The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/28/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie watches Taylor as Taylor observes Thorne with Ally. Stephanie tells her that she knows what she has to do, to help them heal. Exasperated, she tells Taylor she doesn’t want to hear her blaming herself anymore; that won’t accomplish a thing. She is the only one that can help Thorne and Ally right now. They have a tear in their hearts, but she can at least try to repair it. And maybe in healing, then she will heal herself in the process.

Nick boards The Shady Marlin only to find it in such disarray that it’s obvious someone is living there. He hears footsteps and lies in wait to overtake a young gentlemen and sticks his knee in his back and throws him on the bed. As it turns out, it’s Harry, a teenage son of one of his old friends. Nick gives him a genuine hug and remarks that he has grown about ten inches since he last saw him.

Thorne questions an on-duty Bridget about Phoebe’s panic attack and also about Hector. Lt. Baker walks in about then and also would like to hear the answer to that question. Bridget is not Hector’s doctor so there is little she can tell. Baker lets him know that he also is anxious to find why Phoebe had a panic attack. Thorne shows his displeasure and repeats again that he’d like Baker off his wife’s case. Baker shoots back that he’s much more interested in what Taylor has to say about the Ramirez arson.

Taylor rationalizes it to Phoebe that little would be served by her being in jail. Outside, she would just be trading one tragedy for another but at least she could be there for Thorne and Ally and help them. She states that she has so much to make up for. Baker enters the room and Stephanie smarts that she didn’t realize he specialized in panic attack victims. He says he wants to ask Taylor some questions too. He understands she was at the Ramirez house when it caught fire. Stephanie quickly opines that she was there as well. And Taylor remarks how tragic the fire was and how lucky that the firemen came in time. Baker steps forward and takes her arm and questions her about the red marks on her wrists.

Harry tells Nick that although he is the big shot in charge now, he’s really not going to hit him up for cash, though he has none. He laments that Nick traded in his captain’s hat for the old suit and tie. How is that working out for him? Nick admits that it is an adjustment and what he misses is men like his father who was a hell of a sailor and a hell of a friend. Harry assures him he doesn’t hold Nick responsible when Nick says he was at the helm of the ship when it went down. He’ll never be able to make it up to him. But, Harry tries to cheer him up by saying Nick loaned him a few bucks when he needed it, got him work and made sure he got a good education traveling around the world on a freighter. And Harry admits he loves the sea as much as his father and Nick did. Does he think he knows? Nick answers that whatever ship he is on – up there – yeah, he knows he is proud of the man he has become. And Nick slaps him man to man on the face and says for what it is worth, so is he!

Baker pulls something out of his pocket and Phoebe asks what it is? He remarks that is a Velcro strip found on the staircase…….or what was left of it. Stephanie innocently asks what does that have to do with anything? Then tells him to stop this please when he suggests that perhaps the fire wasn’t an accident, but somebody (looking at Taylor) wanting someone dead because they knew too much. Stephanie also calls it nonsense when he thinks they are all feeling guilty because no one has been arrested in Darla’s case. She assures him that her son wants him to drop this. Her family needs closure and they all need to move on and she does not want him to interfere in this process. He gives them all one last long look before he finishes the cat and mouse game.

Harry starts to straighten the place and remarks that he heard that Nick tied the knot, and he don’t mean the kind that he is used to. Nick says yeah he got lucky. Harry starts to suggest what his bride looked like almost in the nude and Nick good naturedly cuts him off. And Brooke has kids but he loves them like his own. That explains it, says Harry, that he doesn’t have time for this old ‘tub’ anymore. Harry spills some things that he did recently to make it livable and suggests he might want to get somebody, like himself, to look after it. Nick grins and thinks that is not a bad idea.

Taylor barks at Stephanie that Baker already knows everything. Stephanie remarks that he’s just trying to intimidate her. She wheels on her and says, “Taylor, we’ve made a decision and there is NO going back. Is that clear?” And she makes sure that Phoebe agrees also. Then says Thorne is outside so they need to go out and assure him that all is okay.

Thorne greets Taylor as soon as she walks out of the room and shows her some pictures that Ally drew and cut out and is waiting on her to go hang them. He wonders why Baker was in there with them, but Stephanie cuts him off assuring him everything is alright and taken care of. The three go and hang the pictures on the door. Thorne has a sweet flashback of Darla and Alexandria. Ally asks if he’s thinking of Mommy? He picks her up and squeezes her tightly and answers yes. She says she is too!

Harry is delighted to say aye, aye Captain that he will baby sit the old tub. It’s a five star hotel compared to the freighter he was just on.

Bridget tracks Taylor down to tell her Hector would like to talk to her. Stephanie chastises Phoebe for being placed in this predicament. Phoebe should have told her. And she should not have protected her mom and Taylor should not have allowed her to lie for her. Phoebe explains it wasn’t Taylor’s fault that she and Hector lied. Stephanie tells her that she is sorry, but it is over and done with. And hopefully no one is going to find out Taylor was involved. And Phoebe can put this behind her. This isn’t her burden to carry. She can get on with her life and all the rest are going to try and do the same.

Taylor visits Hector and finds him out of bed, standing before the window with his back to her. He quips you can’t keep a good man down. He chuckles but after tonight, she may never see him like that again. She confesses she can understand why he may have been scared and panicked, but to tie someone up and threaten thier life……..she doesn’t think she will ever understand that. He asks if it is too late? Are they going to prison? She admits she had a long talk with Stephanie and had been convinced that her life would be better served for others. He’s surprised that Stephanie knows and that she even agrees with Hector. Taylor says a part of her will always think she should have confessed, but guess this is her atonement to be there for Thorne and Ally. He asks what happens now? She relays that she will keep him out of any kind of involvement. He’s grateful that she got out of the house. She’s grateful that Stephanie showed up when she did and then his firefighter friends.

She asks how he’s feeling? He turns around and faces her and says he is blind.

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