The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/7/06


Written By Wanda
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Brooke continues to berate Donna about her tawdry little sex show and tells Ridge this is not debatable, Donna is fired.  This could hurt the entire line after what she did in front of the press and their most loyal customers.  Now Brooke will have to see if any of it is salvageable.  Donna acts hurt that her sister would feel this way.

Phoebe steps off the elevator as Dr. Kibe tells Taylor that she’ll make sure Taylor’s patients are covered for as long as she is needed.  Phoebe misunderstands and thinks her mom is quitting her job.  Hector walks in and announces that no, he won’t let her.  She tells them both that she is not quitting, just taking a leave of absence.  She offers that she doesn’t feel she is able to advise people when she can’t even handle her own life.  Her life is an entire mess, and the police are still investigating.  However, Hector tells her that his contacts at the police station say there are no solid leads.  It looks like the case isn’t going to be solved…….as long as Taylor doesn’t say anything.  She laments she should have been honest in the first place.  She’s tired of hearing Hector say that both he and Phoebe lied to protect her and if she confesses, they will all be in trouble.  Both of them will pay the price.  He doesn’t have to keep saying that.  He thinks he does, especially the more time she spends with Thorne and his little girl. 

Alexandria twirls around for grandma in her newly made mommy dress.  Stephanie exclaims that her sweet baby girl is so beautiful and the dress exquisite.  She thinks grandpa should put her in modeling right now.  She gives her a cute, “oh, grandma!” Stephanie tells Thorne they could use a little innocence on the runway after today.  The supermodel did a rather provocative show and interestingly enough, Brooke didnít seem to like it. 

He asks if Brooke thought it was too risqué?  Stephanie replies she thinks she was jealous…jealous that she was so easily replaced.  He wonders if something is going on between Donna and Ridge?  Stephanie maintains that no, she is just saying this is classic Brooke.  And Thorne would know all about that.  She dumps one man for another.  Then when sheís finished with him, she doesnít want anybody else to have him either. 

Ridge defends Donna by telling Brooke to come on, everybody loved Donna.  Brooke reminds him that not everybody did; several buyers walked out.  He confesses they were only trying to do something different, that’s all.  She says she is not talking about his designs.  They were spectacular as usual.  She turns on Donna and accuses her that what she did out there couldn’t have been further than what the line was all about.  Donna acts hurt, she doesn’t see that she did anything wrong.  She realizes she is not a seasoned pro like Brooke, but she doesn’t feel she demeaned herself or the line the way Brooke is suggesting.  She remarks she may be inexperienced, but she knows what she was feeling from the audience – an electricity, excitement, which means they were a hit even if it was her and not Brooke on the runway.  And she suggests perhaps that is the real problem here.  Brooke wishes in her heart of hearts that she was still the face of Brookeís Bedroom, for all the obvious reasons and some she wonít even admit to herself. 

Taylor asks Phoebe to wait outside for her, she wants to talk to Hector alone.  She wants to straighten something out.  She states that she is appreciative for all that he has done for her, but it’s really beginning to feel like he’s trying to take over and she can’t allow him to do that.  He argues that she is barely functioning, saying and doing things unlike her and they have to stay strong and committed.  In order to do that, they have to leave L.A.  “I think we have to get away as far as possible from Thorne and his little girl.  I can help you forget.” He has cupped her face and she pulls away.  She tells him no, that really isn’t the way she wants to do that.  Thorne is taking her to A.A.  and she’s getting better.  Running away is not the answer.  He tells her he loves her.  He should be taking her to A.A.  He’d do anything for her.  She asks like steamrolling her to cover this whole thing up?  Pressuring her to keep quiet when she already was in shock.  And what is happening right now is almost worse than what originally happened.  She says she can’t do it.  She can’t let him make choices for her or take control of her life.  It isnít healthy for either one of them or their friendship. 

Donna opines to Brooke that she should have known she would react this way.  When she’s married to Nick and yet still in love with Ridge.  Plus she’s stuck over at Marone when she’d rather be here where all the action is.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, her kid sister stepped into her role on the runway.  Getting kudos from press and buyers.  “When you’re used to being center stage.  No wonder it’s driving you crazy.” Brooke announces it is NOT driving her crazy.  She is just trying to protect Donna and Brooke’s Bedroom from being the laughing stock of the world.  Ridge steps in and says that is not what is happening here.  Donna is as committed to this line’s success as he is.  And Donna adds that is why she did everything Ridge told her to.  Brooke asks Donna if she is now going to blame Ridge for this ‘disgusting display’?  Ridge admits it was all his idea and no one could have done it better, not even Brooke.  And that’s not meant to hurt her.  She knows how he feels about her and the Bedroom Line.  And nothing would make him happier than her to come back and work with him at Forrester.  Donna taunts that she canít and they both know why. 

