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Thorne looks on in horror as Taylor tells him that she was the one who was driving the car. She was the one who killed his wife.

At Brooke’s, Donna flips through a magazine trumpeting her success with Ridge’s designs. Ridge laments that she is now famous. “I read the articles, my dear. ‘Ms. Logan’s show-stopping strip tease provided enough sizzle……’” She finishes, “to make a steak house jealous.” He says he told her she would be sensational. She opines that she used to read these magazines, now she is IN them! She excuses herself to go give R.J. a kiss and Ridge asks if she knows how much R.J. loves her already? And how much he wishes he could spend more time with him, but he blew that. She remarks that R.J. knows who his father is. Nick is just a wannabe ‘pirate’ who happened to marry his mother. He says he knew there was some reason he liked her so much. She assures him she is on his side, always!

At Marone, Nick is on the phone fussing over business when Bridget enters. He hollers that he doesn’t want to be interrupted, until he sees who it is. She apologizes when he says he’d left her a half a dozen messages. She laments she just wasn’t ready to deal with it all then and she feels like such a fool. She feels badly from stopping Dante from marrying Felicia. She admits that she wasn’t in love with him, so what’s wrong with her? Nick tells her nothing is wrong; he just wasn’t the right guy. But Bridget feels like she practically ruined his life, just the way she had Nick’s. He sloughs that off and says everything happens for a reason and she should trust that.

Taylor cries as she gives Thorne details. Darla was just there, changing her tire and she fell backward and she didn’t see her until she was right in front of her. Thorne storms – Taylor hit her? Taylor apologizes over and over, but it was an accident. He tells her, “no, oh my God… lied. You lied! How could you do that, Taylor?” He verbally attacks her. Was she drinking that night? “Answer me, Taylor, were you drunk when you murdered my wife?”

Donna explains that she called Ridge there so he could visit his son without the captain breathing down his neck. She doesn’t think he should have to work around Nick’s schedule every time he wants to read his son a bedtime story. Ridge agrees it would be better if he spent time there when Nick wasn’t. She assures him that his little boy loves him and is happy. He knows he could have had him full time, but he blew it. She tells him he didn’t blow it. Brooke simply made the biggest mistake of her life. He asks shouldn’t her loyalties be with her sister? She offers that she’s known Ridge like forever, and he’s the best. And if Brooke can’t see that……..He laments that he’s just sort of at a crossroads now, what should he do? She suggests maybe he should just move on.

Bridget offers that she feels pathetic. Dante was a really good man and he loved her unconditionally and all he wanted was her to love him back the same way. He wanted to start a family and was testing her. Living with each other was one thing but marrying them and having children was another. It just made her realize she was using him to get over Nick. She says she tried really hard not to admit that, but it was the truth. She hopes she can say these things without there being any weirdness. She announces that she WILL get over Nick. She’s just not there yet. She admits it was different with Nick. She was just comfortable with him and it wasn’t with Dante. She says she knows she will feel that way about someone else someday…..and she just needed him to know that.

Thorne reels when Taylor confesses that she wasn’t drunk, but she had been drinking. She knows she shouldn’t have been driving, but she thought Phoebe was in trouble. He barks was that her justification for killing his wife? She cries no, there is no justifying that. But, she thought he needed to hear the truth. She wishes she could go back, but she can’t. He scolds her – she wants to blame Darla for falling back as if this is HER fault? She repeatedly apologizes for what she has done. He blasts, “what you have done? You came into my house and you reached out to my little girl. And you did that to get rid of your guilty conscience.” And he blames her for doing that when she was the one who had done that. “You hit her, YOU! Phoebe’s mother killed my little girl’s mother……..mother……mother…..mother.” Phoebe awakens Taylor from this nightmare.

Before she leaves, Bridget tells Nick that she forgot to tell him she’s Dr. Forrester now. He congratulates her and asks why didn’t she mention it before? She offers that the ceremonies were late this year and then with Darla’s death, it just didn’t seem right to celebrate. He suggests well it is now and they will have to have a party or something. He knows how hard she studied for this and how much she wanted it, and he's very proud of her. She thanks him while saying he was there for much of it and his support meant a lot to her…..still does. As she leaves, he calls her Dr. Forrester – he likes the sound of that and she agrees.

