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Written By Wanda
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As Donna spies and relays the scenes to Nick on the phone, Ridge stands before Brooke and asks her to please forgive him and come back to him. Nick is livid and demands to know who’s kissing whom? Donna states there is no more kissing. She thinks Ridge started it, but Brooke didn’t resist. He continues, he wants to know if he’s touching her or even holding her? Donna tells him not to do this to himself. He still wants to know so she tells him they look hungry, like they want to swallow each other up. And she can’t do this anymore and says goodbye.

Thorne drops in on Taylor saying he was worried because of her not answering her phone. He’s surprised to hear that she’s talked to his mother. And even more when she tells him it was about the kiss they shared and being the proactive parent she is, she was all over it. Upstairs Hector tells Stephanie that she has a “keep out” sign around Taylor’s neck like she is her personal property. Stephanie quips no, just one, it reads ‘keep out H. Ramirez.’ He tells Stephanie he needs Taylor. He’s not sure he can deal with this without her. She tells him of course, he can. And she realizes she doesn’t know what it’s like, and she feels awful for the terrible thing that has happened to him. He fires back, “but your son needs some lovin’. And damn it, you’re going to get it for him.” She opines that she doesn’t want any obstacles. She wants love, if it’s going to, just to simply take its own natural course. Obstacles? Like himself? She tells him he should have never moved into this house. It’s wrong and it wasn’t honest. Because he wants more than friendship and he and Taylor aren’t going to happen. So for him to stop being so self-serving and selfish, and move out.

Answering his question, Taylor tells Thorne she is not upset that he told his mother. And his mother didn’t pressure her. She’s a big girl and makes her own decisions. He says his mother did have a point though. He thought he’d never smile again, but Taylor changed that. He gives her a big hug and thanks her for probably saving his life. She seems a little nervous and he asks if he is frightening her? She replies no and gives him a kiss to squash that idea. Stephanie is sorry to intrude at the wrong moment. Thorne is surprised when she mentions seeing Hector upstairs. She conveys she hopes he’s not going to be here long.

Ridge tries to kiss her again, but Brooke pulls away and even walks away. She tells him she can not come back to him. It’s too late. The damage has already been done. He extols that it’s not. They are still young. They still have their passion and their creativity. They have survived the hardships, the mistakes, the wrong decisions, and now they have the chance to make the right decision. They have a lot of great years ahead of them. Why would they want to spend them apart? Emphatically, she offers because she doesn’t trust him. He states that she does not trust her father! He can still see that 12-year old little girl inside her that was abandoned so many years ago. He completely understands that she was hardwired not to trust anymore. But, she’s not a child anymore. She has experienced life, and no great thing comes without risk. And what she found in Nick was compromise. Is that what she wants to say on her deathbed? Or that she went for it, she went for her passion? She tries to explain that what she has with Nick is not nothing. He loves her and he interests her. He makes her laugh and makes her feel safe. And she proclaims maybe that is what she needs in her life right now, a little safety. Which is something Ridge could never provide. And that’s what Nick provides for her and always will.

Nick grabs for the bottle and Bridget tries to stop him. But, he forces her to let go and announces that his wife is in love with another man. She loves him more than Nick! He takes a slug from the bottle as Bridget tells him she is sorry. And he knows that she knew. She points out that she thought it would be different with him. This is what her mother does. It’s a sickness….she runs back to Ridge. She admits that she let him go, and part of her knew this might happen, but he had to learn it for himself. He replies, “well, lesson learned. What do I do now?”

Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t want a memory when she says she will always love him. He wants “us”. She tells him again that she is sorry, but she can’t come back to him. He warns her, then he’ll have to move on. She knows it means with Donna. He remarks that she is am amazing woman. Brooke asks that he not hurt her. She says it hurts her to see them together. He offers it doesn’t have to happen. She tells him to please don’t. No one gets to her like he does. But, she’s going to stick to her vows that she made with Nick. No matter what she has put him through, he’s always there for her, and always will be. She gives him a last touch and then leaves.

Nick takes a very long slug from his bottle and remarks that he has a good hate going on. Bridget points out that is just poison for his soul. He quips then his soul has either been poisoned or it’s cleansed. He hurls the bottle against the wall as he breaks down and cries that she said she loved just him. But she doesn’t! He runs to the topside of the boat and stares out at the waters, with images of Brooke and Ridge in his mind. He shouts that Forrester can have her. She’s ALL his!

