The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/29/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor is so shocked and sorry to see that Hector is blind. She walks closer and reaches out to him.

At Insomnia, Nick and Harry sit drinking coffee and Harry laments that there is no way he would pay this much for coffee. He calls Nick a rich guy and Nick has to tell him to knock off the sarcasm about the big shot rich guy since he’s letting him stay on The Shady Marlin for free. They kid each other about their ‘favors’ and Nick tells him he was going to do him another, now he’s not so sure. He’s married, runs a big company and he’s no tour guide. But, he knows a real cute one, Phoebe Forrester.

Nick leaves and Harry approaches the empty counter and who should enter – Phoebe. She walks up and the two eyeball each other approvingly.

Thorne tells Stephanie that Alexandria still feels guilty about Phoebe. Stephanie convinces him just to be a little more patient. And not to talk to Phoebe about it. He just wants her to know this is not her fault. He thinks he can help and it’s the least he can do for them. Stephanie comments that he’s really becoming attached to Taylor now.

Hector is very apologetic for his behavior at his house, tying Taylor up, what was he thinking? She guides him to the bed to sit down and they re-hash the fire situation. He says he was so relieved when he heard that she got out, knowing what could have happened, what he would have done. And he opines that he deserves to be punished for this.

When the waiter returns, Harry asks for a refill only to be told no free refills, that’ll be another $4. Phoebe looks on in amusement. Harry looks through his wallet but only has a couple of bucks. Phoebe has already sat down by now and while no one is looking he thinks, Harry takes a bill from the tip jar. Trouble is, Phoebe did see it and tells him so.

Hector asks Taylor if she can forgive him? She laments she doesn’t think she is quite ready for that but she does understand. She knows he panicked just as she did when she hit Darla. He tells her that he was scared for her. He wants her to know that, not for himself, but it is no excuse for what he did. He took that way too far. That isn’t who he is, but all he could think about was stopping her from going to Thorne and telling him what she’d done. She tells him they both almost died in the fire, but it’s like they have a second chance. And they can take their mistakes and turn it into something good. That is what he told her the day he got the award. He whines he is not sure what he can do like this. All his life all he wanted to do is help people and be a firefighter. And now look at him!

Good naturedly, Phoebe gives Harry a little lecture about taking the money and suggests he put the money back now. He calls it a ‘loan’ and that he will repay it. Then he proceeds to rub her the wrong way by suggesting she is one of those girls, daddy’s girl with no job, who thinks she is ‘entitled’ to certain things. He’s seen them all over the world.

Thorne tells his mom he can’t just give up although she suggests that is exactly what he has to do. She tells him what he really wants is peace of mind and he’ll never have that unless he lets this go. He thinks he will find closure if he keeps looking. She tells him she didn’t say it would be easy, but it’s that simple. Let it go and move on. She remarks that she knows he wants someone to pay, but she believes in her heart that whoever did this is already paying. It is an image that will never leave their mind and they will spend the rest of their life suffering. He knows that is right and it should be enough, but……She finishes that isn’t the way he wants to live his life in frustration and anger. Is that the way he wants his daughter to see her father? If not, then let it go….put his focus where it should be….on his future and his child. He gives a big sigh and says he guesses sometimes they have to do these things for their children. She gives him a big comforting hug and tells him he won’t regret this and she will help him…..and Taylor will help too.

Hector doesn’t want Taylor to feel sorry for him; he doesn’t want her pity. And he shouldn’t be complaining because he is alive. But he is afraid to hope. She says she will go talk to his doctor, but whatever it is, she wants him to know she will be there for him.

Nick calls Phoebe and asks his favor to show his old sailor friend around and show him a good time. Harry hears and teases her about a hot date. She brushes him off that this will be better than people she can meet around here.

Stephanie tells Thorne that Darla wouldn’t want this. She’d want him to be happy and he offers he’s not sure he even remembers what that is any more. She suggests seeing more of Taylor, she can help and he and Alexandria are a significant part of her life now. Yes, she has issues, but she also needs to focus like Thorne does. And by helping him, she thinks it will enable her to turn her life around. They’ve both suffered a lot and are hurting a lot. And she knows someday he will be happy again….he can’t see it right now, but she can.

Taylor questions the doctor then goes back to talk to Hector who is sitting quietly in a chair. She’s rather evasive and respectful at first as Hector questions her if he will get his sight back? Teary-eyed, she tells him the damage to his eyes was extensive. And while no one is giving up on him, the doctor knows. She takes his hand and he gropes for her face to touch it. He blurts out, “I’ll never see again.” She informs him that he is a strong man. His life will change, but he can adapt to it. He rises slowly and cries that he can’t be a fireman…he’s disabled, but she vows he will help people again.

While moving about, he stumbles over a table and falls. She tries to help him as he beats repeatedly on the floor in frustration. She hugs him from behind and tells him he’ll be okay, she will help him get through this.

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