The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/28/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna descends the stairs and catches Nick and Brooke in a clinch. She asks what is going on? Nick answers that her sister has some news for her. Brooke explains that when he first suggested she replace Brooke for the Bedroom Line, she wasn’t sure Donna could do it. Or if she wanted to do it. Donna laments that it is HER baby. Brooke says yeah, and it’s not just a brand name, but a philosophy. “It’s who I am.” Donna answers and that is why she can’t be replaced. Brooke looks sheepishly at Nick and replies that she is up to new challenges in her life. Donna comments, “even if it breaks your heart?” Brooke says it will break her heart if Donna says no. When Donna looks like she’s still not sure, Nick tells her that her sister is offering her the job. She is counting on her. Don’t let her down!

Bridget tells Felicia this doesn’t concern her; please go. Felicia remarks that if her son could have a little brother or sister, she at least thought they could mention they were trying. Bridget doesn’t understand why he should have to tell her that. Felicia explains that Dante is Dominick’s father and if he’s going to have more children, she thinks she has a right to know. He jumps up and tells Bridget that Felicia is going to find out anyway, so is she pregnant? He’s disappointed when she says the tests came back negative. He grins that they will just keep trying, right? They kiss and hug with Felicia looking on apprehensively.

Stephanie and Ridge discuss that Brooke is still CEO, but she resigned as spokesmodel for the Bedroom Line. Stephanie laments that at least it’s a start although she knows he feels it’s the end of an era. He reminds her there is no Brooke’s Bedroom without Brooke. But, she reminds him that he HAS to move on. He points out the sales figures; it’s the most profitable ever. Stephanie opines maybe Brooke will change her mind. He tells his mother that she’s already found a replacement – her sister, Donna.

Donna plays coy. Are they sure they want her to replace Brooke? She doesn’t know a thing about modeling. Brooke claims she can teach her. She can do this. Donna still maintains it is Brooke’s Bedroom. They want to see her. Brooke says they will make the transition as smooth as possible. Donna worries if she might tank? Brooke maintains she won’t let her. That Donna had seen Brooke’s Bedroom as one of her dreams before she even knew she had it. “I can trust you more than I can trust anyone.” Nick tells her she should grab this. Donna laments that she saw the look on her sister’s face when she came downstairs. Brooke tells her that she is sentimental. And she is closing a chapter in her life that was very important to her. But, she is opening up a new one and so is Donna. She’s made her decision and the job is hers if she wants it. Donna thinks they need to run it by Ridge first. Nick says he doesn’t have to give his permission; he has no right. Brooke asks Nick for some time alone with her sister.

Stephanie is shocked that Donna hasn’t signed yet. Or who’s going to teach her modeling. Ridge laments that it won’t be him. He’s not going to design that line anymore. He loved working with Brooke on it. She was his inspiration. But, frankly, it’ll never be the same without her.

Donna comments that she is sorry. She didn’t mean to get Nick’s knickers in a twist. Brooke reminds her that she was goading him. Donna argues that if it weren’t for “your seafaring husband, you’d never give up modeling. You’d never need me to replace you.” That she was giving up something she was passionate about to make him happy (that’s what a marriage is, Donna!) Brooke reminds her that she loves him and marriage is a compromise. Someday Donna will understand that. Unable to shut her mouth, Donna asks if she is supposed to just sit back and watch Brooke make the biggest mistake of her life? And it’s not just the modeling, but what it represents in her life. Her future with Ridge, her destiny. Brooke explains that what she had with Ridge was an amazing love story, but, it’s over. So what’s it going to be? She puts her hand under Donna’s chin and asks her again – is this the new face of Brooke’s Bedroom? Donna asks does she really think she can do this? Brooke tells her she knows she can. She tears up when she hugs her and tells her that she will make her so proud.

Discussing the pregnancy test, Dante confesses he was already thinking about names. But, Bridget is sort of relieved. This perturbs Dante. Bridget explains they aren’t married yet and they have the rest of their lives to raise children. She’d like to just focus on them for now; get to know each other. She admits she is doing a 180 here, but if he could just be patient with her. He pounces on that word – patient. He feels that is all he has been since the day he met her. He’s waited a year for her to get over Nick. Then he asked her to marry him and when she said no, he almost married her sister. She extols that she made some mistakes and she doesn’t want to make another. “So having a baby with me would be a MISTAKE?” She tells him please don’t put words in her mouth. She thinks he is overreacting. He barks if she wants a life with him or not?

He wants to know if he is wasting HIS TIME? She’d led him to believe she wanted a family with him. She explains she does, but they haven’t even set a date. He argues that he’d marry her tonight, but she keeps wanting to wait. She points out that her sister-in-law just died. And she feels like she is having to prove something that he already knows. She loves him. He turns away and folds his arms; he sulks. He rebukes her approach and he asks her to just leave him alone.

