The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/18/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Sally and Thorne keep vigil over Darla. She remarks that Darla is a fighter and she’s going to make it. Keeping strong, Thorne bends down and tells her that he loves her. Sally kisses a rosary and places it tenderly over Darla’s hand. Thorne comforts her.

Stephanie manages to catch Lt. Baker and reminds him they have known each other a long time. And she knows he is going to do everything he can to find this person. He remarks that the word is out to everyone to look for a vehicle with a dented right front fender and grill. And to trust him, they WILL find this person. She says she can’t phantom how anyone could drive away and leave someone on the road like that.

At Taylor’s, she and Phoebe are curled up, huddled together on the sofa while Hector is on the phone. He’s called a friend asking a favor. That he has a friend who is accident prone. And yes this is the same car, he wants the fender/grill fixed, steam cleaned, all of it, good as new. Taylor sobs that she doesn’t care about the car. She just wants Darla to be alright and she picks up the phone. Hector takes it from her and states they have to make some decisions here. He explains that right now everyone thinks that someone other than Taylor hit Darla. And that’s what they need to keep thinking. Because, if not, this could be her second DUI arrest. Taylor says she doesn’t care. But, Phoebe cries that she does, she does care. She reminds her mother that the happiest moment of her life was when she found out she was alive. And her mom had promised she would never leave again. And she’d believed her. Taylor goes to her and cups her face as Phoebe says it WAS an accident. She did not mean to hit Darla. She cries for her mother to promise her, not to leave her again.

Stephanie sits outside the room with Sally, trying to cheer her up. Sally says she tried to reach Darla but couldn’t; it just wasn’t enough. Stephanie points out that Sally has to stay strong, strong for everyone who loves Darla. Sally knows she is right, Darla needs them, “our little girl needs us NOW.”

Thorne blots Darla’s face and hair and remembers a former conversation about thirty years from now when his face is lined, wrinkled and hair gray and they realize that this moment will always be that her life is and always will be with him. He tells her he loves her and their life together. And he knows it is not always going to be champagne and roses, but know this and never doubt it, “whatever life has for us, we will face it hand in hand……you and me, sweetheart, hand in hand…..always.” She whispers “always.” He fights back the tears as Eric lays a hand on his shoulder. He turns and Eric silently places his head against Thorne’s.

Taylor tries to console Phoebe that she and her sister and Thomas mean everything to her. But she lashes out at Hector that how can she think of other things now that Darla is in there fighting for her life? Sternly, he reminds her that Lt. Baker knows she was drinking tonight. He smelled alcohol on her breath. But, he has no idea she was driving the car. He just thought she was there to pick Phoebe up. Which is exactly what he needs to continue to believe…..

The doorbell rings and Lt. Baker’s voice looms in the dark. He apologizes but says he really needs to speak to Taylor and her daughter. Hector lets him in and Lt. Baker goes over some small details. Phoebe opines that Darla was in black and she doesn’t see how anyone could have avoided what happened. Hector wants to put a stop to this and bemoans the fact that both Taylor and Phoebe are too upset to answer his questions. Lt. Baker says he must if they are going to solve this case. Taylor tells them she can handle this; she knows everything. Lt. Baker asks if she witnessed the accident also? Phoebe speaks up and says no, she just meant to say she was there immediately afterward and she had her call 911. And then Hector and the paramedics arrived. Taylor is hysterical and at this point of little assistance. Hector beseeches Lt. Baker to please wait until morning which he agrees to do. Leaving, his eyes are drawn to the empty wine bottle. He picks it up and surmises that he knows she was upset about her daughter calling and needing help, but she had been drinking. And he reminds them of the terrible tragedies that can happen with drinking and driving.

Thorne sits with Darla, stroking her hair and asking her not to worry about anything. He tells her their little girl is fine. She’s in dreamland over at Sally’s with Thomas staying there now. And he’s reminded that when he dropped her off, she gave him a kiss and one to send home to her mommy. He gives her a kiss on the cheek from his little girl and one on the side of her mouth from him. He chokes and looks upward to God as he tries to tell her how much he loves her. Fluttering, her eyes open. He smiles and gently moves her face toward him and tells her that he is right there. He tells her he loves her so much. And just rest, everything they need to say to each other has already been said.

As Stephanie looks on, he tells Darla that he is so grateful for the miracle of her and their life with their little girl….who has so much of Darla inside her….her honesty….her goodness……He chokes and can’t continue. Stephanie takes over and says Darla’s strength….her strength. But, she knows she is tried and if she needs to, she can close her eyes. It’ll be alright. And she tells her they are so blessed to have her. She has made Thorne and little Alexandria so incredibly happy. And she whispers that she’ll share a little secret with her. “You are the finest Mrs. Forrester there ever was.” (we see black and white montages of Thorne proposing, Darla accepting, their wedding and Alexandria being born).

As they watch with expectant hope and perhaps a teeny smile on Darla’s lips, the monitor falls to zero and they suddenly realize she is gone. Thorne grips his mouth, tears roll, and Stephanie grabs for him to lay on her shoulder, trying to console this big, vulnerable man from the pain. Sally is grief-stricken, watching from the window.

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