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Written By Wanda
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Thorne and Taylor return to his house and he bemoans just how many cakes can one man and little girl eat? She says sometimes people just don’t know what to do. He says, “ignore me.” Then goes through a stack of cards, surmising must be 200 of them. He reads when he can’t sleep and he tries to sleep when he can’t read any more. He wonders if Taylor has ever done this before – talked to a child about the death of a parent? She says it’s come up a few times. He thinks he’s really screwed this up, but she remarks that it is very hard for a grieving parent to explain death to a child. Sometimes it is better left to someone else who is less involved.

At Forrester, Ridge is packing up some photos in Thorne’s office. Donna knocks on the open door and comes in. He asks her what should he do with the pictures and she replies nothing. He laments that he thought he’d open some of his mail, fire off some memos and then when he returned, he could yell at him and everything would be back to normal – almost. Donna tells him she thought somebody should check up on him since her big sister wasn’t allowed to.

Nick and Brooke discuss the funeral; that everyone, even Stephanie, seemed to be glad she was there and on their best behavior. She tells him she wishes he wouldn’t monitor how people behave toward her. She is a big girl. He quips that yes he knows she is a big girl. And an even bigger girl to them when they could put her naked body on their ads. He picks up some folders and says it all seems to be working out as far as he can see. She responds by saying yes, their bottom line has come roaring back, only she wishes….He finishes for her – she wishes she knew how to get it to come roaring back without peeling her clothes off? She admits yes. He says her ball and chain has an idea about that. She smiles and tells him that is funny when he says no one knows the ins and outs of women’s underwear like he does.

Phoebe opens the door to Stephanie who tries to reassure her not to worry about her mother. She probably just wanted to stay a little longer at the chapel. And she knows she did not leave with Hector, so not to worry there. She also says she knows Taylor has not been pleased with her in a while, but today was a little different. She knows guilt when she sees it.

Taylor asks if Alexandria has ever known anyone who has died before? He tells her Helen (Stephanie’s maid) but Allie may not remember that. And they’ve told her of Macy, she’s seen pictures. Just then, Alexandria runs in to show her daddy a picture she has drawn. He scoops her up and hugs her and she tells him she loves him and he replies the same. She shows Aunt Taylor the picture, “Get Well, Mommy.” Taylor tells her it is so pretty. Catherine comes in and Thorne asks if she will go get Alexandria changed and he wants her to visit with Taylor a bit. He tells Taylor they are going to fix this now. She braces herself for what’s to come.

Continuing his sketching, Ridge asks Donna when is she heading back? She asks if he’s trying to get rid of her? He offers he just figured that some guy somewhere is counting the minutes until she returned. She coyly says not really. He returns that she better not say all the guys in San Francisco are gay, he’s going to throw this protractor at her. She laughs that she’s not going to say that opportunity hasn’t knocked, but just not the right one. And you know how she knows? Because she’s seen what it’s like when you get it right. He and Brooke have been the gold standard. (I guess not since they aren’t together). He tells her not to get started on that, not today.

Nick gives Brooke a big kiss and tells her that this isn’t his business. He loves her, he supports her….carry on. As he starts to leave, she tells him to wait. She thought he was going to wave his magic wand and solve all her problems. He asks what problems – oh yeah –her underwear problem. It’s just a thought but couldn’t it still be considered Brooke’s Bedroom if they saw the CEO’s little sister poking around in her bedroom? She’s surprised – Donna? Modeling? He replies that isn’t exactly what she was doing, but she was in Brooke’s closet and she was in her slip. She offers that she doesn’t even know how Donna looks in her underwear. Nick replies she looks good. She gives him the evil eye.

Stephanie takes exception that Phoebe thinks she is accusing her mother. Phoebe says she is just mad because Taylor told her off in front of everybody. Stephanie remarks that she was upset because she loves her mother. They’ve been best friends since before Phoebe was born. Friends quarrel and then regret it and it seems like to her today Taylor regretted it. She’s cut herself off from the family. Darla had made a lovely gesture and invited Taylor to the birthday party but she was too proud to come. But, Darla was there for Phoebe that night when her mother wasn’t. And it’s all very explainable and there is no one really to blame, but that she knows her mother and so does Phoebe. Can she honestly say she is not blaming herself, and if she’s not mistaken, so is Phoebe?

Thorne brings some coffee and sits down with Taylor on the patio. He opines that Alexandria had every right to be at the funeral. She is never going to forgive him for that. Taylor tells him he is a wonderful father and he was just acting as her protector. That’s his job as a father. He hopes Alexandria understands that. She reminds him she probably won’t, at least not all today. She explains that at this age, her concept of death is cartoon characters falling off a cliff and they keep going and going and she sees them coming back again in the next episode. They keep coming back. So for him to just be himself, be sensitive and loving and honest and it’ll be okay. Alexandria brings cookies out and asks her daddy if mommy is better yet?