Phoebe sees how upset her mother is and insists on her telling her what’s wrong. She relays it was a bad dream, her telling Thorne the truth. She was trying to imagine how it would sound to tell him. She told him it was an accident, but he knew…….he knew she had been drinking. He knew she had lied and had been for weeks and he hated her for it. Phoebe dogs her that she needs to just stop thinking about it. But, Taylor cries that she can’t, it’s eating her alive. She thought she could just put it away if she tried to be there for Thorne and Alexandria. That would be her punishment and she’d suffer every day for the rest of her life, but now she doesn’t know if she can. Phoebe finally admits then maybe Taylor should tell him. Taylor asks if she would be okay with that? Phoebe doesn’t know. She gives her a big hug and says she just hates to see her like this, in such pain.

Donna praises Ridge for changing her life. But, Ridge suggests that she changed her own life. She saw the opportunity and took it. She still thinks she is going to wake up….this is her sister’s life, not her life. She asks so when he sees her in fittings and on the runway, doesn’t he see Brooke? He responds that he sees her, only her. But, Donna maintains that Brooke is a hard act to follow. He remarks that some could say the same thing about her. She fishes for more. If he had never met Brooke and met her instead? He confesses he would have been captivated. She’s charmed – captivated, huh? He tells her she has a fire in her, that’s what the camera picks up. Anybody that has seen her on stage or in pictures, they can’t take their eyes off of her. They WANT what she’s got!

Nick walks in and hears this last part. Before she sees Nick, she coos that she didn’t know she had that kind of power. Ridge returns that he didn’t either. Nick slams the door and asks rudely shouldn’t he be gone by now? Nick says it doesn’t look that way to him when Donna snips they were doing business. Nick snides that in his business if he said that sort of crap to a women, he’d have a lawsuit on his hands. Ridge opines, “what big ears you have, Grandma.” Smiling, but seething, Nick tells him he really is a sleazy son-of-a-bitch, isn’t he? Donna tells Nick to stop it, but he tells Ridge to leave the woman alone. Ridge maintains they were only evaluating her performance. Nick tells him she is not one of his bimbo models. Donna is mad. She tells Nick he has no right to talk to either of them this way. Nick tells her that Ridge is just playing with her, which she finds is none of Nick’s business. Nick also reminds her not to forget who’s house she is in! She snaps right back at him that this is her SISTER’S house and just because he married Brooke, doesn’t mean he can boss her around. And she makes a derogatory remark about his leaking clap-trap of a boat which she will never set foot on. R.J. cries and she goes upstairs to him.

Nick tells Ridge that he thinks he is using Donna in another pathetic attempt to get Nick away from Brooke. Ridge reminds him that Donna was hand-picked by Brooke at HIS insistence. Nick retorts that he knows how she got the job. It was supposed to be an opportunity for her, not HIM (pointing finger). Ridge points out he’s known Donna a long time, since she was a kid. Nick trades barbs that he knows, but she’s no longer a kid, in case Ridge hasn’t noticed. Ridge eyebrows him and says maybe he’s not the one who has noticed. Nick reminds him he knows they work together, but he also knows how he works. All his touching, flirting, even kissing…..he’s heard that, has he moved on to kissing? Is that for all his models or just the ones who have grown up sharing Brooke’s Bedroom? Ridge offers that he’s talking about something that is completely innocent. Nick barks that he knows what he is doing, and what he’s been doing since she got to town. Ridge maintains that he is just wrong. Nick looks him in the eye and tells him he knows he’s trying to get Brooke out of his bed and back into Ridge’s. Donna may not like him very much, but she is his sister-in-law and as long as she’s in this house, he’s going to protect her.

Slowly, Donna descends the stairs and asks him, “is that true, Ridge? Are you using me to make Brooke jealous?” He eyes her, takes a deep breath and says they’ll talk about this later. He brushes past Nick with only a backward glance to Donna. Nick tells her that he’s sorry. Donna tears up and starts to sniffle, her wittle bitty feelings are hurt!

Taylor is still quiet and pacing through her house when Thorne calls. He asks if she is okay? Then he says she probably wonders why he went to Hector’s today. He tells her how he ran into Phoebe at the cemetery today and she said some things about him, not so sure that he was helping Taylor. He tells her that he wants to help her and be there for her. She remarks that he doesn’t owe her anything. But he thinks he does, especially for what she has done for Alexandria. He can’t thank her enough. And he goes on that he feels Darla’s presence. She’s watching over them…..and over Taylor too. And Darla knows the impact it has made on their lives and she is so grateful for what Taylor has done for them. He can feel that, she is so grateful!

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