The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/11/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Bridget is adamant and pleads with Nick not to go back to her mother but to come back to her. Brooke can’t possibly make him happy.

With the aid of his walking cane, Hector comes downstairs and interrupts Taylor and Thorne hugging. Although, he can’t ‘see’ them, he senses he has walked in on something. Taylor goes to him and Hector asks if Thorne is still there? Thorne speaks up and says yes he is. She explains that he came over to help her rearrange the living room furniture just a bit making it easier for Hector to move around. He suggests that wasn’t necessary but Taylor tells him that Thorne wanted to do it. Things are tense when Hector also points out that Thorne can’t be very happy with this arrangement. Once again, Thorne speaks up and tells Hector that if anyone knows what a difference Taylor can make in their lives, it is him. And if she can help him that way, it’ll be no time before he can move on to the next phase in his life. Everybody smiles but Hector.

In the Executive Office, Ridge makes plans with Donna as he touches base with Felicia on the phone about taking the corporate Forrester jet to New York and then on to Paris and Milano and “anywhere you want to go, my love.” He strokes and pets as she coos that she wouldn’t mind putting some space between her and her sister. Wherever sounds exactly what she NEEDS. Brooke walks in just as Ridge tells Donna she is so NAUGHTY and she replies that what can she say, he brings out the devil in her. And she grabs him by the neck and plants a wide-mouthed bass kiss on him. Brooke looks on in disgust.

Nick tells Bridget that he drank a bit too much and he had over-reacted. Bridget reminds him how many times her mother has told him Ridge is NOT going to be a problem in their marriage and how many times has she broken that promise? She tells him her side of the story that he can have a stable marriage with a woman who is devoted to him and always will be. And she tells him that he knows how much she loves him and always, always will. Reluctantly, he lets her hug him.

Hector brazenly says he thinks he needs some peace and quiet, but it will be awkward with them down here talking. Shocked, Thorne realizes he is asking him to leave. Hector says he thinks that would be wise and even asks Taylor her opinion.

Brooke clears her throat to let the love-birds know she is around. Donna jumps back and Ridge covers by asking if Brooke is going to wish them bon voyage? She snarks that this is a press junket, not a pleasure cruise. Brooke has a problem with the schedule which seems to be more fun than work. He comments that he is just trying to keep his options open. Especially in London so he can spend some time with his daughter. He puts his hands on Donna and continues that if some prince wants to invite them to dinner……She smarts again that while they are dining with royalty, who’s going to be tending to the vendors in China? She makes her displeasure known; she’d rather he go with a hooker to Timbuktu. Ridge asks Donna for a few minutes alone with her sister. She bids a hasty goodbye to her sis and says she is sorry it has to be like this.

He faces Brooke and asks if she is not jealous, right? She sets him straight. She meant what she’d said, that she was committed to her marriage to Nick. He tells her that he knows she doesn’t want any more disruptions in her life, but home is where the heart is and “your heart is and always will be with me.”

Bridget continues that Nick can cross his fingers and hope this never happens again or Brooke doesn’t repeat herself, but is this really the way he wants to live his life? He breaks away and tells her not to make this any harder than it is. She says it is hard because it is WRONG. “Going back to my mother is a mistake.” So they shouldn’t have made love last night, fine, but he can’t ignore the reasons that it happened. She points out that he was frustrated and hurt because of her. Nick was right when he said she had an addiction to Ridge and it’s a compulsion and Brooke would be the first to admit it. But, admitting it and solving the issue are two different things. He points out that Brooke had married HIM. She comments back that her mother had married a LOT of men. She loved them but she stayed with none of them. He states he believes she will stay with him. She wonders how long he’ll stay there with an ax over his head.

She keeps reminding him of last night. Is he just going to forget that? He tells her he isn’t forgetting anything. What he said this morning, what he did last night, he forgot nothing. “Your mother wants this marriage to work, and the truth is… do I.” She walks out to the porch and he follows and tells her that he is sorry. She has been hurt so many times. He wishes there was something he could say to make it better, but there isn’t. And he doesn’t know what is going to happen when he tells her mother. Once more, Bridget is adamant that he can’t tell her, he just can’t. He mutters they are starting over, but she says if he cares about her at all, he will not say a word, not one!

