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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor stands sheepishly before Thorne and says she is sorry. She can’t find the words but finally says she has ruined her life. He tells her not to feel that way. That is the way he felt until she showed up and rescued him and his little girl’s darkest nights. And because of her, they can get up each morning and face the day. Softly, he tells her not to talk like that. She gave them their lives back. He says he is going to hold her hand and she will get through it. From now on, they are going to face things together. And, whatever it is, just tell him. Suddenly Stephanie stands and asks if she can have a minute alone with Taylor first?

He acquiesces and Stephanie ushers Taylor out onto the patio. She lashes at Stephanie, why did she do this? She responds because of the way Thorne sees her. Taylor replies that is because Stephanie knows things that Thorne doesn’t, so they need to tell him. She said so herself, and she is ready to tell him. Stephanie asks what is she going to tell Thorne? That she had a couple of drinks and ran his wife over? Then says she wouldn’t trust her to tie her own shoes at this point of her life. Taylor affirms that he still needs to know. But, Stephanie scoffs that Taylor is certainly not in a position to know what anyone needs. That is abundantly clear to her.

Eric is frustrated, not able to get Taylor on the cell. He goes back to Phoebe lying, crying on the couch. He asks Alexandria if Phoebe took any medication? She replies in the negative. He leans over Phoebe to stroke her hair and states he thinks she has a fever. But, she needs to talk to him. In Phoebe’s mind, Darla’s bloody face appears and asks her where he mother is? Phoebe replies in jail. Eric is stunned and confused, especially when Alexandria says Phoebe said it was her mommy’s fault that her mommy died.

Taylor tells Stephanie she still wants to tell Thorne. “You don’t get to want anything, Taylor.” She says she doesn’t have any prerogatives here. Her life is in a mess. And until she can pull herself together, her life isn’t even her own. Taylor laments that she doesn’t know what Stephanie wants her to do. Just tell her what she wants and she will do it. Stephanie accuses – why did she make him need her? He only smiles with her. “How could you do that to him?” Taylor answers that she didn’t manipulate anything. She just reached out to him; that was the least she owed him. Stephanie offers that she owes him a life, not to be nice to him. Taylor states that she loved him and took care of him, which obviously, he didn’t think he could get from other places. Stephanie chides no he got it from the brilliant psychiatrist. Taylor tells her not to go there. Stephanie continues anyway, “who knows everything but what any household dog know about decency. What happened to you?” Taylor opines that she lost herself. Stephanie adds – and Darla with her. And for God’s sake, you lose keys, you lose your purse, you lose cards or money, but you don’t lose yourself. She bops her on the forehead and angrily asks, “are you still in there?” Taylor tells her perhaps she had a bad habit of listening to the wrong people, like she did with Stephanie as it cost her the marriage.

Thorne comes out and interrupts. He takes Taylor by the shoulders to face him and tells her that Phoebe called and said she was coming by. What is this all about? Stephanie jumps in and fills him in that something happened tonight that she wants to tell him about. Something rather shocking and they really can’t expect Taylor to make sense of it since she was there first and before anybody even knew. He’s aghast when she tells him Hector’s house, it burned down tonight. Hector is hurt but she doesn’t know how badly as they just barely got out in time themselves. Thorne envelopes Taylor in his arms and says no wonder she is so distraught. He’ll never forget what Hector did for Darla and he offers to drive her to the hospital so they can get some information.

Stephanie nixes that rather quickly. She maintains that she left her number with one of the fireman, and they will surely call. Then her cell rings and she says it is the hospital. But, it is Eric who is calling from the hospital and he tells her he brought Phoebe in. Taylor overhears and gets on the phone where Eric grills her if Phoebe’s ever had a seizure or is allergic to anything? Bridget is on duty and is asking questions he can’t answer. She tells Thorne that Alexandria is with them and Thorne tells Eric they are on their way. Then they turn around and miss Ally and go frantically looking for her, only to find her head buried down under some chairs. Bridget is able to finally coax her out.

The others rush into the hospital and Bridget fills Taylor in that Phoebe is okay. Not to let the oxygen scare her. She was just hyperventilating. They have run an E.E.G. to rule out a seizure. And she voices that they have been a hero tonight about Hector. He’s conscious but sedated. There have been so many firemen and policemen around, she hasn’t been able to get close to him, but she thinks he’s on the way to recovery.

