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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Alone in the chapel, Thorne solemnly and lovingly touches the casket. Beside himself with grief, he gently touches Darla's face, hair and kisses her tenderly on the lips. With tears streaming down his face, he reminds her that she said she would never leave him.

The family trickles in, Eric, Stephanie, Felicia, Ridge, Bridget, Dante, Thomas, Taylor and Phoebe, Sally and Clark, offering their love and support. Thorne acknowledges why would he even want Alexandria there? How could he explain what he doesn’t even understand himself? That someone just mowed his wife down like a dog and didn’t even stop. He comments he hopes they find the person who did this. God help him if he finds him first.

At Taylor’s, Hector tells Taylor that he and Phoebe are accessories. Her story was in the paper and he lied in his sworn police statement. She realizes they both are trying to use that guilt to keep her in line. But she laments that her brother-in-law had probably the only perfect marriage she’d ever known and her little niece only knew the world through her mother. So Taylor couldn’t worry about legal issues or whether or not she was a criminal. She is someone who loved those people and they have a right to know why they won’t see that beautiful person again. She announces she is going, with or without them.

Stephanie greets Taylor at the chapel saying she wasn’t sure she would come, since she’d been so angry with her, but family is family…….Thorne approaches her and says he owes her an apology too. For when she showed up at his house the other day and watched the video and he’d have just lost it and busted up the place if she hadn’t been there. They commiserate that Darla was so beautiful and loved him so. She gives him a big hug and tells him she is sorry.

The minister begins the service and Lt. Baker slips in. Hector and Phoebe both take notice. Various family members speak, Ridge, Stephanie and Sally. Ridge remarks that if he wasn’t Darla’s least favorite person in life, he should have been. He boldly tells that he didn’t think she was smart enough or strong enough “to travel with our pack.” The weirdest thing, he was wrong. He was just jealous of what his brother had – of her devotion to him, how happy they were, they just made it seem so easy. Stephanie is heartfelt when she says that sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to meet the real thing…someone who is genuinely kind and generous in spirit, who just shines with goodness and love. “One day God smiled – and my son, Thorne, was fortunate enough to meet Darla.” She completed him in every way. “She’s gone, honey, but just for a short while. She waits. She watches over you and Alexandria.” Stephanie tells him to honor her, her love for him by living his life with joy. “She would want you to do that. She was the real thing.”

Sally starts off by saying she is a selfish old broad. And she keeps asking how could she be thinking of herself at a time like this? But, she is. She keeps thinking about her two beautiful girls – her daughter, Macy and precious Darla. They are both gone and she will never see their beautiful smiles again. She asks the Lord what was he thinking……and she can’t continue.

The minister asks if there is anyone else? Suddenly Taylor stands up and steps forward. Phoebe looks very uneasy. Sadly and reluctantly Taylor tells how Darla really loved her and came to her the night before she died. And at a time she needed to hear those words the most, she was there. She made them feel good about themselves; she lifted their spirits. She had the best sense of humor. She made others realize they had special qualities that are worth living for, even when you feel there is no hope left. “She never judged anyone. She just loved without expecting anything in return.” And she recalls that is the reason she died because she was helping her daughter when she was feeling alone and afraid. “And when I hold myself up in the light, I am ashamed. Now I know what my task is, to be the woman she saw in me.”

Thorne stands and publicly thanks all of them for being there and for what they said. With head almost bowed, he opines as he touches the casket one more time that he especially wants to thank them for reminding him today that his wife, in her own quiet way, was very, very special. He can’t continue. Stephanie comes to him and tells him it’s alright and leads him away. The minister says a prayer. “May her soul, and the souls of the departed, with God’s mercy, rest in peace.”

Hector tells them he has to get back to the station. Will Phoebe look after her mother? She laments that Lt. Baker wouldn’t stop looking at them. Taylor replies let him look, it’s his job. Ridge walks up and asks how she is? He’s been worried about her drinking. She answers that she has a handle on it, really she does. He thinks that is good and even suggests they get together that afternoon as a family, and she agrees. She asks Ridge to take the kids home with him and tells Phoebe she needs to wait until everybody else leaves, then she will take a cab.

She lights a candle and Lt. Baker walks up, saying he hoped to have another talk with her daughter. Only to find she had already left. He says, “another time then…..sad…..tragic, really.” She wanders through the vestry and picks up an A.A. brochure. Thorne spies her and comments that she is still there. He wonders if he can ask her something? He remarks that he hasn’t told Alexandria yet. He’s just told her mommy is sick and is going to come home from the hospital….and he just can’t seem to look into that little face……He tells Taylor he knows he doesn’t have the right to ask, but can she help him find the right words? Will she come home with him and sit and help him make Alexandria understand?

She tells him that yes, for whatever he needs. Yes, she will do that. “Now, and for the rest of my life. Anything! I mean that, anything.”

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