The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/14/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

On a very foggy PCH Highway, Hector attends to a bloody Darla with Thorne frantically looking on, along with a hysterical Taylor and Phoebe trying to comfort her.

The honeymooners return to Brooke’s house, glad to be home. Hope rushes into Nick’s arms to greet them, followed by Bridget.

Thorne continues to call out to Darla and asks if she can hear him? Hector tells him that she is unconscious and he covers her and tells Thorne they are stabilizing her in case she has an injury to her spine. The paramedic dispatches the University Hospital with the necessary information about an injured pedestrian. Thorne begs Hector to tell him she will be okay. All he can tell Thorne is that he can ride with them and they have to go now.

Taylor is sobbing in Phoebe’s arms, both clinging to each other. Hector motions for them to follow him to the hospital.

Ridge returns from upstairs at Taylor’s and tells Thomas that no one is home. Thomas is holding the empty wine bottle he has just discovered. He wonders what happened since Darla was expecting Phoebe at the party? Ridge thinks obviously that Taylor and Phoebe went out. Thomas suggests they call his mom’s cell since she’s the one that he’s most worried about. He catches his drift when he spies the wine bottle himself.

Taylor is literally physically in a fog and has to be led away by Phoebe to her car. She keeps asking what has she done, and this is all her fault. Phoebe helps her in and Taylor curls up, knees to chin, in the front passenger seat.

Brooke sits beside Hope and Nick on the couch and asks her to tell her everything he did while they were away. Bridget laments that might take a while. Hope delights in telling them they went to both the beach and the zoo. Nick holds her in his lap and tells her she doesn’t have to call him Uncle Nick anymore, just Nick, because he’s going to live there with her and her mommy forever. He gives Brooke a quickie kiss. Then he asks Hope if she knows what he needs? He’s been needing a bedtime story. Would she please read him one, and not some old one he’s heard before, but a new and trendy one. He carries her up the stairs. Upbeat, Bridget asks Mrs. Marone if her honeymoon was everything she hoped for?

With Christian and his unit wheeling Darla into the emergency room, Hector rattles off the stats – single car, pedestrian accident, victim found unconscious at the scene. Possible brain and spine injuries. Multiple fractures. Ribs, right humerus, right tibula. Multiple contusions. Blood pressure, heart rate and pulse, pupils sluggish but reactive.

Thorne keeps begging them for some information and Christian tells them they have to run some tests. And they are going to do everything they can. As they wheel her out, Thorne vows that he’s not going anyplace, he’ll be right there.

Ridge opines that he’d noticed Taylor had been drinking more lately, but she wasn’t the sort of person to lose control. She would know her limits. Ridge is concerned when Thomas says from what he has observed, it is not just a glass of wine with dinner anymore. Why hadn’t Thomas said something before now? Thomas laments for the same reason that he’d said, she seemed to know her limits and wouldn’t lose control and if he came to his dad, it would seem that he was ratting her out. Ridge reminds him that he is the father and he does care about Thomas, his sisters and his mom. Thomas replies he just wanted to talk to his mother first, and he did tonight. She promised she would stop and get rid of all the liquor in the house. Ridge goes to check the cabinet and remarks that she did just that. Thomas says except for that one bottle and it’s empty, so is the glass. He’s like to believe she dumped it all out, but what if she did drink it?

Both Taylor and Phoebe beat up on themselves that it was their fault, Taylor saying she didn’t see Darla and Phoebe saying she shouldn’t have let her change the tire, she was too close to the road. Taylor cries that it wasn’t Phoebe’s fault, she (Taylor) was driving, she did it. Phoebe keeps trying to reassure her that Darla will be fine. Taylor still repeats but what if she isn’t? “Oh God, Thorne…..and Alexandria…..oh, God, that little girl! That poor, innocent, little girl.”

They get to the hospital and ask the desk nurse about Darla, then Phoebe spots Hector and pulls her mother toward him. He tells him they won’t know until the test results are in. Taylor is still falling apart and keeps bemoaning that it should have been her. Phoebe tells her that she’s going to go call her dad and let him know what’s going on. With Taylor pacing around out of control, Hector tries to get her to tell him what happened out there. She tries to tell him that Phoebe called because she had a flat tire. And she must have called Darla too. Taylor wanted to get there as fast as she could because Phoebe was alone….and Taylor was worried…..she went rushing out the door….and it was really dark and Darla was changing the tire and she never saw her. She argues with him and cries that it was her fault when he suggests it was just an innocent mistake and it’ll be alright. He does ask if she was drinking. Her silence suggests to him that she was……and she finally admits yes, yes she was.

Ridge asks Thomas for them not to jump to conclusions. Thomas sort of hints that he blames himself since his mother was very emotional today. She seemed okay when he left, but maybe he should have stuck around. Ridge’s cell rings and it’s Phoebe telling him there’s been an accident. Not her, but Darla. She’d come to help her with a flat tire and had gotten hit. Ridge determines that she’s with her mother and he tells her to stay put and he’ll be right there. He turns and gives Thomas the barest of details.

Thorne stands by helplessly. Christian tells him that the CT showed a fracture in Darla’s skull. The neurologist is going to come talk to him, but he should know the next 24 hours are going to be critical. Right now, there is no bleeding but with an injury like this, it can change very quickly. Thorne seems to think they’d have to operate but Christian tells him there would be no time. With the location of the fracture and the severity of the injury….a hematoma from an arteral bleeds, it could be catastrophic. But, they haven’t seen that yet, and they are going to do their best. Thorne buckles up his courage but almost literally breaks down as he loving touches Darla’s face with the back of his hand. Taylor looks through the paned glass in agony.

Hector is speaking with someone on his cell asking if they have run the plate?..…….on Taylor Hayes Forrester. She’s a friend and she’s been in a little trouble lately. He’s not pleased when he hears it’s a DUI. Thorne sits by Darla’s side, talking to her, stroking her hair. He cries that she can’t leave them now. Alexandria needs her mommy. And he needs and loves her. They all love her so much. He brushes back his tears and buries his head on her shoulder.

Ridge catches up with Phoebe and Taylor and commiserates that they had to witness this. Taylor tells him it was awful. Thorne walks out and greets Ridge with a hug. Ridge tells him he’s sorry and what did the doctor’s say? And what about the guy who hit her? Thorne admits he doesn’t know. He got away, like nothing happened. What kind of person would do something like that? They walk off arm in arm. Taylor starts having a meltdown.

Alone in a sterile, darkened room, Taylor slips in at Darla’s foot of the bed and glances at the monitor, one glimmer of life and hope, and exclaims, “Oh, Darla, what have I done? I am so sorry.” She slowly moves to her side and sits begging to God to please save her, let her live. She was trying to help her little girl. She keeps repeating it was her fault, her fault……she didn’t see her, it was so dark, she didn’t see her in the fog. “It’s my fault…’s my fault.” Thorne walks in with a stricken look on his face.

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