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Taylor and Phoebe have their same old conversation – is she really going to tell Thorne the truth? Did she call Thomas and Steffy? She replies yes and she only told them she loved them. She did not tell them her confession. But, Thorne deserves to know the truth, even if she has to go to jail. They will still see each other. She vows that she has to face the consequences of her actions. That’s what she wants Phoebe to learn from this. You can’t run away from your mistakes. You must face up to them no matter how scary. And mostly she is scared for them, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe and wants them to stick together as a family no matter who gets angry at her and Phoebe will want to defend her.

Stephanie sits with Thorne and Alexandria, admiring and praising her as a drawer, the best in her art class. When Thorne gets her to leave the room for more paper, he comments that he thinks she is doing okay. Stephanie agrees and says it is Thorne she is worried about. He laments he knows he is angry. He wakes up angry, he goes to bed angry. He tries not to let Alexandria see it so it won’t affect her. Stephanie asks if there is anything she can do? And he replies that he must have answers. He wants to know why his wife died. Every time he talks to Lt. Baker he just says he is working on it.

Hector is polishing up his vehicle at the station when he spots Lt. Baker’s reflection in the mirror. He asks if he has solved the case? He must have otherwise he wouldn’t be running around town still asking questions about him and Taylor. And he manages to tell Baker that he has nothing to hide. Baker asks then perhaps he won’t mind telling him why he took Phoebe and Taylor to see a woman inmate, one convicted of vehicular manslaughter. Doesn’t that look rather suspicious? But, Hector talks his way out of it as a way of teaching both Taylor and Phoebe they shouldn’t drink and drive. When it’s obvious the lieutenant doesn’t believe him, he tells Baker to quit fishing and don’t waste his time. He taunts him, “so unless you want to arrest me for something, or have some real evident to discuss, I’ve got work to do, and so do you.” Baker fires back that he might not have to do a thing, his job could get easier if the killer comes forward. As a cop, he admits, you can’t always count on good leads or strong evidence. But, you can always count on guilt. To some it is unbearable.

Ridge comes over at Taylor’s request. She tells him it’s important, she has something to tell him. But, she talks in circles and although he feels her urgency to discuss something, she doesn’t confess or give him a clue what she is talking about. Just that she wants him to be there for the children when she’s not. She says she is taking responsibility for things and while she can’t take away the pain for things she has done, she can try to make it right. He promises he will be there for the children and they hug.

Stephanie fills Thorne in on some leads that Lt. Baker has. But bottom line, he needs to be patient. Lt. Baker can’t spend all his time just on this one case. Thorne still concludes that no matter how flimsy, he needs to know the details of these leads.

Hector shows up at Taylor’s and tells her that Lt. Baker now thinks she is the killer. She exclaims that he’s a good detective. Hector says but he has no proof. She opines he doesn’t need any as she is on her way now to tell Thorne that she is the one who ran his wife down.

Stephanie tries to calm Thorne down and get him not to obsess over the investigation. He’s GOT to get on with his life and he may never know who killed his wife. If they don’t catch him, does that mean he’s going to be frozen in this moment in time from now on? He hopes not but thinks he should be able to get through this on his own. She reminds him everybody needs help occasionally and it does not make him weak to ask for it. He admits he hasn’t had to since Phoebe and Taylor have always been there for him. And Stephanie offers that she will be too as long as he needs her. She says she will not let him down nor will she make the same mistake she did with Taylor.

Taylor states to Hector that the only way she can live with herself is to tell Thorne the truth. He reminds her that she didn’t lie, he did and it wasn’t to get away with something. She says she knows he wants to help people; he wants to help her and she respects that. But, he seems hurt that she doesn’t respect him enough if she thinks he’s there for himself. He’s really thinking of her, being separated from her children and ostracized by people who have no right to judge her. Taylor apologizes and says she is sorry if she misread his concern for her. Or that he feels disrespected. And she is really sorry that she brought him into all of this, but, she’s made up her mind to tell Thorne and it is not open for discussion. Quickly he says she shouldn’t drive, so he’ll take her. She would have been honest from the beginning if it hadn’t been for him…… it’s the least he can do. As she walks toward the car, he mutters, “I’m sorry, Taylor, I can’t let you do this.”

They discuss it on the way and she laments how hard it will be on everyone. Thorne will definitely still be angry but at least now he will have a place to direct it to and then can get on with his life. She then realizes he has missed the turnoff and he tells her she is not going to Thorne’s and she is not going to tell Thorne now or ever!

Stephanie has a flashback of her latest talk with Lt. Baker and she feels he is suspecting Taylor. And that can’t be, can it? She wouldn’t do such a thing……and then not own up to it.

Hector pushes Taylor inside his house, then locks the door with two chain bolts. It’s obvious there is reconstruction going on with rags, paint buckets, cans of paint thinners, some furniture covered. She tells him she does not know what he is doing. He can’t stop her from telling Thorne. He tells her he can, and he will! She asks by what? Holding her hostage, that is insane. He says no, confessing to a crime that wasn’t even a crime, that is insane. It was an accident and she doesn’t belong in jail. Yes, they’ve had this conversation, but they are going to keep having it until she comes to her senses. She argues that she is not going to change her mind, so he might as well move and let her leave. Again, he tells her no, this may seem crazy bringing her here, but he’s just trying to protect her. She can’t let this control her and he can help. She tells him she’d like to trust him, but he’s making it more difficult.

He begs and pleads for her to give him one more chance to explain to her, just hear him out. As he turns to get her a chair, she rushes to the door and unlocks it. He flies across the room and grabs her roughly while slamming the door. He forces her back in and drags her screaming and kicking to get away. He grabs some long fabric and wraps it around her wrists and then around and around the staircase. All the while, she is screaming and hollering at him to let her go, he’s hurting her, and she ends up like a wild animal glaring at him. And telling him she is going to Thorne with him saying no she isn’t and he ends up sobbing in frustration.

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