Taylor walks in first to Phoebe’s room but Stephanie speaks up and tells Phoebe that there is a reason that her mother didn’t get to where she was going and they might as well tell her now. Thorne sits with Alexandria and she asks if this is the building where her mommy died? He replies yes, but on a different floor. She wants to go there, perhaps her mommy came back. He explains no, and he thinks they are working on somebody else up there now. Eric laments that thank God he married a busybody……and boy does she smell of smoke! He asks how did this fire start?

Interrupted by Thorne, he’s looking for Taylor to come with him to explain to Alexandria about the room her mommy died in. Stephanie announces that she can talk to her if he’d like. He politely declines, and says he needs Taylor. He tells her that Alexandria thinks her mother is upstairs. Taylor suggests that maybe she can just go up and stand in the doorway. It might give her some closure, so she’ll talk to the nurses and try to clear her up to that floor. She approaches Alexandria about her coloring and suggests they cut out the bee and take it to the room where her mommy died and perhaps they can put it on the door. She could probably see it all the way from Heaven. Ally smiles and says okay. Stephanie frowns as she looks at them through the window.

Bridget attends to Phoebe who apologizes for worrying everyone. Bridget tells her panic attacks are very, very serious, not so much medically, but it is to her. But, her heart rate is definitely down and she just wants to keep her about another half hour to make sure it stays there. Eric states he is going to call Ridge.

As the others leave, Stephanie declares they need to get serious now. Taylor warns Phoebe that her grandmother knows. Phoebe innocently asks, “knows what?” Stephanie tells her to stop the act. She wants to know the truth. And to remember that God is listening. What happened? Phoebe spills that it was an accident. Anyone driving at that time would have hit Darla. But, Taylor reminds her that she was drinking. Stephanie asks if she is still drinking? Taylor asks her what does she think? Stephanie opines she doesn’t know what to think. She looks at Phoebe and tells her that she wants her to pull herself together and stop blaming herself. That’s ridiculous. And if she’s going to blame herself, then she might as well blame the tires or the fog. It’s just nonsense. And she wants her to watch her mother. Make sure she goes to an A.A. meeting every day, two or three times if necessary. And, if she doesn’t go, Stephanie wants to find out about it.

Taylor finds her backbone long enough to tell Stephanie no, she needs to wait a minute and back off. Leave Phoebe alone. This is not her responsibility. And Stephanie is not going to run their lives. Stephanie replies she is not trying to run their lives. And to listen to her. People suffer and die needlessly every single day. And you know what really matters? The living. And the fact that they have to keep moving forward to whatever kind of happiness they can find. Taylor says that is impossible for her. Stephanie tells her to stop with the self-pity. She’s not doing this to save HER skin. “You owe a debt, but it isn’t to society, because nobody broke society’s heart. But you did break theirs.”

Thorne helps Ally choose a color and tells Eric that she’s doing amazingly well, mainly due to Taylor. Stephanie implores Taylor that Thorne and Alexandria need her. She has to be there for them. Whether it is picking her up from school, be at the playground, having dinner, she has to be there for them. Taylor replies that is exactly what she has been doing, the best she can. But, she still has to tell Thorne she is the one who destroyed his life. She can not live with this guilt.

Stephanie argues – what guilt? She’s a psychiatrist. She knows guilt is the biggest waste of emotion in the world. She says she could sit down and write a long list of all the unforgivable things she has done in her life. She could sit around and wait for some black-robed judge to sentence her, but she doesn’t do that. She gets on with it. And every single day she tries to find some way to redeem herself….and that’s what Taylor has to do.

Taylor points her finger and chastises Stephanie when she tells her that she should go out there and ask Thorne what single thing will give him peace in his life. And he’ll tell her that finding the killer of the mommy of his little girl out there. Stephanie argues that won’t give him peace. They’ve all said it was an accident, so emphatically she suggests, "let it go.” Walk away from it now, let it end here. “If he can live with it….if he can learn to live with it, then you can too……… You owe it to Darla.”

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