Brooke admits that Donna is pretty enough. Nick agrees; she on fire. But Brooke reminds him that modeling is a skill. It’s something you have to learn. He scoffs, “oh, come on, Brooke. You stand there, you wear clothes.” She points out that Donna is a waitress. He points out that she was a biologist. She corrects him – a chemist. She thinks they should forget this; it isn’t going to work. He suggests they make it a narrative. “Big sister’s not home. Little sister goes into her closet, tries her stuff on, struts around.” People will love it; they’ll get it. He mocks her when she says she will think about it. Just as soon as he puts his tankers in some sexy lingerie. He tickles her and says he thought she liked his tankers……they are giggling, kissing when Donna walks in. Brooke cutely dismisses Nick and Donna adds that she heard Antarctica is nice this time of year. He gives a grin, kisses Brooke and says he loves her and then brushes past sister dearest. Brooke tells her that she has so much work to do here, she might want to catch a ride with Nick. She opines she’d rather catch Scarlett Fever. And why isn’t Brooke in there working with Ridge? She’d loved that line; she’d created that line. How does Brooke expect him to do that all on his own? She doesn’t see anyone else in there helping him out. Brooke tells her Nick thinks she can! Donna asks what? She doesn’t know fashion. Brooke tells her to turn around. Donna acts offended.

Alexandria sitting on his lap, Thorne tells her that mommy isn’t in the hospital anymore. And Daddy made a big mistake by not telling her. “Mommy tried to get better. She tried real, real, hard. But, she didn’t and mommy died. Do you know what that means?” She answers that somebody took her away? And he reminds her of Aunt Macy. She replies she went to Heaven. And he tells her this morning they went to church and the priest asked God to take care of mommy because they couldn’t. Taylor explains that sometimes you hurt so much you cry and you don’t want anybody to see you. Thorne tells her that is what happened to him. He missed mommy so much, he cried and he didn’t want her to see him. Gently, Taylor tells her that in Heaven people don’t have bodies, so they don’t get sick or hurt ever. But, the part of them that did gets buried in the ground. So she can be there for that if she wants to. Thorne explains more that her mommy didn’t want to leave them. She just couldn’t help it. And he wants her to think about Saturday and they will talk some more. And if she has any questions, just ask them. Innocently, she asks if mommy can take her to ride the pony?

Taylor quickly tells her that mommy can’t. She isn’t coming back, but she bets that her daddy or herself could do that. She also tells her that her mommy is right there. She points to her heart and Thorne kisses her on her sweet blonde head.

Donna tells Brooke she is weirding her out. Brooke retaliates by asking does she think she can get her body in shape? Donna wonders what is wrong with the shape it’s in now? Then remarks she is NOT a model when Brooke tells her she is not going to be the model for Brooke’s Bedroom anymore. And it will be an uphill battle for Donna. Donna considers this a challenge and asks if this is all because Nick saw her in her slip? Brooke says no, but they should keep the bedroom line in the family and they do look enough alike. Donna tells her that is not what she was going for and whatever she is thinking, just stop thinking it. Brooke eyes her critically and says it’s odd how two women in the same family could have such different derrieres. Donna’s hand immediately goes to hers.

Smugly, Stephanie offers that they are all struggling in their own way with this. And what happened with Darla, no one is to blame. Except, of course, for that animal that ran her down. She asks Phoebe to tell her mother that she stopped by. And she asks how does she seem to Phoebe? She replies okay, but she remembers the accident all the time. Stephanie thinks that is odd since she wasn’t there. Phoebe explains she meant afterward. Things are hard without her dad. Stephanie laments that she knows since Thomas has moved out and the girls were off at school, it’s been difficult….and she knows she has been drinking. Phoebe admits but not now. Stephanie looks at her intently and remarks that her mother is a woman of strong character, but there are some things in life that require more than a strength of character. And she offers if Phoebe or her mother ever need her……no one else will know. (yeah, right).

Thorne thanks Taylor as she leaves. She tells him she needs to thank him. She hasn’t felt useful in she doesn’t know how long. He tells her Alexandria may have other questions he can’t answer; will she come back? She smiles and says yeah, she wanted to get this picture framed anyway.

Cradled on the couch, Alexandria asks if he will sing to her? He returns with Taylor watching from the door. He asks if she wants, “Row, Row, Row, Your boat?” She replies no, mommy’s song. After a long hesitation, he begins, not much more than a whisper and almost choking, “smile, though your heart is aching…’ll find life is worthwhile……if you just smile.”

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