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Written By Wanda
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Taylor tries to tell Thorne about killing Darla, but she can't.  Thorne goes over the "what-ifs", thinking that's what Taylor is doing as well.    He thinks she's blaming herself and says he wishes he could blame himself, too, because then he would have someplace to put his anger.  He wishes he had answers, and Taylor wishes she could give him some.  Taylor again tries to explain what happened, so she starts talking about how she was drinking after Ridge divorced her.  Thorne thinks she is worried that he will start drinking, too, so he assures her that he won't because he has his daughter to take care of.  The phone rings, so Thorne answers it.   Taylor has a flashback to hitting Darla with her car.

Hector arrives and chats with Taylor while Thorne is on the phone.  He argues with Taylor, who wants to tell Thorne the truth.  Hector doesn't think that will help Thorne.  Thorne returns and tells them that it was his mother, telling him how Alexandra is doing.  He hasn't yet told her about Darla's death.  Hector wants Taylor to leave with him before she can spill the truth, but Thorne protests that she just got there.  Hector explains that Taylor didn't get much sleep and her daughter is worried about her.  Thorne hopes that she's not blaming herself for what happened and tells her that she's not to blame.  Hector is able to usher Taylor out quickly.

Donna arrives at Brooke's house, so Brooke greets her warmly with a hug.  Donna's visit is a surprised, but she explains that she had many vacations coming, so she decided to use them to visit since Darla was like family.  They talk about poor Thorne and Darla's death briefly.  Donna wonders if it's ok to stay there since Brooke is newly-married, but Brooke assures her that it's fine.  Donna still can't believe that Brooke is married to Nick instead of Ridge.   It is clear that Donna already disapproves of her marriage to Nick because she prefers Ridge.  They get into a slight argument as Donna pressures Brooke to remember her love for Ridge.  She says that she can't believe Brooke threw away Ridge for "some sailor".  Just then, Nick comes in, sweaty from a work-out,  and introduces himself as "Captain Bligh".

Things are prickly between Nick and Donna, but he is nice to her and suggests she keep an open mind about him as they fill him in on why she's there.  Donna agrees to give him a chance.  Donna convinces her sister to go ahead and go in to work since the Forresters are in mourning and they are shorthanded. And she did just drop in on her unexpectedly. Brooke okays it with Nick for today only to go to work at Forrester. He gives her a quick kiss and tells her just go!

Donna picks up a magazine and notices Brooke posing nude, and comments on it. Brooke downplays it by saying they’ve already seen it. Donna makes a big deal out of it; it’s amazing. With a sour look on his face, Nick excuses himself to go shower so he can go to work as well. Donna senses his disapproval and questions him on it. He replies well she IS his wife. Brooke explains that she never authorized that campaign. Donna points out that she certainly posed for it.

Nick offers that Stephanie did that to try to break them up on their wedding day. She doesn’t understand how something as beautiful as this would break them up. She understands they are selling lingerie – sex – it’s brilliant. She asks Nick if he is threatened? By his wife’s sexuality? She hugs Brooke and says if you got it, flaunt it. Far from going to take a shower, he has to answer. “Absolutely, but the question is, ‘are you CEO or are you a lingerie model?’” Meekly, Brooke replies that she is really too busy to model anyway. Nick smiles and offers to take Donna’s bags up to the guest room. Donna turns and faces Brooke and says she needs to get something straight. She gave up something she loves, something she is passionate about, for HIM?

In Hector’s humble abode, Taylor laments that she just wants to tell the truth. He points out to her what this would do to Phoebe if Taylor went to jail for something that wasn’t her fault. It was dark, it was foggy, Darla was dressed in black, she was changing a tire on the side of a busy highway and she fell backward into the traffic. And if she hadn’t hit her, someone else would have. He recalls how he does this for a living and this was an accident waiting to happen. She cries that he’s trying to make it sound like it was Darla’s fault. He replies only that she should have realized the danger and called a tow truck. She keeps berating herself for things she didn’t do as well; she just wasn’t thinking straight. And bottom-line, she IS responsible. He tells her she is NOT, and he’s not going to let her throw her life away. But, all Taylor can think of is another little girl who is never going to see her mother again. She’ll never see her smile again, or have her hold her, or hear her say, ‘I love you.’ “Somebody’s got to pay for that.”

Brooke sets Donna straight – she was never passionate about modeling. Maybe it was her dream when she was fifteen, but she grew up and realized she wanted to be more than just a body. Donna affirms that she is; she is a brilliant business woman. Brooke states then it looks like she made the right choice. Donna says that’s the point; she doesn’t have to make a choice. Not any more; she is the CEO of Forrester, the face of Brooke’s Bedroom. Brooke opines that if it were just her face in those ads, she doesn’t think they would be having this discussion.

Donna pries more – so she IS giving up modeling because of Nick? Brooke wonders what man would like to see his wife nude before the whole world? Donna gloats that Ridge wouldn’t have any problem with it. Brooke counters with Ridge is not just any man either. Donna adds exactly, he appreciates free expression. Brooke still points out that she has never felt more herself than when she is with Nick. Donna scoffs, “what? Scraping barnacles off your butt?” She says she doesn’t know Nick, but she knows Brooke. And she loves having her picture taken and being recognized and admired. And why wouldn’t she? She tells Brooke that she is beautiful and intelligent. She has NOTHING to be ashamed of. Brooke admits that she is not ashamed. Donna tells Brooke that she is proud of that ad. She can see it in her eyes. And she wishes she could do more like it, but she won’t because of him. She cautions Donna what Stephanie and Ridge are trying to do to them. And Nick really has been very supportive of her. He loves her and really wants her to be happy. He just doesn’t want her to take her clothes off in public! Donna reminds her that Brooke’s Bedroom is her baby. It’s who she IS, both as a designer and a woman. “Are you just going to walk away from that because your husband doesn’t approve?” Brooke spouts that she is NOT leaving Forrester, and her modeling days are over. She thinks that is a fair compromise.

Hector brings Taylor some coffee and sits beside her. She tells him to just stop this. She is trying to deal with this with no crutches or blinders. Just the truth! He says if she wants the truth, here is it. It’s HIS fault. He tells her he has known about her drinking problem for months, ever since the time she ran her car into that tree…..which makes him just as guilty as her. She shakes her head no. She couldn’t even admit she had a problem. She got a DUI and still didn’t get it……because she didn’t like the way it felt when she was sober! Hector vows that he’s going to get her the help she needs right now, and she will get past this. She laments that isn’t the way it works, but it doesn’t matter any way. Her life is pretty much ruined. She blasts that she KILLED a little girl’s mother. There’s not a day she won’t think about that. And she robbed Thorne of the love of his life. There is NO coming back from that one! He follows her outside and tells her she HAS to come back from this. Why? Because of her daughter. Taylor knows how fragile she is and if she were to go to jail…… this would devastate her. And he reminds her that the police have no of connecting what happened to her. “We’re into something here, and there is NO turning back……no turning back!”

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