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In Brooke’s bedroom, Brooke hands Donna some dainties and tells her the only way they will know if this will work out is if she tries these on and see if she can model. She has to ‘try out’. Donna throws them down on the bed and makes a face like you’d asked her to take castor oil. She laments again that Brooke should still be sharing this with Ridge, if it weren’t for Nick. Brooke politely tells her to lay off; this is her husband she is talking about. He didn’t MAKE her do anything. And after all that happened with Ridge and Stephanie, she can see where Nick would have some issues with him. Donna is quick to offer her opinion – that Brooke is still in love with Ridge. She’s just staying away from him because she knows the position she will find herself in. Brooke tells her enough already! She understands how she feels, but Ridge is her past and Nick is her future. Donna wonders if Nick can make her as happy as Ridge has for all those years? That is what she wants for Brooke – always!

Dante comes home and finds Bridget in a melancholy mood thinking about Darla. She can’t believe she is gone or their kids won’t have her to talk to. No, she’s not pregnant, but they can still practice.

Donna wants to be sure that Brooke is not putting her children’s needs first. And that not be the reason she chose Nick. She is so close to having everything she ever wanted …..with Ridge… could she want to give that up? Brooke assures her she has ‘charted’ a new course and Donna chides her for now being Captain Logan. Brooke suggests she just quit now and go try on these things. And in leaving, she points out, “by the way, I AM happy.”

Afterwards, still lying in bed, Dante asks Bridget when was the last time she had her period? For a doctor, duh – she can’t remember until he reminds her he thinks it’s been about six weeks when they were watching the basketball playoffs. She thinks maybe she should pick up a pregnancy test and take it. He can go to work and she will stop by as soon as she knows any results.

With the precision of a surgeon, Nick is in the living room working on his model ship, “The Good Ship Marone”. She hates to ask but since it was his idea that Donna replace her as the Brooke’s Bedroom model, she is considering it. And Brooke needs this space to let Donna practice her runway walk. Nick chides it can’t be that much – just walk down the runway, wave and he’ll even stick around and give a man’s opinion.

Right on cue, Donna comes down the stairs in her short satin robe. She tells him about sticking around, she doesn’t think so. He offers that he saw most of it this morning already. Brooke reminds her that she will have to get over this modesty issue. Men will see her on the catwalk….. on TV. Nick adds with a cute face, “and catalogues, where men will order goodies for their sweethearts.” He blows her a cutesy air kiss. Brooke tells her to get started, take off the robe. Donna surmises that Nick really is going to stay? “Okay, suit yourself.” And she peels the robe off, his jaw dropping. He deadpans to Brooke, “I’d say she has a good start on things.” Brooke advises Donna to walk down one way and back the other. Like an Egyptian, Donna does saucily, then does her little curtsy. Brooke nervously laughs, Nick snides, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

While Bridget is taking her pregnancy test, Dante shows up at work. He’s surprised to find Felicia there. She tells him she is not stalking him. She is helping Thorne out for a few days so he can take a break. He’s delighted to find Dino there and speaks to him in Italian. Felicia wastes no time in reminding him he changes every day he doesn’t see him…and they could have been so happy together. And they still could. He points out that his future is with Bridget. She offers that she still has hopes that one day he will realize that the three of them could make him happier.

Nick plops down with a bowl of popcorn to watch ‘the show’. Brooke advises Donna to just loosen up, have fun with this. So she puts more sway into it. Brooke stops her and says she needs to be sexy, but not like a streetwalker. Nick opines he doesn’t know, it sure worked for him. Then, sorry, he’ll just stay there NOT watching. She does it again, this time better. Brooke approves. Donna says great, just walk like you want to give yourself a bad back; piece of cake! Brooke reminds her it isn’t all the catwalk. As a spokesperson, she must convey that feeling to the press, how the fabric feels…..Nick scoffs forget that, nobody is going to be listening, “you show them the goods, it’ll be fine.” When Brooke throws him an exasperated look, he says then what does he know? Donna assures them she can do this and she starts talking about Brooke’s Bedroom. “To put on Brooke’s Bedroom is to take a simple evening with the man you love and turn it into an event……not a seduction or an act, but a connection….not being afraid to feel who you are as a woman. To celebrate something divine… give yourself the ultimate gift.” She sashays away and tells them to let her know if she got the job. Brooke turns to Nick, who is almost speechless, but manages to say that he thinks she just may have found her new spokes model for Brooke’s Bedroom.

Felicia tries to be lighthearted and says she didn’t come there to jump Dante’s bones…..not that she wouldn’t enjoy that. He doesn’t crack a smile. So she says she will pick up the toys and be out of there. Bridget slips in, without seeing Felicia bending to the floor, and tells Dante she took the test. Felicia’s ears perk up and asks about what test? She guesses a pregnancy test – are they trying to have a baby? Bridget asks if they can have some privacy? Felicia answers of course not, again – is she pregnant?

Donna returns to Brooke’s bedroom and starts putting things away and spies a photograph album. She flips through, lots of photos of Brooke and Ridge. Immediately she goes to phone and calls Ridge. She tells him she knows Brooke doesn’t want to give this up, but she is considering Donna as her replacement. And even though Brooke claims she is happy, Donna doesn’t think she can ever be happy without Ridge.

Nick tells Brooke that Donna is a little green, but she is perfect. And Brooke must know it, otherwise she would not have put her through that little charm school here a few minutes ago. He hugs her and assures her this is a good thing. She can still work out of Marone, be CEO and not have to deal with that crazy family. On some level she understands, but laments that she knows he doesn’t want her working at Forrester, but Brooke’s Bedroom was the height of her success. He says he knows he’s been hard on her, they fought the battle, a big battle and they have won. And he’s come down hard on her and he’s not going to stop because he loves her and he believes she does NOT need Forrester Creations. She asks if he thinks it is going to work? His reply – “honey, if you hire your sister, that family no longer has a hold on you.

After mulling it over, she says okay, she will do it. He kisses her and says that is great, it’s going to be a whole new start for her. He’s happy for her. Donna happens to be descending the stairs and stops and observes the happy look on Nick’s face versus the apprehensive look on Brooke’s as they seal the deal with an embrace.

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