The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/2/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna comes bopping down the stairs while Brooke, Nick and Bridget are having breakfast around the coffee table. Nick happily offers her a croissant. She declines – a girl has to watch her figure, you know. Brooke snarks that she needs her sleep too. Seems Ridge kept her very, very, busy last night.

She’s holding the proofs from last night, but maintains she doesn’t know if they are any good or not. Brooke tells her to give herself a break. She is just starting and she’s not expected to be perfect overnight. Bridget takes them and shuffles through and goes WOW, she certainly isn’t shy. Donna laments that gosh, Ridge makes her feel she can do anything! Bridget hands them to Brooke, who looks and is astonished. Clearly, they are excellent and they haven’t even had to touch them up yet. Donna mentions Ridge was pleased and wants to keep going. He has a full photo shoot with Brio this morning. This is the first Brooke has heard of that. Nick is confused. Shouldn’t Ridge be ASKING? Who is CEO, Brooke or him?

Thorne opens the door to Taylor and Phoebe, who thanks him for dinner last night and Taylor gives him a kiss. He tells them to make themselves at home while he checks on Alexandria. Taylor steps out on the deck and laments to herself that she hopes Thorne will understand if she just explains it. She should have come clean last night. Phoebe joins her and gives her another little speech about not confessing. Alexandria needs her and she can do her no good if she is in jail. She tells her she can’t lose her again, so she has to hold it together for both Alexandria and herself. Thorne joins them again and thanks them for coming by, saying its been a real tough day with Alexandria. Taylor gives him a comforting hug.

Stephanie catches up with Ridge in his office. She remarks she knows he’s been to his doctor; how’s he doing? She’s relieved when she hears he has a clean bill of health. But, she’s still concerned. Is he really happy with the new photo shoot, even though Brooke isn’t going to model for him? She’s astonished when she determines he is excited about working with Donna.

Donna tells Brooke perhaps they should just cancel the photo shoot. She can’t believe Ridge didn’t tell her and she doesn’t want to cause problems. Brooke advises her that it is no problem; just a mix up in communication. She will speak with Ridge about it. Nick suggests that she just let it go and let Ridge have this one. She shrugs and gives in and says it is too late to cancel, so okay. Donna squeals with delight and hugs her tightly and tells her she won’t be sorry.

Taylor colors with Alexandria a while and then Thorne asks Phoebe to take her to the beach. He tells Taylor he wants to talk to her about something. He starts off that maybe he is wrong, but yesterday at Darla’s funeral, she was so emotional. It’s been on his mind and this morning, he realized she has been carrying a secret. Something that has been eating away at her. And he reveals that he knows she had been drinking the night of the accident. There’s really only one thing she can do, and he will go with her if she’d like.

Stephanie expresses surprise that Ridge is actually welcoming Donna being the new model. She isn’t sure the press or the customers will go for this. She is thrilled that he’s going to stay and work his way back, but the truth is they could have chosen any top model for this, not Donna. He hands her the pictures and she says oh, and her eyeballs pop out on a couple of them. She asks has Brooke seen these yet? Donna waltzes in and gives Ridge a kiss on the cheek, saying she met Brio on the way up. He hands Brio the proofs and she reports, “nice”. She goes over to her assistants and advises them on lighting and wants to talk hair and makeup. Ridge follows Donna and asks if she is ready for this? Coyly, she says if he’s there, she is ready for anything! Mama Bear witnesses this and looks concerned.

Bridget discusses Donna with Brooke as if Brooke might have trepidations about this. Brooke says she will be okay, she just doesn’t want Donna to get hurt. She wants it to be a positive experience. Nick glances at the photos and agrees it sure looks like a positive experience. Donna’s a beginner but she looks great, let it go. He hands Brooke her purse and tells her go to work. She goes back on her word and says for today only, she thinks she needs to go to Forrester’s and make sure things go smoothly. With a quick kiss, she is off.

Taylor feigns ignorance of where they are going. Thorne drags her to Room 28 in a dingy strip center. Inside, she sees a poster of the Twelve Steps and the Serenity Prayer on the wall. Thorne explains that he saw the pamphlet in her purse, and she can have a new life today, if she wants it. She cowers as he says not to be afraid; she can do this.

Stephanie watches Ridge as he watches Donna go through her routine for the shoot. Brooke walks in unnoticed. Ridge tells Brio to give him just a moment. He sidles up to Donna and proceeds to try to liven her up. He caresses her, telling her to be a little naughty, loosen up, go with the flow. She’s eating it up. Ridge brightens when she uses her new techniques; Brooke doesn’t. He is enthused when he tells Brooke that SHE (Donna) has got it. She’s definitely got it. A seed of doubt, a tiny light bulb seems to go off in Brooke’s mind.

Looking over the proofs, Brooke argues that the photos are just too provocative. This is Donna’s first exposure to the consumers and she is giving it all away. What will make them want to come back? Ridge delights in telling her that he thinks they will want to come back. She reminds him this is not the way they do it. He feels it is time for a change. She replies the right change, but not this one! He remarks that it’s in the eyes of the beholder. And they always broke the mold and didn’t care what anybody else thought. They trusted their instinct…..well, he wants her to trust his instinct one more time. Perhaps she is just too close to this to see what is really going on. He thinks when this hits the campaigns, this will be the biggest thing that they have ever known or even imagined. She quips “or they will throw us in jail for pandering.” He says heck, as long as they are in the same jail cell, what is wrong with that? At least they will go down in flames and no one can say they didn’t give it their best shot.

Thorne and Taylor listen to the other’s stories and she recalls the awful nightmare of Darla’s face in her windshield. The host asks to hear from the newest member. Awkwardly, Taylor stands and gives the details of the night Thorne lost his wife. She cries that Darla was a wonderful wife and a friend. And if she had just gotten there first. She should not even be here now. She should not have been the one to live. She had been drinking, lying to her family and friends……sleeping with men she didn’t know. She doesn’t even recognize herself anymore. She doesn’t even know what to do, how to get better. She just knows she wants to do something, do the right thing for Darla……because she can not live with this pain anymore. She falls on Thorne’s shoulder as she repeats that she can’t.

Critically, Ridge looks at the proofs as Donna returns in her robe. She laments they must look really bad; Brooke didn’t look pleased. He answers he doesn’t know what she was trying harder to protect – the lingerie line or her little sister. He thinks maybe she just got caught off guard. Donna gives him a hug. And suggests perhaps they should just try it Brooke’s way. He points out that Donna’s energy, her spirit, her goodness, her mischief, everything that defines Donna Logan, THAT’S what is going to blow the socks off this campaign. He tells her he’s been in this business a lot of years and worked with a lot of models, the best of the best. “And I know when something has potential….and YOU, Donna Logan, you have mega-potential!” (sugar anyone?) He likes this concept. And what she needs to do is believe in him, and just be herself and there is no way they can fail. Brooke walks in just as Donna leans in and gives Ridge a kiss.

He slips out to do some paperwork and tells her he will see her later. Shocked, Brooke aka Green-Eyed Monster storms in and asks what in the hell was THAT? “My God, don’t act all innocent with me. I SAW you kissing Ridge.” In her face, she rails, “don’t ever kiss him again. Do you understand me? EVER!”

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