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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge, turned photographer, is busy shooting pictures of Donna. She’s exhausted though she doesn’t mean to complain. And she remarks she thought being a waitress was hard! Taking a break, she asks who said six inch heels were sexy? He tells her she is doing just fine and as for the heels, they make the calf look long and lean. He says they are done and the good news is the designer pops for take-out…..if she is available? Demurely, she tells him she is all his!

Stephanie sits on the couch with Alexandria and is sharing her ‘stone soup’ with her. Thorne comes in and starts picking up toys and Stephanie admonishes him that he should be getting some rest. He replies he can’t sleep. She gets Allie to finish coloring some pictures while she goes over and pats Thorne on the back and tells him to come sit down. He opines that Alexandria knows that Darla is not coming back. Taylor and he told her last night. She’s been a God-send and he doesn’t know what he’d do without her. Stephanie says she is pleased.

Taylor holds the newspaper and frowns at Darla’s picture with headlines “search for hit and run driver continues”. Hector walks in and asks if she is alright? She grouses what is he doing there? He remarks she has not returned any of his calls. She says she is sorry. He says he came by after the funeral but she wasn’t there. She does tell him she is not avoiding him, she’s just thinking. He asks where was she? And she tells him she was with Thorne. Disapprovingly, he says she must not have told him the truth or she’d be in jail right now. She confides that she couldn’t. He knows she wanted to. “Taylor, you can not confess to killing Darla”. He reminds her what would happen to him and to Phoebe. They would be accessories after the fact. He knows it’s hard, but she has to think about her daughter.

Ridge sets the mood; romantic music, lit candles and a dinner to die for. Donna, still dressed in her underwear with her assets not covered much by the robe, is impressed. She was expecting paper napkins and cartons of Chinese. He coos that he thought tonight should be something a little more memorable. She notices it is escargot and he adds French champagne. She remarks that it is just too much. He returns that it is just snails and grape juice! That’s all. He pours their champagne and she gushes that it’s all of this – the press conference, the photo shoot, the new job. He asks if it is a little bit daunting to her right now? She replies she is not sure she can do this. She reveals she feels like she is stepping into her sister’s shoes. Ridge states that she will just have to make them her own. She answers, “can I? Because if I can’t, maybe this isn’t the right place for me. I want to be a lot more than Brooke Logan’s little sister.”

Stephanie confesses that she is relieved for both Thorne and Taylor that she was able to help him. It’s been a rough year for her and she’s changed. And not for the better. She doesn’t seem to have her confidence or her focus. And she’s drinking too much. She hasn’t been the same since Ridge left her. She’s hoping that Darla’s death has put that all back in perspective for her. Because normally she can handle things with real grace and dignity.

Taylor is emphatic, she swears she can’t. Hector argues that she can. She remarks that she did not ask him to protect her. He simply reminds her that now she has to protect Phoebe. Her daughter needs her. She offers that little Alexandria needs her mother, but now because of her, she is going to grow up without her. Hector says that confessing is not going to bring Darla back. She says she didn’t confess. But, he knows she could have. That is why she went over there. But, she can’t. She needs to stay as far away from Thorne as possible. She scoffs – does he think she can hide this forever? Sooner or later, the truth will come out. The police are still investigating this. Hector reminds her that not all cases ever get solved. She laments okay, that is supposed to make her feel better? She’s supposed to feel great that she might get away with it? He tells her no, but there is a lesson to be learned here. He’d warned her what would happen if she kept drinking. But, he’s here now and he’s going to see her through this. He reveals he knows she is scared and confused, but their lives can go on. He reaches in to kiss her and she turns away and tells him don’t.

Phoebe suddenly abounds from around the corner and tells him to leave her mother alone.

Donna relates to Ridge that she loves her sister, so don’t get her wrong. But, it wasn’t easy growing up in her shadow. Ridge confesses that is the same thing his brother said about him. Donna also says it wasn’t easy for Brooke. She took it really hard when their dad left. Ridge emphasizes, it was really hard on the entire family. Donna agrees, but Brooke was always his favorite – like Ridge and Stephanie. Donna also knows that Ridge wanted to help Brooke with her relationship with her father. That’s the kind of man he is. He’s not afraid to put himself out there. To take a risk for love. He states, “I always thought if there is no risk, then the thing might not be worth doing.” She says spoken like a true creative genius. He quips - or idiotic thrill seeker. He reminds her this is Brooke’s Bedroom. And what they are doing here, he thinks this is a risk that is going to pay off big time.

