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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke tells Ridge that she is married when he says they belong together. He puts his hands on her bare shoulders and informs her that she is still in love with him. He can see it in her eyes. He kisses her hair while saying they have another chance. Just leave Nick – do it!

Phoebe follows Taylor around the house trying to get her to eat a sandwich. Taylor reveals she can’t eat a thing. This secret is making her sick inside. She knows it’s just guilt. No matter what she does or where she goes, it’s always there. Phoebe tells her if she decides to tell Thorne, she will be fine. Maybe she freaked out, but it doesn’t make her a criminal. The judge will see that.

Nick tells Shelley they will need one more chair at the Marone board meeting. It’s for Brooke and he wants her right up there by him with a copy of everything. Donna slinks in and asks if this is where he dictates his edicts, shake up or ship out! He’s not amused and even tells her that her sister is not there yet. She tells him she has come to see him, to thank him.

Brooke reemphasizes that she and Nick are building a life together. Ridge tells her she is making a mistake and he knows because he made the same one not too long ago. He’s been where she is and there is nothing scarier than to realize you’re going down the wrong path. Changing courses seems almost impossible and he knows she doesn’t not want to hurt anybody. But, she’s going to have to as that is the only way they can be truly happy. And if he’s not with her, he won’t be as happy as he could be. But, if she’s going to keep on this course with Nick, he’ll have to keep going, he’ll have to. She tells him he can’t win her back by making her feel guilty. He replies this has nothing to do with guilt. It’s the truth. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her more than anything else in this world. He announces but if he can’t, he will go on living. And eventually he will meet someone else. The question is will she be willing to let that happen?

Phoebe encourages her mother and thinks perhaps she will get a suspended sentence or even parole if she explains to Thorne and he testifies in her behalf. She gives her mother a hug and Taylor says she kept a secret from her dad once and it destroyed their marriage. She is going to tell Thorne. He and Alexandria deserve to know the truth. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Hector. He waltzes on in and tells him they all need to talk right now. Taylor tells him no; there is nothing to talk about. She is going right now to tell Thorne. She tells him she can’t live like this, it’s like living in hell. He chastises that she thinks telling the truth will set her free? And with no more explanation, he tells them they are coming with him.

Nick asks what is Donna thanking him for? She replies for motivating her for confronting Ridge. She knows he thinks Ridge is using her to make Brooke jealous, but that is between the two of them. She doesn’t know what the future holds. Nick quips it’s going to be a lot brighter for her if Forrester isn’t in it. She quibbles that’s it’s her future, her choice. And she didn’t ask him. And in the future she’d appreciate if he kept his opinions about her private life to himself. And she’s going to do him a favor. This thing with Ridge, get over it. She points out he isn’t going to help anyone if he stomps around the house like the king of the castle when Ridge comes over to see her or R.J. And least of all himself. He maintains he’s only trying to look out for her; just in his nature. She offers that might make her sister all warm and fuzzy, but not her. Nick warns her that if she gets involved with this guy, she WILL get burned.

Brooke reasons with Ridge. Yes, she will be jealous if she sees him with another woman. Does she feel the connection when they are in the room together? He knows she does. She sighs and she always will, and that’s why she can’t be here. They can’t do this to themselves. He asks if she wants to forget their connection? Well, they can’t. It’s just a matter of time……make that time happen NOW! He grabs her and pulls her to him and caresses her hair. Her eyes water and she bites her lip, but tells him she has to go. He can handle his meeting here and she needs to get to one at Marone.

Hector, Phoebe and Taylor are let into a holding room at prison. There is someone he wants them to meet and the guard outside is his friend. No one will know they are there. A lady is ushered in and he introduces them to Diane Walker. They used to do charity work together and now she is serving ten years for vehicular manslaughter. She exclaims she has only been inside for about two years, but already it seems like a lifetime.

Donna slips back into work and tells Ridge that Brooke didn’t look too happy when she left. But if they talked, that is a good thing. He shares that Brooke is scared. She’s still angry for him leaving her for Taylor. And she can’t deal with her feelings, so she has put them away. And things are becoming more ridiculous now – she’s joining the board of Marone Industries. It’s Nick’s idea. She scoffs that shipping is so --- he finishes, “not Brooke?” And Nick thinks that if he can replace Forrester for Marone, that some day he might actually replace him!

Just before the board meeting begins, Nick meets with some of the members and one in particular, George, chides him for all of this when his father would have had the information/numbers off the top of his head. Nick counters with give him time and he’ll get it done as well. It goes downhill from there, especially when George learns that they will wait for Nick’s wife. He wonders why he’d bring a ‘model’ in to observe. Nick defends, but George holds his ground. “And she looks mighty fine on a billboard, but that doesn’t qualify here to sit at THIS table.” Brooke enters and Nick greets her with a quick kiss and introduces her to the group. Meeting starts and everyone is up to speed and Nick announces that to stay consistent they will have to grow and adapt in market. He poses the question to George for a look into Marone’s future. He says some nice words but immediately wants to dismiss the ‘missus’ to go back to her fashions. He stands up and says it’s been a pleasure to meet her and he looks forward to seeing her again. Nick stands as well and says Brooke is not going anywhere. Brooke smoothes it over by telling George she’s really looking forward to hearing his ideas. They all agree they need to set competitive prices and set apart Marone from the rest. Nick out stares George and they both sit down. Nick turns to Brooke and asks if she has any thoughts? She flips through her papers and says yes, as a matter of fact, she does. She states the obvious that Marone is on top, and they’d all like it to stay that way. Right? She walks around and looks at a scale model of the tankers and asks is this what they have all looked like, black? Nick replies yes. She says then she thinks she has a change they can make. If they want to set Marone apart from the others and make it the clear, visible leader, then paint the tankers green! A pall falls over the room.

Diane says she may not look it now, but at one time she was highly respected by the community and her family. She was what you would call a high-functioning drunk. She just needed something to help her unwind at the end of the day. That’s what she told herself. It wasn’t a problem and didn’t affect her life. Taylor squirms, sounds all too familiar. Until one day her drinking ruined it. And her children had asked her to get help. And maybe if she had listened to then, she would not have been on the road that night. She tells them she hardly remembers the accident, and she didn’t even stop. She saw the body on the street, but she just kept going. It was late, and nobody was around. She deduces she was probably in shock, and if she just pretended it didn’t happen, it would all go away. But, it didn’t. A couple of days later the police showed up at her door. She was too drunk to even answer the door. It was the only way she could deal with her guilt. The police had to drag her from her bed into the squad car. In front of the neighbors and her children. Taylor looks more and more uncomfortable. Diane reveals how she confessed thinking it might lighten her sentence. It didn’t. But the truth is she felt relieved, just to be able to tell somebody. She didn’t think it could get any worse. Keeping that secret inside she thought was the worst thing that could ever happen to her….until she landed in here. Ten years seemed like a long time at sentencing, but it’s worse being in here than she could ever imagine. She looks at Phoebe when she says, “and it’s something to be avoided at all costs.”

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