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Written By Wanda
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Taylor visits Darla’s grave and has a little chit chat with her asking if she will support her new relationship with Thorne? She needs a sign. Thorne shows up and he feels Darla is indeed guiding them to be together. Lovingly, he places a bouquet of flowers on the grave and touches her headstone. Then he takes Taylor’s hand in his and they stand as a couple.

Around the pool outback, Stephanie sits and talks to Phoebe and how she doesn’t like Hector staying there. He’s manipulating her mother. She also says she misses Darla a lot. She was such a decent person; kind and she loved Thorne so much…..but you have to move on. And she knows Darla would want them to be happy. She surmises that both are beginning to heal and Thorne and Taylor compliment each other. Phoebe would support that, wouldn’t she? She nods yes. Phoebe has to turn her down for dinner with her grandparents. She was going to meet and show a friend of Nick’s around L.A. Stephanie teases by asking if the friend is good looking? Then she hugs her and tells her go have a good time; she has carried this burden too long.

Both Harry and Phoebe are totally surprised when they recognize each other. Felicia, Dante and Dino enjoy a day in the sun. Back home, she asks if it is so right that she is so happy when her brother’s are not? He tells her to take happiness when she can get it. You never know how long it’s going to last. And if you worry about things going wrong, they just might. He points out that even Ridge and Thorne aren’t as happy as they pretend to be. Thorne is spending a lot of time with Taylor and Ridge is running off to Europe with Donna. She muses if there were ever two mine fields out there – Ridge and Donna and Thorne and Taylor? He points out that nothing is perfect. There is all sorts of trouble out there, but isn’t that the way she likes it? Turning serious, he tells her they have been waiting for everything to turn out perfectly for the family so they can get married. But, if they wait much longer, this little guy will be in college. She quips great, then they don’t have to worry about him crying during the vows. Before he kisses her, he tells her that he doesn’t want to wait any longer. He wants her to be his wife.

Harry hands Phoebe a bill to repay her for the waiter’s tip he took at Insomnia when they met. But she hands it back and soon they are entranced on star’s maps. She informs him that Tom Cruise does not live next door and she drags him by the hand to show him. Out of the bushes, a mysterious guy surprises them. He’s Shane who claims he is part of the new gardening crew. She feels like she may have seen him somewhere before, but he says no, he’s just filling in part time this week. He watches them as he pretends to go about his work.

Taylor is surprised by Stephanie who walks into the house. She immediately tells Stephanie that she’s not going to throw Hector out on the streets. Stephanie points out that Hector has himself believing he can’t do anything without Taylor, but that’s just not true. Taylor argues that he feels like he’s falling and doesn’t know where he is. Stephanie snides that he knows exactly where he is….and he knows exactly where he wants to go with Taylor. And she preaches once again that he shouldn’t be living here in the house at all. It just gives him the impression that they are going to end up in a relationship with each other. And Taylor can turn her back on him. She’s in this mess partly because of him. Can’t she see this is just a recipe for disaster? And just adding Thorne being around more, Hector is just going to get angrier and more jealous. From Taylor’s look, Stephanie guesses this has already happened. Taylor fills her in what happened earlier. That Hector had questioned Thorne’s motives and he kinda gave him a hard time about pursuing someone so quickly after his wife’s death. With an evil eye, Stephanie asks where is that son of a bitch? She points her finger at her and emphasizes that Hector is going to be trouble for her. Taylor counters that he is just having a hard time wrestling with his adjustment period. Stephanie points out that he just wants to wrestle with her period, and that’s going to be a big problem for Taylor.

Harry and Phoebe sit and have iced tea and she questions how he knows Nick. He teases her that she will jump on a plane and go to Paris and yet she has not been to places right there in L.A. so they make a date to head over there on his bike. Shane watches their every move.

Felicia comes on to Dante and he assures her that if anyone breaks Dino’s heart they are going to have to deal with her. She tells him that’s right, the Forrester’s are very protective. He thinks protective on her looks very sexy. She coos what is he going to do about it? He begins to untie the bikini string top and they cuddle on the couch.

Taylor tells Stephanie that Hector may have led her astray, but he’s NOT evil. Stephanie forces her to listen that she doesn’t know what Hector is capable of. He made her continue this lie and she needs to get him out of her house and out of her life. Thorne walks in and admonishes his mom that they have talked this over before. If Taylor is okay with this situation, then they are going to support that. Stephanie wants to say one more thing to Taylor alone, so he leaves them to go move some more furniture on the patio.

Stephanie reminds her that both Thorne and Ally have started the healing process and so has Taylor. So whatever is going to happen, just let nature take its course. Taylor leaves to join Thorne. Before Stephanie can leave, Hector joins her thinking she is Taylor. She greets him with “you son of a bitch!” Then proceeds to tell him that this situation is just wrong. He’s taking advantage of the situation and also of Taylor. He reminds her that he is blind. She retorts he is getting no sympathy from her if he stands in the way. She vows that if he makes trouble, she will throw him out of there herself. He tells her she will have trouble doing that from behind bars because she is involved in this cover-up too. And he states he is trying to keep Taylor out of jail, but it’s against her nature to do what she is doing. And if she grows any closer to Thorne, she won’t be able to stop herself from telling him she was the one driving the car that night. Does Stephanie think that he’s just going to believe that Darla fell on the road that night? Of course not! He’s not going to believe that for one moment and all that hostility and anger he’s been bottling up is going to come spewing out. He’ll throw Taylor to the wolves and she’ll do twenty years in prison …….and Thorne will NEVER recover. He and Alexandria will suffer another loss for a woman they love. And this time they will know that woman was responsible for Darla’s death. So it’s time for Stephanie to get real, cuz he’s not going anywhere. She assures him she is real all right. Oh he can believe that. And if there is one thing she knows about Taylor – she CAN keep a secret. She tells him there are only four people that know this secret – Taylor, Stephanie and Phoebe and they aren’t going to say anything, “so you, my friend, better not breathe one word of it.”

Shane watches intently as Thorne and Taylor move furniture and talk. He tells her he realizes Hector is in a tough position and this adjustment is going to take time and he doesn’t want her caught in the middle. It’s going to take a lot out of her but he’s there to support her in whatever decision she chooses. He tells her he stayed and talked to Darla more at the cemetery and he feels really good. He is hoping he can take Taylor to dinner tomorrow night and spend the evening together. She readily accepts and says she would like that – it’s a date. He leans in with a big grin and kisses her and thanks her for bringing all this joy into his life. They part with him saying – tomorrow night and she giggles. Then she reminds herself that she can do this. She’ll just have to do this, keep a secret from him forever.

Shane is still watching and we see a quick glimpse in his mind of the mysterious, bearded, guy confronted by Phoebe by the side of the road the night of Darla’s accident.

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