The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/4/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Lots of nervous energy and hustle and bustle behind stage of the fashion preview. Ridge spies Donna peeking from behind the curtains at the audience. She tells him she is trying to imagine them naked so she won’t be so self-conscious. He smirks that he can help, and he massages her shoulders with his magic fingers.

Eric prepares the reporters for the NuLogan and that it was Brooke’s idea to hire her sister for the new spokes model. Jarett comments that nothing succeeds success like success, but if it ain’t broke……Eric offers, “this isn’t some kind of fix, Jarett. Ridge is taking this line to a whole new level. Prepare to be blown away.”

Donna laments to Ridge that she wishes Brooke was here. She feels like she is wearing her clothes. Ridge answers why does she think he’s designing a whole new collection, so she won’t feel this way? Donna reveals that of all the things she has done, Brooke’s Bedroom is closest to Brooke’s heart. Ridge answers that she has moved on; walked away. Donna makes a snide remark about being under Captain Control. He tells her Brooke made her decision. They have to move on.

Meanwhile at Marone Industries, Brooke is looking critically at a copy of Eye of Fashion with a Donna cover. Nick warns her not to worry about her sister. But, she quips that she is a waitress. She doesn’t know the first thing about modeling. He maintains she’s okay and she’ll do fine. Brooke states that “fine” doesn’t cut it. She created this line and turned it into one of the most successful lingerie lines in the business. She doesn’t feel Brooke’s Bedroom needs retooling. Nick points out that she has sort of passed the baton. She reminds him that she is still CEO. He remarks that he thinks she has enough on her plate. She replies - is she just supposed to sit back and let Ridge make all the decisions? This is HER line. He shakes his head, not really, not anymore.

Worried, Stephanie tells Ridge she hopes he knows what he is doing. He tells her that hiring Donna wasn’t his decision. But, she reminds him that he went along with it. He barks that he knows what he is doing.

Felicia taps her mom on the shoulder and tells her to stay out of it….and she’s not talking about the business and neither was her mom! Stephanie glances Donna’s way and tells Felicia that she is infatuated. Felicia quips just like every other model. Stephanie retorts then God help her. Ridge gives Donna a last minute pep-talk and she beams when he says he will help her and be there with her every step of the way.

Brooke continues to find critical fault in the line. It accounts for nearly half of their profits and she has a responsibility to protect that. Nick wonders to protect it from what? It seems Forrester loves this just as much as she does. She huffs she is not sure that they share the same vision. And if Donna was really a model, she’d know how she was coming across. Nick remarks that she “came off sexy. You’re talking about underwear here, right? Underwear – sex! Brooke corrects – romance, not sex! She tells him she’s got to get right over there. He grabs her arm to stop her and says no, no, no. She fires that this is not negotiable. She held up her end of the bargain. She gave up modeling, but she is not going to give up control. They are over there right now previewing Brooke’s Bedroom, and she doesn’t even know what that is. He states if she feels this strongly about going over there, he is going with her…..and THAT’S not negotiable. He taps her nose, gives her a quick kiss and a firm playful pat on her fanny as he pushes her toward the door.

Ridge tells Donna that he has ulterior motives when she tells him he’s being very supportive. After all, these are his designs. He takes her hands and tells her that she’s a beautiful, sensual woman and she’s going to own that room and everyone in it. “The men are going to love you and the women are going to want to be you……dreams, (he gives her a kiss on the cheek) and yours, my love, are about to come true.” Donna’s face lights up.

The audience assembles and Brooke and Nick are met at the door by the reporters and she’s asked if she misses this? Diplomatically, she says she knows her baby is in good hands. And Ridge has really outdone himself. They are going to love it. They sit and Nick whispers that she is such a sexy liar. Brooke quips that it is called putting a spin on it. Eric and Stephanie, Felicia and Sally take their seats. Ridge ambles on stage to polite applause. He looks at Brooke and then continues that “Brooke’s Bedroom” is a state of mind. A place where a woman can go and be herself – her real self. Open and unafraid. Sexual without apology. Empowered….and he introduces the new face of Brooke’s Bedroom – Donna Logan.