Taylor tries to soothe things over with Phoebe, that Hector was just trying to comfort her. Still, Phoebe and Hector exchange words and she is clearly against any of his help blaming her mother and that it was her drinking that caused this. He tells her he is concerned about her mother. They all are under a lot of stress right now. And he points out he lied to the police. He could go to jail for that, and so could she. Taylor rails at him and tells him to stop scaring her daughter. Nobody is going to jail. They will work all of this out. He wants to sit down and talk about it, but she says right now they have to leave. He wants to know where? She tells him she promised Thorne to stop by and check on Alexandria. He cautions her that she is taking a risk. And he’s telling her this is dangerous. Despite that, she gives him the evil eye and hands Phoebe the keys to the car.

Thorne tells his mom that as hard as it gets, you just have to get dressed and do it. You take care of your daughter and you get through it. People always do. She gives him a big comforting hug. Alexandria finishes her coloring and shows them her dog with a blue nose. Now she wants to add sparkles but she doesn’t know where Darla put them. Stephanie says they will have a real treasure hunt and if they don’t find, they will buy some new ones. Thorne picks up his daughter and holds her tightly.

Ridge savors his champagne and laments to Donna that he’s remembering the other night, what she said when he used to come over and pick up her sister. She remarks that she totally humiliated herself, but he tells her he thought it was very, very sweet. She reminds him she was gushing like a school girl. He says he felt flattered. He thought it was good for somebody to say something good about him. “You’re good for me, Donna Logan, in fact, I think you’re just what I needed.” He raises his glass to a toast and they clink locking eyes.

Thorne is helping Allie put sparkles on her picture when Taylor and Phoebe knock on the door and he tells whoever to come on it, it’s open. She tells him she brought that book about grief that she’d told him about. It’s not a cure but it takes him through the stages and she thought he might like it. She drags it out of her purse and drops something that falls out of the book. Thorne picks it up and hands it to her – seeing that it is an A.A. booklet. She covers her embarrassment. He remarks how grateful he is that she was there for them last night. She says it was the least she could do. He tells her he’s not sure Allie realizes Darla is not coming back. For that matter, he’s not sure he does either. He tells how he was shaving this morning and was standing there waiting for Darla to bring him coffee the way she always did. And he was wondering what was taking her so long. Taylor tells him that is normal. And it’ll probably happen for a while and it’s just part of the process. He laments that he will get through this? She says yeah, he will. He regales she doesn’t know how much he needed to hear that. She tells him that is why she is there and if he forgets, she will remind him.

Donna and Ridge continue to smooze while she goes over again how lucky she is for this opportunity, a scary one, but he’s the one taking the risk. She’ll be wearing Ridge Forrester Originals, she can’t go wrong. He opines there are no sure things in this business. She adds – or anywhere. But, maybe that’s not a bad thing. Makes life more exciting. Not knowing what’s next. “Look at us, I certainly couldn’t have predicted being here tonight.” He offers that it wasn’t what he was expecting either. A little while ago, he thought he had the world on a string. Now he feels he’s hanging by a thread. She sympathizes – her sister broke his heart? He tells her only in a million pieces. Pretty obvious, she says it’s a good thing she is good at puzzles. He remarks he bets she’s good at a lot of other things too. She says she hopes so, otherwise, Forrester made a big mistake hiring her. He tells her they didn’t. He knows that. She’s going to be a big hit. She’s beautiful, smart, driven and sexy. “How could anyone not fall in love with you?”

Thorne and Taylor watch Phoebe play with Alexandria and he remarks that she reminds him more and more of Darla. Is that normal too? She replies yes. He asks if they’d like to stay for dinner? She’s hesitant and he adds it’s okay if she has other plans. It’s just that his neighbors keep dropping off casseroles that he’ll never be able to eat all of it. And he and Alexandria are running out of stimulating conversation. Taylor and Phoebe share a grin and accept, they had no other plans. Before they sit down, there is a knock at the door and Thorne says he invited somebody else. Enter – Lt. Baker and two more detectives, Orbach and Barton. Taylor and Phoebe again share a glance at each other. Lt. Baker offers these officers are in charge of hit and run. Thorne introduces everyone and says he thought they could eat and go over the case a bit.

The lieutenant suggests perhaps Phoebe take Alexandria in the other room and Taylor agrees that would be for the best. Thorne tells him how grateful he is for all the attention they are putting on the case. And that he will do anything in his power to help him, including a cash reward for information. The lieutenant tells him that isn’t necessary. Thorne states, “it is, if it helps catch this monster who killed my wife. Because, I’m not going to rest until this murderer is caught and is brought to justice.”

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