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Written By Wanda
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Brooke stands holding Nick’s wedding ring and tells him she needs his forgiveness when he says something happened last night that she needs to know about. He tells her this isn’t about her and Ridge. Seriously, she says she knows it’s not. It’s about the two of them and his putting this ring back on his finger and giving their marriage another chance. He opines he doesn’t think he can do that, after last night.

Shirtless Hector tells Taylor that she is a saint when she tells him she doesn’t object to him staying there. Especially after all he has put her through, he expresses. She tells him he hasn’t always acted appropriately, but his heart was in the right place. The doorbell rings and he surmises it’s probably Christian getting back from Africa today. He frowns when she tells him she’s also expecting Thorne.

Nick begins his confession. That he went to The Marlin last night because he was angry. Brooke agrees he had every right as she had let him down. He mentions that she kissed Ridge. She confesses she did, she was vulnerable. But, just for an instant and she promises that it will never happen again. (How can she say that?) He tells her this isn’t even about Forrester, but she says they must deal with it and face it. He says yes they do, what she did, what he did. She asks what DID he do last night? He tells her he gave up on her. He believed they were finished. That’s why it happened.

Bridget sits on the sofa wistfully thinking about Nick as she flips through a photo album. She smiles hopefully as she says, “one night. Everything that seemed so impossible could actually be happening.” She calls Nick’s cell and he answers. She asks if he is with her mom and he replies yes. She pleads with him that Brooke not find out about last night. Please say he hasn’t told her yet? He says no, but he’s gotta go. As he hangs up, she continues to beg that he please not tell her mother.

Brooke tells Nick that she KNOWS what happened last night – he fell out of love with her. But, she won’t let him. This marriage means too much to her and it’s not going to end. Not this way…..not ever!

Both Hector and Christian arrive at the same time. Christian is grateful to Taylor for taking Hector in, and he can’t believe he is blind. She says Hector can stay for a while. Christian goes upstairs to see Hector leaving Thorne with Taylor. She’s grateful to Thorne who is going to help her move some furniture around so Hector will be more comfortable and not be bumping into furniture. Hector is down on all fours looking for his shirt when Christian comes in and offers help. Hector says he can make it and the brothers hug. And Christian offers his sorrow at what happened.

Felicia pops in on Bridget. Despite having out some Nicole baby things, she seems pretty upbeat to Felicia who remarks it has been a pretty rough year with losses for Bridget. Bridget replies that things are really looking up now. As of today, she thinks her life is back on track.

Brooke tells Nick she is NOT going to give up on their life and she won’t let him either. He tells her to stop it. She says she will. She will stop listening to Stephanie and Ridge. And she will do whatever it takes to prove to him how much she loves him. He tells her no, there is nothing more that she has to prove to him. She continues that she has to prove to him how much this relationship means to her. Perhaps she is just self-destructive, Ridge has been in her life so long that she doesn’t know how to break free of that. But, she sees now that she has to. She confesses that she betrayed him and she has to fix that. He says, “can’t fix it. Can’t undo it.” In classic Brookeze, she tells him they can get past this, forget about it and move on. She wants that more than ever and she thinks he does too. He wonders if she means start all over and forget about last night? She says yes, and she isn’t going to take no for an answer. This marriage isn’t over! She holds up the ring to him, he gulps.

Thorne comments that this is a lot for Taylor to take on. She just wants to make it a little more safer for Hector when he wants some fresh air out on the balcony. Thorne says that he knows how beneficial her friendship can be. He’d hate to think where he and Ally would be without hers. She states he doesn’t have to worry that she won’t have time for them now, because she won’t let that happen. He is too important to her. He mentions that Hector is important too. She replies they’ve been through a lot together, not all of it very good. He tells her she doesn’t have to explain. She thinks she does since she asked a man to come live in her house and that could be easily misinterpreted especially by Hector. And that’s why she made it very plain to him that she knows he has feelings for her, but she doesn’t feel the same way. Thorne admits he is very glad to hear her say that.

