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Written By Wanda
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Brooke continues to astound the Marone board members and old school George asks her to repeat herself. Did he hear her say to paint their tankers green? Long tall Texan says changing a color scheme might work in the fashion world, but around here it don’t make a bit of difference. She replies that Marone Industry needs to embrace green in everything it does. They need to dedicate themselves to environmentally conscience shipping. She suggests other changes with everyone questioning the pros and cons. But, Nick is backing everything Brooke says. She wants them to advertise, “Marone, greener and cleaner.” George is still the stubborn holdout. Brooke mentions having a spokesperson and he asks if that might be her? “And while you’re talking about our company, will you be wearing a negligee, or nothing at all?”

Sally sits and rubber stamps a lot of orders for Brooke’s Bedroom when Thorne walks in. She’s surprised to see him back at work so soon, even though he’s just testing the waters. He laments how he just dropped Alexandria off at art camp and it’s hard with the house so quiet. But, Taylor has been a big help to the two of them.

Diane Walker continues her sad story that one day she had it all, the next it was ruined. She took it for granted. She had no idea when she took that first drink that she was throwing it all away. She wasn’t a criminal so she never imagined she’d go to jail. She organized charity events, she was a member of the PTA. Phoebe and Taylor listen intently. Diane tells them the way the Justice System is supposed to work, it doesn’t matter who you are, but just what you have done. Taylor mentions Diane had children at home and she says that was the worst part. They visited her for a while and then it just got too hard. One daughter got caught up in a bad crowd and she couldn’t help in prison, and the other married and moved away. She has a grandson she has never met. But, don’t feel sorry for her. She will get out of there someday. Her life will go on, but her victim’s life is over. And even after she confessed, the burden was not lifted from her shoulders.

Sally tells Thorne that she knows Darla would be proud of him, the both of them. She knows she sure is. He confides in her that he’s reading this book about grief that Taylor gave him, and he’s trying to work out of this fog. She opines the important thing is he is trying to move forward. He maintains he’s trying but he keeps remembering what Hector said. What if it was just an accident and there is no closure? And will he even feel better one way or the other? It won’t bring Darla back and her death won’t make any more sense than it does right now.

Right on cue, Lt. Baker walks in and Thorne wants to know if he has any more leads or information about the accident? Lt. Baker tells him he has looked through all the forensic evidence and unless someone comes forward, he doesn’t see any major breakthroughs on the horizon.

Diane says she wishes someone would have scared her straight before she got into the car that night. Hector tells her the story always has impact. She realizes the only thing that could have stopped her was not getting into the car behind that wheel. She tells them both not to make the same mistake she made. They do NOT want to end up here.

In the board room, tensions flare and George remarks that all this talk about green is ridiculous. You can’t run a company by committee, you need a decisive leader. And his father would have hated this. He thinks they are done here and he makes motion to leave. Nick calms everyone by saying there is lunch in the adjoining room and he suggests they take a break. Nick tells Brooke that he’s so proud of her, she was amazing and he rewards her with a kiss. He gives another pitch for her to join him and that this is his company and he will be there right by her side. She tries to impress on him that she doesn’t want to be caught in the middle. Fashion wasn’t her field when she got into that and she made it so. He believes she can do the same here at Marone.

Alone with Phoebe and Taylor, Hector reaffirms that this could happen to Taylor. She doesn’t want him scaring Phoebe. But, he points out again that everybody feels for Thorne and they don’t want to lie. But, if she tells the truth, this is where it will land her. She doesn’t necessarily believe that, every case is different. He doesn’t think any judge is going to let her off without major jail time. No one is going to let her walk away from this, a rich, society woman, getting away with murder. He knows she does not want to hear this, but if she wants to stay out of prison, she only has one option! He reminds her that Thorne and Alexandria are depending on her so confessing won’t help a thing. In order to help them, she has to keep this secret.

Nick opines that maybe this isn’t as exciting as the fashion world, but it’s more important. And look what she has done so far. And he believes George will come around so for her to please hang in there. She thinks she has said enough and urges him to go have lunch with them and she will go. Alone, she picks up a copy of the fashion magazine and contemplates – fashion or freighters?

Hector points out there is no self respect in prison, just a number. Phoebe reminds her that ten years is a very long time. Hector says Steffy and Phoebe will almost be thirty by time she is out. They will have finished high school and college……if they can even still go to college. They’ll be married, maybe even have kids and she will have missed it all. He seriously asks her to think about it, everything Diane said today. She tells him she will. Hector seems somewhat relieved and wants to get out of there. Lt. Baker happens to be there in the prison too with another detainee and grows suspicious when he sees the threesome.

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