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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie expounds on her ‘it’s over’ to Brooke. She would have accepted her if she had come back to Ridge. Exasperated, she says she accepted her because she was the love of Ridge’s life, his inspiration….she could have made him so happy, but she hasn’t. Brooke realizes that is all she really cares about. Brooke was her family’s salvation as long as she did everything Stephanie said. But, if she didn’t, then she was just the same old slut from the Valley that she’d always been. Stephanie shrugs, well Brooke said it, she didn’t!

At Marone’s, Jackie hugs Nicky and welcomes him back. He pours them some sparkling water. They lament about the consequences of his wife’s naked pictures plastered on every street corner in the free world. He disagrees that it was a campaign, but more like a full-on assault. She comments that it didn’t work because she has his ring on her finger so all the doubters and naysayers will have to clam up. Bridget accepted it, so why wouldn’t everybody else? He fills her in that Brooke’s sister, Donna, has come to town and she thinks that Ridge should be married to his wife.

In his office, Ridge is working on sketches when Donna surprises him. They hug; he didn’t know she was in town. The first thing he asks about is did Brooke tell her about Darla? She replies yes, and if there is anything she can do? She knows it’s a bad time for both of the Forrester brothers. Doesn’t take her long to mention that it’s hard to see Brooke with another man, especially THAT one. He senses she is not exactly a fan. She quips that he’s handsome and assertive and she can see where some women would be into that. But, she thinks Brooke could do better…..and she did when she was with Ridge. He confesses he made a lot of mistakes when Taylor came back into his life. She tells him for whatever it’s worth, she thinks Brooke is the one making a mistake now.

Stephanie and Brooke continue to argue with Stephanie saying she offered her everything she ever wanted; to be part of the family, to control the company, to be like her daughter unconditionally and she practically pops a vein by emphasizing that she can’t figure out for the life of her if Brooke is too stupid or too stubborn to just simply say yes. She chuckles, okay, talk about lost opportunities. She has walked away from the family, so she can’t own the company. She HAS to give it back! Stephanie’s eyes deceive her when Brooke says no, she’s not.

Jackie opines that this is exactly what Ridge would like. He would not mind Brooke’s body being plastered all over. And the Bedroom Line is making them millions and the boutiques can’t keep them in stock. Nick boasts that Brooke is responsible for that. She’s the best CEO in the business. Jackie knows he’s proud of her. He comments that he doesn’t think that either of them have anything to prove. Jackie says Donna will realize that too once she spends more time with Nicky.

Donna begs Ridge not to give up on her sister. She just needs a little time and she is sure she can get through to her. She’s staying at her house, so she’ll have plenty of time to persuade her. Ridge thinks it’s too late, she married Nick and he has to accept that. She says no he doesn’t; she hasn’t! He says he loves Brooke and always will, but her future isn’t with him. But, he offers that they always have the Bedroom Line, that hasn’t fallen by the wayside. He shows her some designs and suggests they don’t have to be a couple to inspire each other. It may be a little uncomfortable working side by side for a while, but they’ll learn to balance eventually. He thinks with his designs and Brooke’s charisma on stage, it will be unstoppable. She asks when was the last time he talked with Brooke? She thinks he’d better.

More arguments, Stephanie asks if Brooke is just going to stand there just to despite her? Brooke answers that she is staying because this is where she belongs. Stephanie argues that a moment ago she said she belonged with Nick! She can’t have it both ways. Brooke points out that Nick is proud of what she is doing. Stephanie scoffs that yeah so much, he wants her working out of another office. Stephanie announces she is NOT happy with Brooke because she missed the opportunity to marry a man who really loved her, respected her and didn’t want to change her, but accept her for just who she is…..for a guy who wants to dominate every aspect of her life! She realizes she is never going to change and she’s going to continue to make these terrible decisions, so Stephanie does not want her anywhere near her family. Brooke tells her that is fine because she is going to run the company out of Marone. Stephanie points out that she is married to a wealthy man. She does NOT need the company. Brooke opines that the company NEEDS her. And she scoffs at Stephanie to spare her of her concern about her husband’s needs. She rips up the papers and says, “I’ve earned my place here at Forrester. And I am never, ever going to give this company back to YOU!” With daggers following her out the door, Brooke slams it. Stephanie huffs, “well, if you won’t give it back, I guess I’ll just have to find a way to take it back, Missy.”

