to look at – Sally, Phoebe and Clarke. Ally asks if there is one of Taylor and he replies there is. When she sees it, she takes it immediately over to the Darla shrine table and places it by her mommy’s picture and says she is putting it with her because Taylor is so nice – just like her mommy and she kisses her fingers and then the pictures of each.

Out by the pool, Taylor is remembering things Stephanie told her, her first recent kiss with Thorne when Hector comes out and she rushes to help him. He surmises since she is just coming home, she must have stuck to her plans and spent the night at Thorne’s. And he warns her she is going way too fast. She helps him get comfortable in a chair. He remarks that she has to be more cautious. She is coming out of a very difficult time in her life, carrying around this terrible secret that would destroy any chance of any happiness she could possibly have with Thorne. And send her to prison. Exasperated, Taylor tells him she wants him to stop talking like this. For about the hundredth time he tells her he knows it was an accident, but will Thorne, or Lt. Baker who smelt alcohol on her breath that night or the judge? She asks what is the point? He asks if she can keep the secret that she was driving the car that night? She informs him that she made a promise to Stephanie and she’s going to keep it, she has to!

In his room, Shane is still practicing his little speech to Mrs. Forrester and asking her to write a check for one million dollars that she will never miss and he won’t ever bother her again. He’ll be gone. But, if he stays poor, she’s going to jail and that doesn’t make much sense. She’ rich, well-respected, a great future ahead of her. Does she really want to throw all of that away? He congratulates himself, that has to work!

Ally asks her daddy if she can take the rest of the pictures to her room? He says yes and she can even make a collage if she wants to as he can print up more pictures. He remarks to his mother that kids are amazing. She answers yes, they heal quickly under the right circumstances. He tells her all of a sudden with no disrespect to Darla, Ally is practically planning their future together, he and Taylor and Phoebe. Stephanie answers children are very practical. They just want to know they have parameters and they are safe. He mentions that he thought if he ever got involved with another woman, Ally would feel he was betraying her mother. She segues way into she understands Taylor spent the night last night. He hastens to add that Phoebe too, it was a pajama party only. But, he does want to add that waking up this morning with Taylor in the house – felt right.

Hector continues with Taylor that she needs to think this through. Let them just say that this thing progresses, where does that lead? To the altar, right? “Well, if you love someone, you’re not going to stand up in front of your friends and your family and lie and hide a secret like this from your husband-to-be.” Taylor calls him off and says she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. He’s way ahead of himself. She’s just trying to be there for Thorne and Alexandria and that’s all she is focusing on. She tells him that he’s driving her crazy. She is going in to get something and she’ll be right back. She tells him not to move, and not to fall in the pool.

He digs out his cell and calls Stephanie. He tells her it’s not working, she has to know that. Thorne and Taylor – she’s okay now, but she’s gonna crack. And he tells her that she spent the night at Thorne’s last night. She cautions him this is exactly what she knew was going to happen. He’s jealous! He points out that he is the voice of reason here. Her playing matchmaker is a double-edged sword. The closer she gets to Thorne, the more obligated she’ll feel to tell him the truth. And he tells her that Taylor’s stomach is tied in knots. She’s a wreck over this. And when she tells Thorne the truth, he’s not going to forgive her. He’s going to hate her. And it will be Stephanie’s doings. He knows she loves Taylor like a daughter, but this relationship is doomed. Taylor returns with a couple of towels and then asks who was he talking to on the phone? He lies and says some friends at the station. And that he was looking out for her. He is blind, but he can still do that. She cautions that is a very unhealthy mindset. Disappointed, he tells her whatever! But that he was going to get good at living in the dark. He can’t fool himself. There was a time he thought he could be there for her. Maybe fill a space in her life. But, then this happened. And Thorne was there with his little girl and his broken heart. “Let’s face it, you don’t need me and never will. So, it’s time I moved out and got on with my life.”

Shane drops by Taylor’s and Phoebe answers the door. They exchange small talk in which she asks how he likes landscaping. He tells her not much, he’s more a carpenter by trade. They exchange information that Harrison Ford started that way before he got his big break in Star Wars. She asks why did he come by and he asks if her mother is home? Remember he told her yesterday he needed to see her about an idea he had, a business proposition.

Thorne tells Stephanie that Ally is going to make a collage after all. And it’s so good to see her get back to her normal self. She tells him he owes a lot of that to Taylor.

And just trust his instincts and go with it. He asks about Ridge, after all, they have children together. Stephanie tells him she is not advocating that he drag someone off to the wedding chapel, but what’s going to happen will happen. What happened to Darla was a very tragic, tragic situation. But, sometimes out of great tragedy comes great joy and happiness. And both he and Taylor have suffered a great loss. He asks if she thinks Darla is smiling at him and Taylor? Stephanie replies that knowing Darla, yeah.

Taylor reminds Hector that she asked to stay there because she wanted to see him gain his independence. She wanted to help him so he could cope with his disability. Because she wanted to see him live his life to the fullest. So that he could move on. He acknowledges that he accepted her offer, but in the back of his mind…..She tells him he wasn’t completely honest. He asks why? Because he couldn’t put his thoughts into words? “You can’t tell when a man is fascinated by you? When the sound of your voice, the smell of you, makes him want to hold you in his arms and love you?” She muses that under the circumstances, she thought there were more important things to deal with first. He tells her he didn’t want a nurse, he wanted her. But, she is moving on with Thorne. And he can’t be here if he knows she wants to be intimate with another man. She agrees then maybe he should move out. This is starting to get inappropriate. He says he is sorry, but that’s the way he feels. He wants her to be happy, but he wanted to be part of that happiness. She tells him she made a commitment to him to help him get through this first major part of his adjustment. And she doesn’t understand why he can’t put his feelings aside and let her help him through that challenge without expectations. He just sighs that he doesn’t think he can. She tells him okay, but just think about what she said. This is going to be a very difficult period in his life and however he starts out, is how it’s going to affect the rest of his life.

Phoebe interrupts her and tells her there is a guy at the door to see her. She asks who and Phoebe tells her the landscaping guy. Seems he has some business proposition for her. In leaving, she tells Hector to think about what she said. He tells Phoebe he will be there for her mother if she ever needs him.

Stephanie tells Thorne not to worry about Taylor’s children or Ridge or anyone else. Because no one in the family is going to stand in the way of a good thing. He thanks his mom with a big hug, and she remarks, “it’s my job.”

Taylor thinks she knows what Shane wants – to move some pots out back. He assures her that isn’t it. It’s really just black and white, easy to understand. But, before he can set his plan in action, her cell rings and she has to get it. It’s Thorne and he’s fine except that he misses her already and wants them to have dinner tonight. She says yes and quips that a girl’s got to eat. She laughs when he asks if she is playing hard to get? And if she was playing hard to get, she’d tell him next week. He asks – like she could wait that long? And then he chuckles. Is this really happening? She replies she thinks maybe it is. He tells her it’s a new beginning for both of them. “Where yesterday is a dream and tomorrow is a vision of hope.” She tells him that that sounds so good, but she’s got someone standing in her living room so she’ll call him right back and finish up the plans.

She returns to Shane and asks about this business proposition. He tells her it’s not even about landscaping. It’s about what he saw. It’s about what she’s going to give him for what he saw. So, no more interruptions or phone calls. He tells her to please listen to what he has to tell her. “your secret, I know what it is.”

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