Brooke glances through a magazine staring at the Brooke’s Bedroom ad. Nick comes in through the patio doors and looks around and asks is it safe? She tells him yes, Donna left some time ago. He says okay, give him some good news. Did she take the job? Brooke answers that she is practicing as they speak.

At Forrester, Donna turns on the lights on the runway and practices her strut. Ridge walks by and stops and watches, then surprises her by giving her a clapping of hands and “Brava.” He comments that Brooke has passed the torch? Yeah, she gloats – her, Donna Logan, spokesperson for Brooke’s Bedroom. Ridge asks when is Brooke going to make the transition? She offers it will be tomorrow morning. She knows he’d rather have Brooke modeling the line. He assures Donna she will be fine. She gushes they won’t be looking at her, but his designs. He says not this time. She asks what does he mean? He reveals he is not going to be designing that line anymore.

Brooding, Dante tries to sculpture. Felicia slinks in and says she could say she was sorry that Bridget wasn’t pregnant, but he’d know she was lying. Then she reveals she likes it that they have a child together. “Bridget may have you, but I have your son, the best part of you.” Dante pouts does she know what Bridget told him – that she was relieved that she wasn’t pregnant. She wants him to wait. Felicia says she is sorry. Then the tells her he hasn’t told her the best part. She wants him to be PATIENT! He slams something with his hand, breaking glass.

Again brooding, Dante says he knows Felicia warned him. He asked Bridget to marry him and she said no. He asked Felicia to marry him and she said yes and then Bridget has to have him. And now that they are together…..Felicia figures it is better to come out now before a child is involved. Dante confesses Bridget is driving him crazy! She follows him around and tells him that everything he wants, he has with her – a child, a woman who loves him. “I love you. I miss you. We were happy.” And yeah, maybe it didn’t last very long, but they were a family. “The three of us in our own little world. And it felt right, to me anyway.” He shakes his head as if to say no. She continues – she hates to say this, but he’s never going to be happy with Bridget. He won’t realize it now, but he will and when he does, she will be waiting. He tells her he does know what it’s like wanting to be with someone, trying to be patient. She confesses that he’s worth it, so whenever he is ready. Slowly, he gives her a kiss.

Nick holds Brooke and says he knows this is tough. She says yeah, but it was the right thing for all of them. They tell each other they love one another and he asks if she is ready for bed? They kiss and she says she will be up in a minute. She picks up the magazine ad again and reminisces about Ridge’s runway kiss. She has to jolt herself back to the present.

Donna laments to Ridge that he can’t give up the Bedroom Line. He tells her not to worry, perhaps his father will step in. She tells him she is not worrying about herself. She just knows how much the line means to him. He remarks that he and Brooke did make some magic. Donna says it won’t be the same without her. This whole situation is wrong. Brooke and Nick married and cutting herself off from everything the two of them share. He tells her that Brooke is lost. Donna gives a speech that it’s because Brooke is not with him. He’s been the one constant in her life. And she repeats again that they were the gold standard – what the rest of everyone hopes to find in a relationship, only to come up short. She tells him she has tried for years, but never married, no serious involvement. Because of him. And she smoozes this isn’t a come-on, but she just wants him to know the effect he has had on her life. No man has ever measured up. And probably never will. “You’re handsome, sexy and exciting and dangerous. You’re kind and understanding. You’re everything a woman could ever ask for.” Saint Ridge says but it seems like her sister has forgotten.

Donna says but only temporarily. She will remember and she always comes back to him. Destiny? Isn’t that what they call it? “I’ve had a front row seat to the greatest love affair ever. It’s not over. It can’t be.” He humbly thanks her. She tells him she should be thanking him. Seeing the passion that they share. It’s given her something to aspire to. And she refuses to settle for anything less. An even though she can not find that fulfillment in a man right now, she is determined to make her mark on the runway. He tells her she is going to be great. She sidles up to him and says she was kind of hoping to do it with him. But, she totally understands if he only wants to design for Brooke. And even though this is her first modeling job and she was counting on him, she won’t hold it against him if the whole thing goes bust and they blame it all on this poor little waitress from San Francisco.

He wiggles a bit and stops her short and says okay, she wins. He’ll design the line. She busts out a big smile and hugs him and says ”oh my God, you have no idea how much this means to me.” And if she can do anything……anything at all. She’s giddy, hands all over him. He tells her she’s already done a lot. This last while hasn’t been easy, but being with her……

She leans in and says, “I want to be there for you, Ridge. Whenever you want….whatever you need. Let me be your Logan.” She plants a sweet kiss on him, and he suddenly seems to see her in a different way.

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