Brooke pops into Ridge’s office, saying Sally said he wanted to see her. He quips he isn’t going to ask her about her honeymoon. She doesn’t feel like joking, but she tells him it’s not him, it’s her. Actually, his mother. She wants her to give back all the stock. He’s incredulous. She tells him well now that she is not a member of the family, Stephanie doesn’t think she deserves to be running the company. She’s angry and now Brooke is angry too for being sucked in by her once again. Ridge points out that she didn’t get sucked in completely. At least she hadn’t married him. Brooke apologizes saying that with all that is going on with Thorne and Alexandria losing Darla, her problems with his mother is very trivial. He tells her she can talk to him about this, but she prefers to keep it focused on Thorne and what he needs. She realizes he’s going to need them to take up the slack around here for a while. He shows her some of his designs and says she will look amazing in them. She does think they are fantastic, but says her replacement will look just as good in them. She’s not going to be modeling Brooke’s Bedroom Line anymore.

Nick stares out the window at the skyline, thinking back to hours before his wedding when he told Brooke that she had to fire those people or give the stock back. He finally gets his concentration back and focuses on some dictation. Stephanie pops in and very formally asks, “Dominic, may I have a word with you?” Politely, he says he actually has a few choice words for her but in light of the recent family tragedy he is going to hold his tongue. She thanks him and says Darla would appreciate that, as does she. He remarks he always like Darla. She was able to stand up and put ‘you people in your places.’ She smoozes by saying she respected Darla and she respects Nick too. He quips why is it that he feels some sales pitch coming here? She denies there is a sale pitch. He says good because the last one wasn’t a big hit with him. But, she gloats that it was a really good ad campaign and she takes full responsibility for it. He offers that Brooke never gave her permission for her to run it. She counters with that she didn’t exactly have to twist her arm to pose for the pictures. He tells her that she thought she could push him to the edge, instead it made him stronger. She made him look at Brooke for what she really is and what was important to her. And Stephanie just didn’t expect him to love her for it. So, he guesses there is a thank you there somewhere – so “thank you, Stephanie. Brooke and I have never been closer.”

He points out that here her son, Thorne, is mourning the death of his wife, and Stephanie is here worried about his marriage to Brooke! She tells him well Darla’s passing made her realize – you can’t leave business unfinished. You might not have time to tie up loose ends if you wait for another day. Nick counters with he’s not one of her loose ends, and neither is Brooke. And she tells him that now that Brooke is married to him and not Ridge, ethically she thinks she should give the stock back. He laughs – ethical and very convenient for Stephanie. She says Brooke is refusing to leave Forrester. Doesn’t that bother him? Maybe on some subconscious level, she is refusing because she doesn’t want to leave Ridge. In parting, she says, “don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you want to keep your wife, keep her away from my son.”

Ridge finds it odd that it would be Brooke’s Bedroom without Brooke. She reminds him she will still be behind the scenes, collaborating and as CEO. So, he surmises, he will be designing things, but just not for her? Not for her to wear. Did Nick forbid it? She answers that it was her decision. He continues, but she did it FOR Nick. She replies out of consideration for their marriage. When Ridge rubs it in that Nick is insecure, she replies he is her husband and it just didn’t feel right after all the things that Ridge had done and Stephanie too. He goads her more that it’s their fault that Nick can’t handle what they do. She says she is sorry. This is really hard for her. He knows what the Bedroom Line means to her. Finally he offers perhaps it is better this way. He can now concentrate on other things, the Couture line, his son……he’s trying to move on. She thinks that is good. He adds though he will never believe she loves Nick the way she loved him. But, he guesses Nick makes her feel safe the way he controls and directs her. “But, that’s not you, Brooke. That’s not who you are. That’s not what you need.” She tells him they will get through this.

With Donna approaching and listening long enough at the door, he adds why should they get through anything? He claims he can see her love for him right there in her eyes. Their son needs his parents. “And I need my Logan. That’s you, no one else. She doesn’t exist. I could search the world, but I will never find another Logan.”

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