The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/13/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Steffy continues to be freaked by the mysterious stranger on the foggy road. She decides to wait in the car rather than accept his help with her flat tire.

Alexandria’s birthday party continues and she gleefully opens her presents. Thomas is recording it all on his video and proud mom and dad look on lovingly. Darla laments to Thorne that you put a family like this in one room with all this love, you can’t go wrong. He says as long as she is there too, and she replies “always”. They give a little kiss. One of the presents is a pretty pink sleeping bag and Grandma Sally suggests they use it tonight by having a sleepover at her place. Hugs for grandma. Then Clarke, dressed as a hobo clown, pops in and immediately spreads some of his shenanigans around. He also gets a hug from the birthday girl. He shows off his pretty pink lapel rose. Then when Thorne sniffs it, Clarke makes is squirt him in the face, and everyone giggles.

Then all don cute balloon hats and he does his magic by producing a bouquet of flowers for Stephanie out of thin air and pretending to talk on the telephone with a banana.

The stranger keeps beating on the car window with Steffy telling him she is fine, until he leaves. The party breaks up with Stephanie telling everyone that Steffy just flew in from Europe, she’s probably fallen asleep in front of the TV. Darla gives a round of hugs to everyone, including Ridge, who tells her that she threw a hell of a party. She tells him sincerely to drive carefully, it’s foggy out there. Eric and Stephanie thank her also for the wonderful evening, and she remarks that they are family. Thorne takes Allie to go get ready for Grandma’s. Sally tells Bozo that it’s time for him to go and with one last silly willy, Clarke does. Sally figures after all the work that they went through for this party, they deserve some quiet time alone, so she’s happy to take Allie for the night. And she nixes the early morning pick-her-upper, just sleep late. She feels they are going to NEED their rest. The ladies hug and declare their love for each other. Thorne kisses her and Darla tells Allie she will pick her up early in the morning. Allie makes her promise and they even do a girlfriend handshake on it. “Nothing would ever, ever keep me from my beautiful Princess.” They all hug and kiss again and say I Love You.

After she thinks the stranger is gone, Steffy jumps out of the car and picks up her cell phone that fell. She is worried about her mom; where is she? Taylor is squinting, trying to see down the foggy highway.

Darla makes a video tape for Alexandria and starts to disassemble it and put it away when her phone rings. It’s Steffy and despite her assurances that she is alright and her mom is on the way and for Darla not to come, Darla ends up telling Steffy to stay in the car, she will be right there.

Thomas and Ridge arrive home; no Taylor or Steffy. Thomas tells his dad that his mom misses him. They are still family. Isn’t there some way they can work this out and be back together? He asks his dad if he still loves her? Ridge says he always will. But, he doesn’t want to make things any more difficult for her than he already has. He promises they’ll try to get things figured out. He goes upstairs thinking he is going to say goodnight to his sister. Thomas spies the empty wine bottle that he knows his mother left. He picks up the glass and smells it to see if she actually drank it or just poured it down the drain.

Darla finds Steffy and gives her a big hug and is sorry she had to go through this. She won’t take no for an answer; she will fix the flat tire. Sally showed her how to do this a long time ago. Taylor’s frustration is showing as she can’t get anyone on the cell phone. But, she keeps repeating that she is almost there, hold on, she’s almost there.

Both Darla and Steffy warn each other about being too close to the road, be careful. Taylor is still looking for the location of Steffy’s car. Even Thorne is not far behind going home. His thoughts return to earlier in the night when Darla told him that he and Alexandria ARE her life.

Darla is almost through but one lug nut is stuck and she struggles to loosen it, pulling and twisting and turning so that when it does, she lunges backward suddenly into the lane of traffic. Taylor comes barreling down the road and two worlds collide.

Darla lands on the hood of Taylor’s car, her squashed face against the windshield and her eyes look right into and lock eyes with Taylor’s. Horror-stricken, Taylor panics and her mouth flies open, finally she slams on the brakes.

Steffy is in shock, but she rushes to Darla’s body as Taylor does and then realizes it is her mother who did this. They assist each other and Taylor screams for Steffy to go call for help. She flattens out on the ground beside Darla and cries that to hold on, she is right there.

At home, Stephanie admires a photo of Thorne and his family. Her phone rings and it’s Sally who asks if Queenie is awake? And they both lament what a wonderful family Thorne has. Stephanie says that as quickly as things change around here, it’s wonderful to have someone as stable as Darla. Sally offers that it will soon be Darla’s birthday, why don’t they throw her a special hoe-down? Stephanie chuckles if that is what Sally wants to do; they can talk about it in the morning.

Hector and another paramedic arrive on the scene and start doing their thing. He asks where is the driver? Taylor, meanwhile, is going through hysterics. Thorne sees the flashing lights and stops. First he’s surprised to see it’s Taylor and Steffy and by the expressions of fright on their faces, he realizes it’s something more. He looks around to the front of the vehicle and spots the bloody body on the ground and quickly realizes it is his sweet Darla.

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