The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/19/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It's early morning, 4 a.m., as Taylor awakens.  She recalls her last conversation with Darla telling her they are sisters, friends, and that she loves her.  She spies an empty bottle of wine and a glass on her bureau.  Slowly, she is drawn to it and holds it for a moment before disposing of it in the trashcan.  Then she relives the moment when Darla flew up on her hood and looked right into her eyes with only the windshield between them.  She looks down and the bottle of wine and filled glass are still there.  The door suddenly closes and she asks who is there?  She sees a hooded black figure sitting on the bed and creeps over to it. 

The figure pulls back the hood and it’s a bloody face of Darla, looking quizzically at her.

Taylor wakes up from her nightmare which also awakens Phoebe who is sleeping next to her.  She tells her it was just a bad dream.  Taylor immediately wants the phone but can’t find it.  Phoebe states that she knows she wants the phone to find some news, but she doesn’t care if she is a good, honest person, she just wants her to be her mother.  And she reminds her that Hector said she would go to jail if Aunt Darla dies.  Taylor still maintains that Darla needs their love, their prayers and their faith.  She’s going to make it; she’s going to be okay.  But, Phoebe argues what if that isn’t enough?

In Brooke’s office at Forrester, Ridge stands silently by the window.  Brooke come in with a stack of binder notebooks and laments that with Brooke’s Bedroom orders coming in, she thought there would be a lot more early risers.  He tells her nobody will be; there was an accident….hit and run……it was Darla.  She wants to know what happened?  And is she okay?  Coldly, Ridge tells her that Darla is dead. 

Thorne and Stephanie return to his home and he opens the door and we see a scan of what he sees – still all the birthday decorations, party favors, balloons, food, drink, all the merriment of what was just hours before.  He gives a big sigh and walks on in, wanting to touch, yet not daring to.  He finally picks up an Angel doll.  Stephanie thinks it would be a good idea if he just went and tried to get some sleep.  When he won’t, she says she will make some coffee and then she’ll be back to clean this all up.  That triggers something and he remarks that the last thing he told Darla was that he’d take Alexandria and Sally home and ‘be right back’.  But, what did she say – he can’t remember.  Why can’t he remember?  He sniffles, if only he had known that was going to be the last time he saw her. 

Phoebe follows Taylor downstairs where she races to that phone.  Phoebe takes it away from her and Taylor asks if she is going to be her jailor?  Phoebe replies only if she makes her.  The doorbell rings and Taylor braces herself to answer it.  It’s Hector and he is sobbing so Taylor asks if there is any news?  He apologizes and shakes his head.  She knows what that means and she crumbles crying, “God, no, no, no.”

Brooke asks who would do such a thing, to just keep driving?  What Thorne must be going through.  She tells Ridge she wished someone would have let her know.  Not that she could have done anything, but still……He says he knew she was back, but he didn’t want to intrude.  That’s the way she wanted it.  She reminds him that Darla was someone she loved, and so was he. 

Stephanie opens the patio door for some fresh air and begins putting things away.  Thorne has freshened up and comes out and immediately almost falls over one of Darla’s shoes.  He starts nagging how she always left them strewn about and them having a massive shoe hunt to find the other pair.  He can’t believe he actually raised his voice to her over a shoe. 

Stephanie comforts him and tells him not to do this.  She says it’s okay, Darla knew that he loved her.  And she advises him again just to get some sleep.  He cries that he can’t, “I don’t think I can stand to wake up without her.” Then he says he knows Alexandria will know something is wrong.  Stephanie offers that she can go to Sally’s and be with her.  Thorne says but he thinks he has to be the one to tell her.  Stephanie agrees and they agree she should go get her now.  Just tell Allie that her mother is at the doctor and daddy is with her for now.  They hug and tell each other that they love one another. 

He looks around, still lamenting he can’t believe this happened.  They were so happy.  He spots the video camera and is drawn to it.  He plugs it in and watches the monitor of the birthday party, bittersweet memories unfolding.  Amid tears, he actually smiles a time or two.

Taylor says it’s pretty clear what needs to be done now.  She has to see Thorne.  Phoebe begs her not to; he won’t want to see anyone now.  Taylor opines that he will want to see her.  She asks Hector if he will stay with Phoebe?  He lectures her again that she needs to sit with this a while.  It hasn’t even sunk in yet.  She cries that she killed a woman.  What more is there to understand?  And if it was an accident, she’ll get what she deserves.  Hector grabs her by the arm and tells her no, she won’t get what she deserves.  Because the DUI arrest will come out and she was driving with a suspended license and they’ll remember that she had been drinking because she had alcohol on her breath.  And how much weight would Phoebe’s statement carry?  They are all too much caught up in this. 

Phoebe cries she doesn’t want to lose her mother again.  And Taylor comes back with did she think Alexandria wanted to lose HER mother?  Phoebe counters with that going to jail won’t bring Aunt Darla back.  Taylor says she knows, but “maybe it will bring ME back.” Phoebe begs Hector not to let her do this.  He holds her and tells her it will be alright.  They will figure this out. 

Thorne has to wipe his tears and his snotty nose when there is a knock at the door.  He opens it and Taylor is just staring at him.  He says she must have heard?  She comes in and says yeah, and she’s so sorry.  She gives him a comforting hug.  Suddenly, out of nowhere there is Darla’s voice and Thorne turns around to see Darla with added footage on the video tape.  They both sit and watch as Darla tells Thorne she knows this is the coward’s way out.  And she really tries to be a good person and own up to her mistakes.  She then goes into a long story about her always losing her diamond anniversary earrings.  Well, she had done it again in the hot tub.  She had it drained out but somehow the stud had gotten stuck and he was going to get a $300 bill for it to be cleaned out.  And then the stone was missing on one.  And how sick she was about that.  Thorne is looking apologetically like it was alright.  She says she thought she could replace it with another stone. 

So, he will find another check for $250 to the jeweler……for a cubic zirconium which looks almost like the original if you don’t get too close.  And she ends with the best that she can be is only half glamorous, and it serves her right.  “Here I am married to the sweetest man in the world and I know you’re going to forgive me, but I just get so mad at myself." She says that she has this perfect husband who has given her this perfect life and she wakes up every morning having to pinch herself, and then she goes and does something stupid like trying to hide it from him.  She tells him when he edits this, just put in some nice music and cut this out, please.  And then don’t buy her any more presents……but what she doesn’t have that she needs……a box of chocolates.  Those she can’t take in the hot tub with her.  She signs off with telling Alexandria that it was the best party ever and that she loves her and her daddy so much. 

Once again, Thorne is inconsolable and looks toward the Heavens and asks, “why?” Angrily, he asks how can he do this?  How can he go on?  Taylor tries to respond by saying she wishes she knew.  He shouts at her then why is she here?  Just to tell him that things happen for a reason? 

That it’s going to get better with time?  She tells him he has every right to be angry.  Well, thank her for that, he comments.  When she wails again that she is sorry, he tells her to stop.  He’s trying to make sense of things.  She cries that is why she is there.  When Phoebe called, she didn’t know she had called Darla too.  He stops her again and says he doesn’t want to go over it again.  She says, “Thorne, I can’t tell you why this happened.  I can only tell you HOW.”

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