The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/24/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Frantically, Taylor begs Stephanie to untie her and get them out of Hector’s burning house. But, like a mad woman, Stephanie has blood in her eyes and won’t give in to any demands but has one of her own, Taylor must tell her if she killed Darla.

Phoebe baby sits Alexandria and shares with her that she used to be scared too. And indeed she is still spooked now as she sees Darla’s bloody hand on the photographs and later her bloody, swollen, distorted face.

Thorne scoffs at Lt. Baker’s theory that it was Taylor that hit Darla. And Phoebe saw the whole thing and is just idly standing by not saying anything? He gets snippy when Baker suggests this is like building blocks. Thorne offers this is NOT kindergarten, this is his wife’s life! He’s likewise surprised when Baker informs him that Taylor was drinking the night of the accident. Thorne knows this but also knows she was not drunk. So she started hitting the wine a little heavier after Ridge left her, give her a ticket! He barks he has never seen her sloppy drunk, certainly not to the point of forgetting that she ran somebody down. Baker says he doesn’t think she forgot.

With horror on her face and shaking Taylor, Stephanie won’t untie her until Taylor finally confesses that yes, she did kill Darla. In absolute disgust and in no hurry, Stephanie finally finds a knife and cuts the binding. Taylor flies to Hector’s side to attend to him, barking at Stephanie to hurry and call 911 and then come help her.

Saying nothing is not the same to some people as lying, expounds Baker. Now Hector and Phoebe, they would be lying. Thorne finds this almost impossible to believe. But, Baker suggests to him why does he think Hector has been sticking to them like flypaper? Thorne admits that Hector has a thing for Taylor. Everybody knew that. Baker maintains that perhaps he found a way to become her knight in shining armor. Baker explains that Ramirez is a good man, but the saddest things he has found in his line of work is when good people make bad calls. Thorne points his finger at him and tells him that he is one of them. And…..he’s off this case. Baker reminds him that he doesn’t have that authority. Thorne remarks that he has known that woman half his life and she is an open book. And he slams that he is NOT going to let Baker ruin her reputation. Baker says everyone does things out of character. It keeps life interesting and him with a job. He mentions Taylor’s DUI which completely surprises Thorne. If she was so open, he would have assumed Thorne had known.

Both Taylor and Stephanie try to help Hector when it becomes obvious the beams are sagging and more are going to fall. Stephanie literally pulls Taylor away and pushes her outside. The firemen arrive just moments before they hear a big explosion.

Thorne tells Baker there is NO tactful way to ask that question of Taylor, did she kill his wife, and he’s not going to ask it. She’s always been there for him and his little girl, when no one asked her to. Why? Because that is who she is. So he wants to know what kind of unfeeling monster could sit with his daughter and then turn around and do that? Baker reminds him that monsters turn out to be ordinary folks on their jobs doing the best they can. A fellow detective advises Baker that there is a fire at Ramirez’s. His truck is there so he’s probably inside…….along with Stephanie Forrester and Taylor.

The firemen worm their way in past the smoke and the flames and retrieve Hector’s body. Taylor cries she wants to go with him, but Stephanie physically restrains her demanding that she go with her. Baker and his buddy show up and walk through the rubbish. Baker is surprised since Hector was a fireman that all this solvent, paint thinners and such are sitting about and how this could have happened. He’s not a careless guy so this doesn’t make sense. While the other guy takes pictures, Baker pokes about and finds the binding, knife that was used. He mutters something about crimes of passion and what some people might do… driving down a dark road with only a flashing neon sign to guide them and they leave their whole mistakes and stories right out there so you can find them. It’s like a fairytale run through a shredder… can’t make any damn sense out of it unless you are out of your head yourself.

Eric knocks on Thorne’s door and is surprised when Alexandria opens the door, wondering if she is home alone. Ally tells him that Phoebe seems sick and is lying down. Eric goes to comfort her.

At Stephanie’s, the two women sit and stare at each other. Stephanie finds this almost incomprehensible. She’s literally at a loss for words…..Taylor LIED to Thorne. And to make matters worse, she has used her own child to cover this whole thing up. Phoebe is half out of her mind over this. How could Taylor do this to HER? Taylor slowly tries to explain. Phoebe had called that night and needed help, only Taylor didn’t know she had also called Darla… was foggy, she couldn’t see, and then all of a sudden it was like someone jumped in front of her car. ….jumped……fell, whatever she was in the middle of the road. Stephanie asks at what point did she decide not to say anything about this? She also reminds her it may have been an accident, but covering it up is a crime, doesn’t she understand?

Taylor meekly replies that she let THINGS influence her. And does Stephanie know what it does to her every time she looks at Thorne? It’s like an ice pick going through her. She cries this is what the whole fire was about. She wanted to go tell Thorne but Hector wouldn’t let her. He had her tied up.

They hear the front door and it’s Thorne walking in. He starts in on his mother until he realizes she has company and wonders what Taylor is doing there? Taylor stands to face Thorne, while Stephanie states that Taylor has something to tell him. “Tell him.”

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