Stephanie pops in on Taylor and says she’d like to talk to her if she has a few free moments.  Nonplussed, Taylor tells her she has nothing but time.  She is taking a leave of absence.  Stephanie thinks that is not a bad idea.  Taylor asks why is she there?  Stephanie expresses she wanted to thank her for being so kind to Thorne and the baby.  Darla would really be grateful, and Stephanie certainly was.  And with this leave of absence, maybe she could arrange even more time with Alexandria.  She couldn’t have a better role model.  Taylor feels embarrassed and tells her that is not what she wants to hear right now.  Stephanie shrugs she knows not from her after all that has happened.  She is not happy about that any more than to admit that she was wrong.  She admits she should have stood by her when Ridge left.  And she is sorry, but he’d just had a heart attack and she was afraid he was going to die.  She says that was no excuse for her thoughtlessness and insensitivity, and she is so sorry.  And Brooke has made her decision.  She’s married Nick and she’s not going to give the stock back without a fight.  So, of course, that makes Stephanie the biggest fool of all!

Brooke and Ridge continue not to see eye to eye.  He wants her to tell him exactly what Donna did that was so objectionable.  He had to get their attention and he couldn’t sell a new model doing the same things Brooke did.  He saw a spark in Donna that made it possible to go in a whole different direction.  so that’s what he did and ran with it.  And he’s glad he did.  It’s going to do big things for Brooke’s Bedroom now.  Brooke says the problem is…… and she spouts words like “sophisticated sensuality.” Ridge thinks it’s just a big, fat misunderstanding.  They both have a different concept of the way this should be marketed.  And that’s not really surprising considering she has to work from Marone and is prevented from even being around him nowadays.  He tells her that she and Nick are married now, so why can’t she just tell him to get over it! Especially considering that he is working his butt off trying to get on with his life.  He pleads with her that this is no way to run a business.  They need each other.  He needs her to make all of this happen.  She knows what they can accomplish if they work side by side.  “Brooke, please, say you will come back.  You know you want to.”

Her phone rings and it’s Nick inquiring about her.  She tells him she will be there shortly.  This does not go unnoticed by Ridge.  He asks her to please call him back and tell him plans have changed.  She gives him a long look but finally says she has to go.  She gives him one long, last look.  Donna is there to offer comfort to Ridge. 

Stephanie tells Taylor that Thorne told her everything about going to A.A.  They all have their regrets and she knows she let her down.  She thinks A.A.  is a good idea.  She loves her and wants their friendship back.  She knows it can’t happen overnight, but if she could find it in her heart to forgive her….she lost one daughter-in-law.  She doesn’t think she can lose her too.  And she tells her that Thorne wouldn’t be doing as good without her.  Taylor is a real comfort to him and that sweet baby girl.  She knows she doesn’t want to be called a saint…..Taylor confesses she is far from that….trust her on that one.  She doesn’t have any answers.  Stephanie says she can just continue doing what she’s doing, being a friend to Thorne, letting Stephanie back in her life.  Can she find it in her heart to forgive her?  Taylor contemplates a long time and finally cries that the real question is can she ever forgive herself?  Stephanie touches her and says she is so sorry.  She knows she is going through a lot and if there is any way she can help, she promises she will do that.  She doesnít want anything to ever come between them again, please! They hug; Taylor clings to her. 

Donna laments that she knows Ridge wishes he could still work with Brooke.  He admits they make a great team, even when they disagree like today.  He respects her talent but he does question why she is letting a jerk like Nick control her life.  Donna offers that she has given up an awful lot for his Lordship.  Does Ridge believe that she knows her heart?  He says he believes she thinks she knows.  And that leaves him with Donna…..which is a pretty darn nice place to be.  They trade flattery about what it was like today, even if Brooke didn’t think so.  She’ll just have to get over it.  He mentions again it is only the beginning and she teases if he really means that?  That’s what he likes – unabashed adoration.  She coos it was probably a mistake telling him what she had earlier.  About measuring all her relationships up to him.  Is there any wonder she hasn’t met the right man.  They would all pale in comparison.  He’s ever bit as wonderful as she remembered.  “More so, I’m really happy you are in my life.  My sister might take you for granted, but I never will.”

She gives him a quick kiss…..then a second and third longer one.

Brooke returns to Marone.  Alone in her quiet, empty office, she picks up a copy of the Eye of Fashion and her sister’s face stares back at her from the cover.  She holds the magazine to her bosom and with a tear rolling down her cheek asks, “oh my God, what have I done?”

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