Ridge pours himself a drink as Donna saunters out and asks where is Brooke? She assumes she has gone to figure out how to tell Nick that she’s leaving him for Ridge. And that he really had her going. He’s one smooth son of a gun. Before he can defend, she tells him he made a fool of her on national TV tonight, and it wasn’t even for the publicity. She was just the bait. He knew that Brooke couldn’t resist turning on the tube and seeing him sweet-talk her….and kissing her and she’d return to claim what was rightfully hers. She claims he is not the man she thought he was.

Thorne tells Taylor that he can understand why she would want to reach out and help Hector. That’s who she is. Look how she’s helped him and Alexandria. But, he can’t help but wonder if it’s a good idea to move him into her home? Stephanie says Amen to that. Then she says okay, he can handle it, but she agrees with him. And he warns Taylor that let’s face it, the guy has a major crush on her. She sighs perhaps, but more importantly he has just lost his eyesight and he has a lot of adjustments to make and he needs somebody he feels close to that will help him get through that. Stephanie steps back in and says she is prepared to help him financially. To help him find a place of his own where she can visit him….help him with dog training. Isn’t independence supposed to be his main goal? Taylor says she agrees, but right now he’s in a very fragile place. Stephanie reminds her that she is a recovering alcoholic, so she too needs to take care of herself. Thorne expresses she may be spreading herself too thin when she says she won’t stop being there for him as well. He turns the tables and tells Stephanie that Taylor is right. They need to pitch in and help HER, to lighten the load and he will help her. Taylor appreciates that and it’ll only be temporary.

They hear a crash upstairs and she thinks she better go check on Hector. Thorne offers but she declines. Hector hurriedly tries to pick up some framed photos that he knocked to the floor in the hallway. Taylor asks why does he keep trying to walk around the house. Apologetically, he admits he tried to go toward the dresser but got turned around and suddenly he was out in the hallway and didn’t know which way he had turned. He didn’t know where the stairs were and he just panicked and froze up. She calmly tells him it’s alright, it could have happened to anyone. He remarks that he felt like he was falling, just spinning around and didn’t know up from down. As he begins to hyperventilate, she takes his hand and assures him he will learn to get used to it. His brain will learn to compensate for his lack of visual cues. He’ll get used to his blindness and she will help him through it. He hugs her with a big thanks.

Donna tells Ridge what is really sad is that he is empty inside because he is not honest, he is not real. He just says whatever he needs to say to get what he wants, and he doesn’t care who he walks on. He replies to her that he thinks it is time she hushes up and listens. She tells him go ahead, but she’s not listening. First of all, he tells her that Brooke is not leaving Nick. They got into it, but she chose Nick over him! Donna wonders why she should believe him? He tells her just call her sister and ask. She wants safe Nick….to be secure….she wants him ‘til death do they part…and Donna is who Ridge wants. She states she knows there will always be Brooke. He admits it may be hard for him to let go of that. But he will. And he’s just trying to be honest here. They had one hell of a history. And she pointed that out to him, that’s all it is – history. Never to be repeated again. Suddenly Donna’s face lightens up a bit, but coyly says she is going home now. Tomorrow is a new day and they will take it from there. He smirks alright then. Personally he is looking very much forward to that. “Because, Ms. Donna Logan, you are what I need.” Before he can kiss her, she wipes lipstick from his mouth commenting that it’s Brooke’s. And she will see him tomorrow. And thank goodness for Nick Marone. She hopes he makes her sister very happy for a very long time.

Nick comes back into the cabin, a beaten man. He confesses to Bridget that he’s been a fool, the one thing he never wanted to be. She tries to convince him that he’s not. He barks at her that he believed something that wasn’t true. Slowly he takes off his wedding band and throws it down and says it’s over. She takes his limp body and puts her arms around him and gives him a comforting hug. She cries that she is so sorry and hates to see him hurting like this and just wants to take away his pain. He tells her she can’t, it won’t go away. She initiates a kiss. He is reluctant but finally gives in and they cling to each other with a deep kiss until they fall onto the bed.

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