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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Hector binds Taylor to the staircase with her hollering and screaming. She struggles to get loose and vows to go tell Thorne the truth. He barks that she can trust him, but she has to listen to him first. When she continues, he tells her what happens from this point forward is entirely up to her.

Stephanie thinks about a previous conversation with Lt. Baker and is astounded that he considers Taylor a viable suspect in Darla’s death. Thorne calls Lt. Baker and leaves a message. He’s ticked that he had to learn facts from his mother and not hear them from Lt. Baker. He tells Stephanie he is going to light a fire under his butt. She reminds him that Baker has a been a friend to this family for a long time. He growls that he doesn’t need a friend, he needs answers. Phoebe calls and reveals that her mother was on her way over to talk to him, but is evasive what it is about. He shares with Stephanie and she remarks that she will stop by on her way home to see Phoebe. She is sure she is just worried about her mother. And Thorne reminds her this didn’t just happen to him, but to Phoebe and Taylor as well since Taylor was the first one on the scene to see Darla. That image will never be out of her mind.

Taylor continues to beg Hector to let her loose. She says it’s not too late. She can forget about this, just let her go. He states that he can’t. And why can’t she understand? They lied to the police and destroyed evidence. She tells him she can explain that to the police. He offers perhaps she could have the night of the accident, and if he had to do it over, that is exactly what they would do. Maybe the police would have cut her some slack for a freak accident. She doesn’t want to be some sacrifice but she does want to look Thorne in the eyes and tell him how sorry she is. He tells her he loves her and all he wants to do is keep her safe. But, now she has to love herself because if she doesn’t, she will lose everything. And he can’t stand by and watch that happen to her!

She doesn’t understand how he can say he loves her and treat her like this. He remarks he is just trying to save her from herself. He admits he has some money saved up, they can go to Mexico and start a mission. She has so much goodness in her, they could help so many people. She tries to explain that won’t keep the guilt from eating her alive. He seems to think it will if she will just let him help. He strokes her hair and tells her “sweetheart” that he can take care of her. He’s crushed when she tells him he has been a good friend but she has no romantic feelings for him. Her phone rings but Hector ignores it. Then his rings and he grabs it. It’s Phoebe who asks about her mother. He tells her that she is in the middle of something and will call her back.

Stephanie drops in on Phoebe and tells her she was at Thorne’s when she called and they both were a little concerned about her. She tells her how proud she is of her and how well she has been handling all of this. Phoebe seems nervous and wants to talk about something else. She segues way to asking if Taylor was going over to see Thorne to talk to him, does she know what it was about? Phoebe confesses that she is now at Hector’s. Stephanie asks if something is going on between the two of them? Phoebe answer no, at least not in the way she thinks….not that he wouldn’t like that. And she answers that she is afraid when Stephanie asks if Hector is pressuring her mom? Stephanie insists that she tell her what she is afraid of.

At the police station, Thorne looks for Lt. Baker and tells a fellow officer to go find him. He thumbs through Darla’s police file folder while waiting. Thorne chides him for going to his mother with his theories instead of coming to him. Baker says it was to spare him any unnecessary pain. Thorne pointblank asks him if he knows who killed his wife?

Taylor knows it was Phoebe that just called. She’ll know something was wrong and call the police. She had already begun to be afraid of Hector. He states again that he just did what he thought was best for her. But, Taylor tells him he needs to STOP this. She advises him to think about what he is doing – this is NOT him. He’s kind and decent, he wouldn’t do something like this to a woman. He slumps down beside her and tells her that she’s like an angel to him. Everything in a woman that he’s ever wanted. He vows that he can make her happy and make it all go away. He whispers that she just needs to let him…..let him……let him……

Thorne wants to go over details of these other leads. He claims he is NOT giving up. If it’s reward, he will offer more. Maybe Baker isn’t doing enough. But, whatever it takes he is not going to give up – ever. If it takes the rest of his life, he’s going to catch this bastard! Baker tells him he does have one more theory and perhaps his mother didn’t think it worth repeating…..or perhaps it was just too hard to hear.

Stephanie doesn’t like what she is seeing with Phoebe, her being so upset. She explains that it’s Hector. He can be sort of intense at times. Stephanie wonders if it has anything to do with Hector being the one to take them to see the women’s prison. What was he trying to accomplish there? Phoebe is evasive and Stephanie keeps trying to get some truth out of her. But, Phoebe runs off to her room leaving Stephanie to ponder what all of this could mean.

Hector admonishes Taylor that if she hates him, just say it. She replies she doesn’t hate him, but she does hate what he has become. He snorts, “and what’s that, Doctor?” She tells him this is not love. He laments that he has put everything he has, everything he is at risk for her because she is worth saving. She tells him this is just not the way. And no matter what she is going through, its nothing compared to what Thorne is going through. All he wants to know is what happened, and she can give that to him. He extols that he will lose everything. The people of his community look up to him. He’s a HERO to them, not some love-sick maniac who can’t take no for an answer. He reaches down and picks up some newspaper and rolls it into a log. He shows her while lighting it – his best friend….or her worst enemy. Does she have any idea how many people he has saved while trapped in burning buildings? He maintains that he helps people, he’s there, no questions asked. And no thanks necessary. He brings it closer to her and she asks that he put it out. He continues – how many lives does she think will be lost because he’s not there to save them? She glares back and forth between his face and the fire and suddenly stands and kicks him in the stomach. He falls, flailing and causing some nearby supported beam to collapse and trap him underneath, knocking him unconscious. She panics as she sees the rubbage and a can of paint thinner overturn and begin to drip down into the flames as they rise higher.

She hollers at Hector to no avail and fights to free herself from her binds, with no luck. The flame grows, spreading to other pieces of linen cloth, furniture, the electrical sockets as she screams for help.

On the way over, Stephanie keeps repeating to herself could Taylor be involved in this? Could she have killed Darla? Lt. Baker’s words reverberate over and over in her mind and Thorne’s that Taylor was the first person to see Darla on the highway. That image will forever be in her mind.

Thorne tells Lt. Baker that no matter what theory he has, he wants to hear it. He insists he wants the name; Baker knows how desperate he is. Through the next few steps of questions, Thorne has a sudden awakening. Taylor was the first person to see Darla after the accident……or is Baker saying?.......Baker says that was the statement. Thorne asks if he really thinks that Taylor killed his wife?

Taylor pulls and pushes and tries to free herself, still hollering at Hector to wake up, the fire is growing. Out of nowhere, Stephanie rushes through the door and sees Taylor. She goes to release her, but through gritted teeth she seizes her and demands to know if she killed Darla?

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