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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Darla's bedside, Taylor cries and keeps bemoaning the fact that she is to blame, and she is sorry. She looks up and sees Thorne and repeats to him that she is the one responsible and she is sorry. He’s almost in a daze and just glares at her.

Hector is checking with someone on the phone about Taylor’s DUI and tells them that is all he needs to know for now and to keep this just between the two of them.

Stephanie gets a phone call from Ridge about Darla and she tells him she will be there right away. She then calls Sally and tells her it’s Darla, been in an accident. For Sally to call Clarke and she will be there to pick them up.

Thomas brings Phoebe a cup of coffee. She’s been wandering around in a daze as well, with flashbacks of the accident and her mother showing up.

Thorne tells Taylor that she’s been blaming herself all night and that is the last thing she should be doing. He tells her he understands how she would feel guilty because Taylor didn’t get there before Darla. But, the person really at fault here was that sick bastard who hit his wife and left her for dead. “That’s the person to blame, not you.” Christian comes in and tells Thorne that he’s reviewed the latest test results and he’ll have a more complete picture after he examines Darla. Thorne expresses that he doesn’t want to leave her. She needs him and God knows he needs her. Guilt-ridden, Taylor slips out, fighting back a breakdown.

Lieutenant Baker is taking notes as Phoebe laments that she should have never let Darla change the tire. They should have just left the car and gone back to her place and waited for her mom. Ridge interrupts and persuades Baker that is enough questions for now. Hector chimes in and agrees, they’ve been through so much. Baker says he understands and empathizes, but he has a job to do.

Stephanie, Clarke and Sally step off the elevator and spot them in the lobby. She hugs Thorne and asks him to tell her what happened. He tells her he was coming home after dropping Allie off at Sally’s and he saw the paramedics and pulled over to see if he could help. He saw Phoebe, and Taylor and then his beautiful wife crumbled in a heap. And some son of a bitch plowed her over and left her…..Sally asks where is she? Thorne tells them that Christian just examined her and there is no change. But, he has to believe that she knows they are all there. Stephanie assures him that she does, she knows. And it’s okay, Sal and Clarke should go on in. She knows they want to see her.

Baker corners Taylor and tells her that he saw her slip out earlier. She tells him yeah, she had been at the chapel praying. Is there any change? Hector speaks up and says no. Phoebe asks how her mother is? Taylor asks her the same. Hector says they both will be fine as soon as he can get them home. Taylor says she is not going. Hector has to stop her from leaving and tells her no and he tells the lieutenant that this woman has been through the ringer. She can’t answer any more questions tonight. And he’s taking her and her daughter home right now. He motions for Taylor to come on with him as he grabs her around the waist and tries to spirit her out. Baker speaks up and says good. It seems the good doctor has had something to drink tonight and it’s probably a wise idea for her not to be behind the wheel.

Clarke ushers Sally into Darla’s room and she solemnly and slowly walks toward the bed and sits. Clarke gives Darla a kiss on the forehead and then leaves Sally alone with Darla. Sally tells Darla that she may not have given birth to her, but she WAS her daughter in every way that counted. “You hear me, Darla? You listen to me, you are not going anywhere. And that’s an order!”

Hector pulls the vehicle over and Taylor asks why is he stopping? She wants to go back to the hospital and be with Darla. “I need to tell her and Thorne what I did. I’m responsible.” Hector states that he wants her to listen to him very carefully. Because, if she doesn’t, she could be in the worst trouble of her entire life. Taylor opines that Darla is the one in trouble, and it’s because of her. Hector points out that if she tells people that, she will go to jail. This rattles Phoebe as she questions that. Hector says he knows why she needs to admit everything, but she will just make it worst for herself. Taylor cries that she doesn’t care about herself…..she did it…..she did it and Darla is the one paying the price. Hector tells her that she’s wracked with guilt, as anyone would be, but as concerned as they all are about Darla, he’s concerned about her too. He says because he loves her, he wants to protect her. She shouldn’t have even been driving tonight, not with a suspended license and he tells her he knows about her DUI. She gasps and again Phoebe’s ears perk up. Hector apologizes and says he didn’t want it to come out this way. Phoebe immediately comes to her mother’s defense and announces that she would NEVER drink and drive. Hector is wrong. But, Taylor comes clean and tells her no he’s not wrong. It did happen a few months back. She got into some trouble and since it was her first infraction, they just gave her a fine and suspended her license. She wasn’t supposed to be driving anywhere except to and from work. Hector reveals that would be serious enough, but they both know it’s more than that, and now Lt. Baker knows.

Phoebe doesn’t understand and wants to know what’s he’s talking about. Taylor says she doesn’t want to make excuses but then proceeds to tell her that her father stopped by earlier tonight and they got into it. Not really a fight but he said things that were very upsetting, and she had some wine…..maybe two or three glasses, she doesn’t know. And she did pour the rest down the drain. Phoebe admits she has seen her take a glass of wine from time to time, so what’s the big deal? Taylor confesses that the big deal is that she has been depending more and more on alcohol for coping with the pain. She knew it was becoming a problem and did nothing about it. And then when Phoebe called and was in trouble, she panicked and just rushed out. Hector says Lt. Baker smelled alcohol on Taylor’s breath, but he doesn’t think that alone sent up any red flags. He knows she was there to pick Phoebe up and there is no reason for him to suspect that Taylor was responsible for what happened to Darla. Phoebe protests that her mother was NOT responsible. It was an accident, so why are they even talking about this? He tries to explain that IF they go back to the hospital and she starts telling people she hit Darla…..Taylor is livid – IF, they go back? Of course, they are going back! Hector tells her then be prepared to go to jail. Phoebe bellows that is crazy. She SAW what happened. She was there and Darla fell into the road and there was nothing you could do. Hector points out that her mom was driving with a suspended license and had a prior DUI. She was drinking, so it won’t matter. She can have the best legal representation and she will still get jail time. Phoebe cries that she has lost her mom once, she can’t lose her again. Taylor tries to comfort her and tell her it will be okay.

Sally lovingly touches Darla and tells her she has a secret for her, “my pretty Einstein.” As soon as Darla is back on her feet, she and Becky and Darla are gonna get together and resurrect the Good Ship Spectra for one last hurrah. She can’t do it without Darla. Saul and Macy are gone and she just can’t go through that again, she just can’t. “This funny ol’ ticker of mine won’t take it.” So here’s what they are gonna do. They are gonna take a little stroll down memory lane and remember all the crazy, wonderful, wonderful times and all the people she loves and who love her so much. And when they are done, she is going to open up those baby blues and give her one of those sweet, silly smiles to let Sally know there are lots more good times ahead. “Will you do that, honey? Will you smile for me?” (we see a montage of scenes through the years at Spectra, fashion shows, parties, with Macy singing SMILE). “Smile though your heart is aching……..what’s the use in crying? is still worthwhile if you just smile, smile, smile.”

Thorne slips in quietly and sits beside Sally and they touch their heads together in sync with thoughts and love for their Darla.

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