Brooke confides in Ridge that Nick forgave her for running to him last night. What more could you ask of a husband than forgiveness, loyalty, and understanding? Ridge declares that Nick is NOT perfect. She’s let him down and eventually he is going to do the same thing to Brooke. She opines that he won’t. Ridge repeats that he meant what he’d previously said, he has to move on. He’s going to Europe with Donna and they are going to have the time of their lives. She reflects and says then there is nothing left to say but good-bye. He takes her and cradles her head to him in a hug and tells her he will miss her. She whispers she will miss him too.

Thorne tells Hector that he sympathizes with him. Hector returns the favor by saying he feels the same for Thorne. He knows how hard it is to be a single father raising a child on your own. Thorne says it sounds like the two of them have a lot in common. And Taylor points out that is why they need to try to get along. Hector says maybe they could if Thorne could be open to a little advice from someone who knows. Thorne asks and what would that be? Hector proceeds to tell him that he needs to focus on his daughter, and not Taylor. And doesn’t he think it is inappropriate to begin a relationship with another woman so soon after Darla’s death? Both Thorne and Taylor look on in disbelief. Thorne rebukes that if he has a problem with him, alright, but just leave Ally out of it. Hector wonders how he’s going to “explain” this new relationship, this new woman to a little girl who is still grieving for the loss of her mother? Thorne asks him just who in the hell does he think he is? He says frankly he thinks he is the only one in this room that sees this situation clearly. Thorne states that what he sees is a jealous man. Behind his back, Taylor is shaking her hands and telling Thorne not to get into this, not to argue. Hector says there is nothing to argue about. They have talked about this before and the two of them should NOT be seeing each other. Thorne storms that is quite enough. He and Taylor do NOT need HIS approval. He bellows that when he comes over…..and he will be coming over……Hector is going to respect their relationship and their privacy. Hector barks back that Thorne is NOT going to have a relationship. He is going to leave this house and leave Taylor alone. Thorne asks, “or what? You gonna have some of the guys from the fire station come over and rough me up?” Hector lunges at him and says no, he’ll do it himself. He misses and falls on the couch. Taylor helps him and asks if it is okay? She asks a frustrated Thorne to go ahead and go. Then she lashes out at Hector and tells him to NEVER do anything like that again!

He admonishes her that she is putting herself in danger every second that she spends with Thorne. And no matter how many times he says it, she still refuses to listen. He asks does Thorne mean that much to her? Her freedom, his, even her daughter’s well being? He knows she is battling with this every day to keep that secret that she was driving the car that night. He can’t imagine the guilt that must be eating her alive seeing Darla’s face over and over. And he vows that he can help her, but the closer she gets to Thorne, the harder it’s going to be. She tells him she wants to be his friend and she wants to help him, but her involvement with Thorne is not open for discussion. He clamors that Thorne will send her to jail. More calm he says that whatever love he has for her now will disappear the minute that he hears that she killed his wife. The best thing she can do is stay away from him. Cut the ties! Get Thorne out of her life. Outside, Thorne is looking through the window at them arguing.

Waiting for the elevator, Brooke glances at the many photos of her and Ridge on the wall and thinks of happier times.

Nick tells Bridget that he betrayed her mother but he’s not going to do that again by lying about this. And it would be a lie to keep this a secret after they swore to be honest with each other. He says she deserves to know the truth. Bridget asks him what about her? What does he think she deserves? She reminds him she opened her heart to him last night, only to lose him again today. And she certainly doesn’t want to lose her relationship with her mother or her family. And doesn’t he think they will wonder why her mother can’t stand the sight of her or that she makes her sick? She begs him that he can have anything else, but just give her this. At least let her hold onto her dignity.

He turns away but finally says alright. He’s sorry. She tells him she really wants him to go. If he must go have a life with her mother, then he should, but just remember this – if he does tell her that they slept together, then they ALL lose. This is a secret they need to keep forever! He leaves and she sinks onto the couch, picking up and cleaving the Nicole blanket to her face and chest. She mutters what has she done?

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