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Written By Wanda
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Brooke accosts Donna; that she saw her kiss Ridge and she is NEVER going to kiss him again! Donna defends herself by saying that modeling is new to her. She may not look it, but she’s scared. And Ridge has been great, making her think she can do this. And that’s all the kiss was about. Brooke asks shockingly, “a kiss of gratitude?” She asks if Donna really expects her to buy that?

At the A.A. meeting, Taylor stands and tells her sad story. That she didn’t want to face certain things. And the drinking helped; it dulled the pain. Friends knew and tried to help, but she didn’t listen. She even told her son that she’d pour all the alcohol down the drain and get it out of the house. And she did, but she cries that there was one last bottle of wine….and she tried not to, but she did. Then her daughter called her and she was in trouble, and she needed help. Taylor breaks down and Thorne has to stand up and hold and comfort her sobs.

Eric laments to Ridge that he’s worried about Thorne. And poor, sweet Darla, he still can’t believe what happened. Ridge tells him Thorne will make it. Eric knows he will and makes mention that Taylor has been helping with Thorne and Alexandria and that’s good. Given everything that Taylor has gone through lately, for her to step up, it’s a real God-send. Ridge agrees and admits he had his concerns about her. She’s been so lost for such a long while, but she always seems to step up to the plate when she’s helping other people. That’s when she’s at her best. Eric asks about the photo shoot with Donna. Ridge tells him don’t ask. Eric remarks she is new, she’ll get better at it. He opines he is not talking about Donna; he’s talking about his mother and Brooke. He just wants to do something a little different and neither seem to get what he is after. Eric quips as far as his mother is concerned, just do what he usually does – ignore her! He’s surprised when Ridge tells him that is exactly what he’s going to do and even have a little fashion preview tomorrow. Eric states he sure is confident. Ridge says if it goes as well as he anticipates; he thinks Donna may be the perfect replacement.

Brooke lectures more. This is a job, a REAL job, a serious job and Donna can’t just strut around making a play for the lead designer. Donna says that is not what she is doing. Brooke offers that she knows she is new at modeling, but she didn’t think she’d have to point out the obvious. Donna argues that Ridge has been coaching her, giving her advice. What Brooke saw was just a simple kiss. She was simply thanking him for his support. Brooke states, so she was blaming it all on Ridge? Donna answers that she is not blaming anyone; nothing happened. And frankly she is surprised how much this is bothering Brooke. And Brooke thinks she is making this personal? And if anyone was making this personal, it was Brooke! Brooke says that is ridiculous. But Donna chastises her that this only proves what she has been saying all along; that Brooke wants to be with Ridge. “You should be his model, his muse, not me.”

The female A.A. host tells the audience they can not change what they have done, but they can change the future. The meeting adjourns with Taylor still dabbing her eyes. Several walk up to her and welcome her to come back. And they remind her that she has an awful lot to offer her family and other people. Thorne tells her too that they are right. A lot of people need her, he needs her.

Donna reminds Brooke that she did not come to L.A. looking for this job. Brooke had offered it to her, remember? And she only said yes she would try because Brooke and Captain Control double teamed her into saying yes. She points out that Brooke is the face of the Bedroom Line, the inspiration for Ridge, so take it! Take the job back. Brooke says she is not going to go through this again. Donna retorts then what is she supposed to do, just stand there and listen to her accusing her of things that are not true? She states further that Nick is a good-looking guy, she can see that. Brooke was attracted to him. He’s safe and dependable. “But he also wants to control everything in your life. And you of all people can not live like that.” Brooke said she made her decision. Donna points out it was the WRONG decision. And it wasn’t the first time. She also married Eric and Thorne. When all along she was in love with Ridge. So marriage to Nick is just history repeating itself. But, it’s not too late. If she can just accept her destiny, her life is meant to be spent with Ridge. Brooke argues that Nick is a very dependable man. What is so wrong with that? To have someone in your life who really cares for you and won’t leave you. And Ridge gave that up. And R.J. and Hope really love Nick. They are a family. Donna looks her in the eye and tells her okay, she believes her. But, if she is so in love with Nick, why did she tell Donna to keep her mitts off of Ridge?

