The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/31/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna is doing quite well on the Rich Ginger show with Ridge beaming from the sidelines and Felicia wondering what he is up to. She states she thinks he belongs with Brooke and this will make her jealous, but not to use Donna this way by putting her in the middle.

Thorne is working in his mother’s (oops, I guess it’s now Brooke’s who can’t work there anymore) office. He is jarred back into reality as he thinks about the kiss with Taylor. Stephanie walks in and asks why is he not glued to the television the way everybody else is with Donna Logan on? He remarks that he is taping it, and she quips that she’s seen enough of Donna, thank you very much. She tells him she was looking for him earlier and he explains that he was with Taylor. She was very supportive when he told her he was dropping the investigation. And he vows that he is going to concentrate on himself and Alexandria and nothing else. Stephanie suggests that he leave himself open to anyone that wants to help him, and Taylor does.

Taylor guides Hector into her house since he has no place else to go. She sits him on the couch with his cane, dark glasses. He confesses he is grateful that Caitlin offered to take him back to New York, but both she and Jimmy have their own life and he can’t uproot that. He’d be like a fish out of water in New York.

Brooke is perturbed when Nick interrupts her watching the Ginger Show. He is eager to show her the green tanker model that she suggested. They watch as Rich digs deeper and wants to dish with Donna about her true relationship with Ridge. Is it more than just designer/model?

Thorne confesses that he is having doubts about his commitment to Darla. Stephanie opines that is silly, he loved her and she loved him. And she would want him to get on with his life. He asks if that includes moving on with another woman? She replies yes, of course, someday. He admits he and Taylor kissed, or at least he kissed her.

Taylor tells Hector that she knows losing his sight will be very challenging but they are all there to help him. He agrees. But it’s humiliating when his firefighter friends have rallied around and want him to stay, they will cook and do his laundry. But, he says no, if he can’t be a firefighter he doesn’t belong in the house. He doesn’t feel he belongs anywhere.

Nick questions Brooke of why isn’t she there at the show if she is so concerned? And she explains because Ridge is there. Donna publicly thanks her sister for giving her this opportunity. Rich keeps digging and making little innuendoes about Ridge and Donna. Brooke grows more intense and dismisses it all as gossip. Nick realizes what Ridge is doing like he always has in the past, only now it is with her sister!

Rich fans the flames for the ‘sparks’ he feels between Ridge and Donna and when she won’t commit to an answer, he calls Ridge out on stage. Both Felicia and Donna are shocked and amazed as he walks out and greets Donna with a kiss. Nick stands by helplessly as Brooke is fuming that Ridge is now on stage.

Stephanie is mildly surprised about the kiss and when Thorne confesses it was the wrong thing to do – his wife just died. She realizes that and says no one is going to replace Darla in his heart. It’s a sticky wicket. He replies it is just too soon, and is she encouraging this? She laments that he was DEVOTED to Darla and he can’t turn it off just like that. But, on the other hand, he and Taylor have both suffered losses and no one is going to blame them for wanting something positive in their lives.

Hector opines that he’s not trying to make Taylor feel sorry for him. He knows how lucky he was to get out of that fire alive. This just isn’t the life he expected to have. She offers that he can still help people, he didn’t lose the ability to care. He agrees that he needs to find his purpose, his place in life. She tells him that is right and he’s doing a good job so far except for one thing……the dark glasses. He is hiding behind them. She thinks that will slow his progress. He’s worried about his face. She assures him his face is fine, that he is still a very handsome man. She wants to take them off so he won’t get too used to them. He lets her, but lets her know that he won’t go back to the firehouse and he can’t sit here and take her sympathy either, so he must go. She wonders where since his house burned down. She’d like him to stay there, with her and Phoebe for a while, for as long as he needs to. It doesn’t take him long to think it over as he doesn’t exactly have other options or in a position to say no. She goes out to get his things out of the car. While out, the phone rings and Hector is finally able to answer it. It’s Thorne so Hector hangs up and conveniently doesn’t tell Taylor.

Egged on by Rich who feels like he is eavesdropping, Ridge tells him they have something to share with him. Again, Brooke is livid which doesn’t go unnoticed by Nick. Rich asks him not to make him BEG. Ridge smirks would it help if he jumped on his couch? And he confesses that the rumor isn’t a rumor at all. And he points out that this woman has changed his life. And it surprised him. Rich remarks that Donna looks surprised too. Ridge continues that he knows it is a little early to make public announcements, but he couldn’t help the way he feels about Donna. She changed his life in so many ways. Just when he thought his muse was gone forever, in strolls this vision and suddenly he felt like going to the office again. He told himself it was just business, but he just couldn’t keep her off his mind. “I was entranced, as any man would be.”

Donna is eating this up, of course. And Rich admits it’s getting HOT. Ridge says she changed his life like a bolt of lightening out of the sky. And together they can be dangerous…..and will be. He vows that today is the first day of the rest of his life. And he proceeds to plant a big, juicy, deep, hungry kiss on her. A concerned Nick sits helplessly by as he watches Brooke go berserk before his eyes. She’s GOT to do something to stop this!

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