The stage in the round twirls and reveals a romantic bed with lights, smoke and Donna twisting, turning, writhing on the bed before slowly flinging her hair around her, straddling the bedpost ala stripper pole and strutting her stuff on the catwalk. She was seducing the audience. Brooks looks on in disgust. Stephanie doesn’t look much better. Ridge is beaming. Donna continues to strut, to prance, to sway, to seduce with that come hither look, to shake her booty. She slinks into the audience and teases Jarett and musses his hair. Two women walk out. She then picks Nick to perform her little lap dance, much to Brooke’s dismay.

Then to Eric where she runs her fingers over his face and body with Stephanie giving her the evil eye. Afterwards, Ridge and Donna seem very, very, pleased with themselves. He mentions New York as just the beginning “my love”. Brooke’s Bedroom is on fire because of her. She tells him he is scaring her. And is he sure that she’s not going too far? They agree they should go for it! He says, “that’s my girl, that’s my girl!” Brooke whispers to Nick that Donna is humiliating herself. He asks if she wants to get out of here? She retorts not before the finale, not a chance.

Applause. Ridge thanks them all for coming to this special preview – where a woman can go to lose her inhibitions, to feel confident….sexy…..elegant…..erotic. More applause, strobe lights, another cleverly disguised strip tease by Donna. Afterwards, polite applause, bored looks, until finally Jarrett stands with ovation applause and others gradually follow suit as the applause heightens. Ridge joins her on stage and takes her hands in a victory pose. Brooke seethes.

On their way out, Nick questions Brooke to help him understand this. He believes she is rooting for her sister. She did a great job, she wasn’t booed off the stage. She didn’t fall or trip or anything. But he doesn’t know what is going on; talk to him! Stephanie walks up and says she can’t. She’s been struck dumb. “Now, you know how I felt, watching you all these years.”

Brooke asks if she knew about this? Stephanie replies – about her sister? No. Brooke remarks that she really trusted him. Stephanie offers that why would Ridge think she’d have any reason, of all people, not to approve of something like that? She blasts because she told him how she felt at the photo shoot. Stephanie fires back that maybe she needs to learn how to say no and really mean it. Nick tells them all right, that’s enough. And he urges Brooke for them to get out of there. She placates that she needs to stay there and deal with this. She knows that he needs to get back to the office, so for him to go ahead and go, and she promises to be there soon. Gives him a quick kiss and tells him she loves him.

In stalker mode, Stephanie asks Brooke how does it feel to have her sister take her place? Brooke defends by saying she hired her. Stephanie says only because Nick pressured her. That she should have been the person on the runway with him, sharing this moment of triumph….the real love of her life, Ridge. Brooke contemplates then walks away.

Backstage, Ridge is pouring champagne with Donna, Eric and the other models. He’s giving a glowing toast to Brooke’s Bedroom – to Donna, his inspiration for the guts and courage to take Brooke’s Bedroom to a place they really didn’t expect. Glasses clink. On cue, Brooke stomps in and says, “the gutter?” Ridge offers her champagne. She declines and says she needs to talk to them alone. Sensing her mood, Donna asks if she didn’t like it?

Brooke admonishes her that didn’t she hear a word she said the other day at the photo shoot? Or was she just humoring her? And she trusted Ridge like he asked, but that turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life. She reminds Donna that she was supposed to be modeling, not slithering around like some stripper. She knew what Brooke’s Bedroom meant to her, so why would she be dragging it through the mud like this? Ridge points out they got a standing ovation. Brooke blasts that, “yes, some horny men who enjoyed her strip-tease.” They didn’t want to see what she was wearing. They just wanted to see her take it off. Donna apologizes, but Ridge tells her she has nothing to be sorry about. But, Brooke says she turned something sophisticated and sensual into something CHEAP! Donna opines she only wanted Brooke to be proud of her.

With tears in her eyes, Brooke offers that now she really has no option but to end this before more damage is done. Donna tells her Ridge has worked too hard; she can’t pull this line. Brooke corrects her. She’s not talking about the line. She’s talking about her. She’s hired her and she’ll take full responsibility for this, but it’s just not working out. “There’s a fine line between sensuality and between tawdry sexuality, and you crossed that line, Donna.” She really had no choice but to put an end to this. She was going to send her home on the company jet tomorrow to San Francisco. “I’m sorry, you’re fired.” Ridge looks pretty pleased.

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