Thorne brings Taylor back to his house and asks her how did she enjoy the A.A. Meeting? She can’t believe she went, but she needed it. And she wonders where did he find the strength to reach out and help her? He muses that when someone he cares for needs help, he knows Darla would want him to help. She breaks down in his arms while saying she is sorry, she does not deserves his kindness like this. Alexandria walks in and asks why is she crying? Does she miss her mommy too? Because she knows that Mommy isn’t going to come back. Phoebe fills Taylor in that Allie was okay on the beach but then she wanted to play dress-up with her mommy’s clothes and got upset when she saw that dress, the one she’d worn at the birthday party. Thorne suggests that maybe he should just go ahead and box up Darla’s things. But, Taylor advises him not to, it’s too soon.

She asks if she can try something? Then she speaks with Allie and asks if this was her mother’s favorite dress and she helped pick it out, would she like to wear it? Allie remarks that it’s too big. Taylor thinks she can fix that. Would she like to help? They hug.

Donna asks what is Brooke saying? Sounds like a guilt trip about Ridge. And what it boils down to is her staying away from Brooke’s man. Brooke retaliates that “her man” is over at Marone’s. Donna tells her she doesn’t love Nick the way she loves Ridge. And Ridge is standing right in front of her for the taking. Brooke states that nothing is that simple. Donna says maybe this one is! For her whole life, she has watched this incredible person, but for so long she has made things more complicated than they needs to be. Always jumping through hoops to please other people. Brooke offers that is what life is about – concessions, compromises, it’s all part of it. Donna vows, “Brooke, you’ve always wanted Ridge from the day you spoke his name. I’ve always known he’s the man for you, and still is.”

Before entering the room, Ridge calls out Logan. Both girls’ heads turn. He quips, “one word and I get the attention of two beautiful women. Not bad.” Brooke asks Donna if she minds; she'd like to speak to Ridge alone? He asks what’s up? She asks him to tell her. She saw him kiss Donna. And she’s not going to put up with it.

Phoebe seems surprised that her mother is so handy with the sewing machine. Taylor replies she was married to a fashion designer, so she picked up a few tips. She finishes the dress and slips it over Allie’s head. Allie looks in the mirror and says, “just like Mommy.” Taylor tells her she knows she misses her mommy, so does her dad. They all do. But, when she’s feeling real sad, she can put on this dress and think of all the happy times her mom had wearing that dress….and she’ll feel closer to her. They hug again.

Ridge states that Brooke didn’t like him kissing Donna. He doesn’t know whether to be flattered or offended. Brooke points that that this is her sister……and she’s going to be the new face at Brooke’s Bedroom and he will be working with her on a daily basis. So he surmises it should be strictly professional? She asks is he saying it is MORE than that? He remarks that it isn’t what she thinks. She reminds him she did see him kiss Donna. He admits it just happened. She was insecure. He was helping her with her confidence (is that what they call it?). Brooke retorts that Donna has plenty of that! Ridge replies not when it comes to modeling. You don’t go from being a waitress to a featured model without a butterfly or two. And look, it was an innocent kiss, that’s all. She tells him she just wants him to be aware of her feelings. It was really hard for her to give up the Bedroom Line. He scoffs, it was hard on HER? She married Nick and yet she’s talking about him kissing Donna. And he confesses it’s all he can do to get through everyday of his life right now. And for the first time he’s excited about something. This line…..and he has something to get up in the morning and work for. And the new Bedroom Line has a new direction. And Donna has given him new inspiration. And he tells her he has a new fashion preview tomorrow. “Look, if all of this is hard on you, I’m very sorry, But, don’t take this away from me too.”

Her cell rings and she sees it is Nick and tells him she will be there in a minute. She had to put out some fires first. Ridge digs that Nick can’t trust her to take care of herself? She asks does he blame him? Ridge asks is Nick right? She says she must go. He asks if he can expect her at the fashion preview tomorrow? She thinks not. He wants to know if that is her decision or Nick’s? She smarts it seems he has everything he needs. He offers that she and R.J. is all he thinks of. He still loves her and always will. She replies that she never meant to hurt him. He takes her in his arms and hugs her and says he knows. She repeats that she is sorry while tears roll down her cheek. Donna witnesses this but stops short of walking in. A look on her face, you can’t quite tell if she’s pleased or not.

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