Bridget pours tea for them and Felicia pumps her if she has talked to her mother about last night…..Ridge and Donna’s talk show stunt? Yes, that big kiss that is going to be on the cover of every tabloid on the newsstand. What did Bridget think she was talking about? Bridget shakes her off by saying that was it, nothing else. And Felicia shrieks that she knows Ridge and Brooke are going to get back together! Bridget sighs and a little too gleefully says that she thinks that they all eventually end up being with who they are meant to be with.

Nick won’t look at Brooke, but she continues to hold out the ring and tells him please take it. He has divine flashbacks of their lovemaking, but tells her that he can’t take the ring….not after last night. She begs him to take the ring back and put it on his finger and they will just forget about last night. She bemoans what does she have to do to prove to him how much she loves him? He stares at her and tells her that he loves her too, so much. She cups his face and wants him to forgive her, she is so sorry. With agony on his face, he says he is too. She tells him they can still have the life they planned, they could have the marriage they wanted. No more Stephanie, no more Ridge. “Just you, me and the kids. We can have everything.” He joins in, they can never let each other down again. She agrees never! With tears in her eyes, she slowly slips the ring back on his finger and they hug and kiss and cling to each other.

Nick calls Bridget and tells her that he talked to her mom and he’s coming over. Hector tells Christian that he needs his little brother’s help. There has to be some way to get his sight back. Something new that no one else has tried, some procedure. Christian tells him that he will have to talk to his doctors first. Hector laments that they don’t know how much he needs this, but Christian does. He and Taylor have had their ups and downs but they were getting close before the accident. He wasn’t sure they could get that back, but then she moved him here into the house and she wants him there. Christian points out that she just wants to help him. Hector thinks it could lead to more. He knows it seems crazy, but he believes it.

Thorne bares his soul and says he hopes he hasn’t misread the situation. The other day, he thought they both felt something. Taylor tells him yes, she enjoys spending time with both him and Alexandria. She’s not the kind of person to kiss someone because she feels sorry for him, but she does feel a little guilty. He tells her he does too….it’s a little soon. They are still dealing with Darla’s death. He steps closer and says he will be dealing with that always, but every day that he spends with Taylor, he gets a little stronger. And he’s able to look forward now. And that he thinks Darla has a hand in that, in guiding him, watching them. And she’s allowing him to get past his anger and bitterness. He confesses that he talks to her every night. “And in my heart, I can hear her telling me it’s okay for me to get on with my life. My life with YOU.” Taylor smiles and he leans in and they both anticipate the kiss. They end up hugging.

Bridget turns around and Nick walks in. She is relieved when she asks and he answers that he didn’t tell Brooke about last night. Bridget opines that is good because Brooke wouldn’t understand (oh come on, I’ll bet she would) because Bridget didn’t understand it herself. It’s weird how life can be so crazy. As he is quiet, she blathers on that there is something she needs him to know. She never stopped caring about him. No matter how much she tried to get him out of her mind, she was never able to get him out of her heart. Meekly, he tells her he never stopped caring for her and he never will. Again, she goes on and on that she knows he was infatuated by her mother, caught up and didn’t know what was going on, but eventually you do. No one can explain it, you just have to learn on your own and in your own time.

He tells her he NEEDS to explain something, but she shakes him off that he doesn’t - sometimes reality is just too hard to look at. Suddenly she notices he’s not looking at her and she notices the wedding ring back on his finger. She remarks that he put his ring back on. She chokes as she asks why did he put the ring back on? He confesses he and Brooke talked and she was sorry what happened with Ridge and asked him to give their marriage another chance. Bridget is flabbergasted that he would even consider, he said himself this morning that Brooke would never be his. He tells her they agreed to start over. She turns and rails at him that he can’t do this. He’s had a marriage that caused him so much pain. What does he think is going to change? Nothing is going to change. He’s going to be constantly disappointed time and time again. And after everything that has happened, after what they DID last night.

He tells her that he is committed to her mother and points out there is only one way to deal with this, and that’s the truth, and he’s going to tell her everything. Bridget begs him that he can not! Physically, he restrains her and looks her in the eyes and tells her he is going to tell Brooke they slept together. And that she will understand and forgive him. “She will forgive BOTH of us.”

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