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Cagedly, Lt. Baker tells Taylor that didn’t she know, the truth would always come out? She can’t keep a thing like this secret.

Wistfully, Felicia remembers her recent conversation with Bridget where she revealed she was still hung up on Nick. She kisses Dante and confides in him. That Bridget admitted she let Nick go so he could go have his forbidden fruit, her mother, and then hopefully come back to her. He cautions her to stay out of this and not get involved.

Nick finishes his song and kisses Brooke and they lament they don’t get much alone time anymore lately. And this segues way into him pulling her closer and suggesting this is why he wants her by his side at Marone so they can work together all day. He cajoles her but she skirts the issue gracefully by letting him down easily that she thinks she is just too busy to take on more work. And she makes it clear that her preference is still Forrester, she needs it. So she thinks it is in everyone’s best interest to step back and not get involved at Marone.

Thorne reads to Ally and she is delighted when Phoebe drops by. He tells her that he was just with her mother and he’d like to ask her. Would Taylor tell him the complete truth? He’d been venting his frustration and anger, and he doesn’t want to be a burden to them. He exclaims that it’s so hard, but he thinks he probably needs to get through this on his own. He also realizes he needs to get rid of this rage to be able to be the father that Alexandria needs. And maybe if he could look into the killer’s eyes and tell him what he’s taken from them, he could move on with his life.

Lt. Baker tells Taylor that he knows about her DUI and he thinks he has figured out what happened the night Darla was killed. Taylor says that she doesn’t want to relive this but he continues, scene by scene how he thinks it all happened. Her daughter was the first one on the scene and then Hector responded. Taylor WANTED to tell the police what happened. But, she’d been drinking and her license suspended. So she kept quiet. Only trouble is, he can’t prove it and he hopes he is wrong, he really does. But, he pries further by saying if this is true, he knows her, so he doesn’t think he will have to prove it. She knows this tragedy has left a child without a mother and a man who is living in Hell. And they need closure. “And I know if you can give it to them, you will.” He apologizes for disturbing her but offers that he’s there to talk any time she wants to.

Felicia further tells Dante that Donna wants Ridge too; not just to work together either. And if things go the way they have been, she’ll get him too. And that will only be about ten minutes before Brooke realizes Ridge is the only man she wants also. She comments their relationship had a happy ending, but Bridget and her brother might not be so lucky unless someone says something. She gives him a kiss and tells him she just remembered she has to deliver some papers to Brooke’s.

Nick is disappointed and tells Brooke that he knows she got off to a bumpy start, but he thought she had some great ideas. She reminds him his own father had those same ideas and Nick had brought up those issues before, so he doesn’t really need her. He snarls that Forrester does? She says perhaps she needs Forrester. She puts her hands on his shoulders and tells him that he knows she has always wanted to run her own company. And she reminds him that she has given up modeling lingerie and given up her office at Forrester, and she’s e-mailing Ridge all his instructions, so please don’t make her give up anything else. He feels he was offering her a great opportunity. She agrees, still she is stretching herself too thin. And speaking of which, she tells him she needs to get back to her work now as she wants Ridge to have this first thing in the morning. He repeats again, he doesn’t like this! He walks away when she tries to explain this is NOT going to be a problem for them.

Bridget drops by to see Felicia but ends up talking to Dante instead. He pours them wine and assures her that Felicia won’t tell either Nick or her mother what Bridget told her.

Nick is enjoying himself a beer and about to go upstairs when Felicia stops by. She asks about Brooke and Nick replies she is upstairs working as they speak. And he wishes she wasn’t at Forrester at all. She remarks she senses a little jealousy in his voice. He says maybe concern is a better word. And he asks her to please don’t remind him that he was the one who made Brooke’s dream at Forrester come true. She says he wouldn’t deny her that dream, if he really loved her. He affirms that he loves his wife and she loves him. And Felicia adds that she bets the honeymoon was off the chart. “But sex and love aren’t the only ingredients in a happy marriage.” But that look on his face tells her that he already knows that.

Phoebe comes in and catches her mother in the same old, same old, brooding condition and asks if everything is okay? Taylor reveals to her that Lt. Baker was there and he has some theories of what happened to Darla. Phoebe seems jumpy and asks if he knows anything? Taylor tells her there is no real evidence, he can’t prove anything, but he knows the truth. And Taylor laments that she can’t do this. She can’t live with this anymore. She can’t keep up the lie. Phoebe admits she can’t even look Thorne in the eye either. And they both realize Thorne will not be able to move on until he knows who killed Darla. Taylor opines they are all paralyzed and no one will have any peace until they get out from under this. She sits and tells Phoebe she knows she COULD go to jail for a very long time. But it isn’t fair to keep this from Thorne. He needs to hear the truth and he needs to hear it from her.

Bridget tells Dante that is never going to happen – Brooke going back to Ridge. How many times does she have to tell Felicia that? Dante assures her that Felicia isn’t going to betray Bridget’s confidence, but she might use the information to stir the pot. Bridget says she knows Felicia is just trying to be a good sister and she doesn’t totally disagree with her. If she hadn’t told Nick to stop Brooke’s wedding to Ridge, everybody probably would be better off right now. But, she did and now she’ll have to live with the consequences. And her mom and Nick love each other and are married and she’s not going to do anything to interfere with that.

Nick opens the door for Felicia and tells her he’d rather drink alone. She comments that it got real chilly in there but Nick must be used to that, being in his brother’s shadow. Felicia pushes further by saying Nick must be frustrated because Brooke’s feelings for her brother just won’t go away. And Brooke’s jealousy toward her sister is only going to get worse. Felicia says she works there and she can feel the tension. She tells Nick not to look at her like that. He knows the only reason that Dante and Bridget didn’t work out is because she is still in love with Nick. He wonders where all of this is coming from? She remarks that he is a proud man, but how much more can he take? Despite his objections, Brooke is still working at Forrester, still in close proximity to her brother. And fuming at making Donna his new Logan. She tells him she is not trying to upset him. She really likes him and only wants to see him happy. But, she has to wonder can Brooke give him the happiness he deserves? She warns him that sooner or later something else is going to happen….but just know who will be there for him like she always has – Bridget!

Taylor declines any help from Phoebe. She doesn’t want her to be involved in any way. She says she will tell the police the same thing she is going to tell Thorne. And she will take full responsibility and tell them everything, no excuses. And if she goes to jail, at least she will be free of this feeling…..and Alexandria will know who took her mommy away and be able to move on with her life. They hug and sob in each other’s arms.

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