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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge holds Taylor and tells her how sorry he is that things turned out the way they did. He wishes he could change it. Sniffling, she pulls away and laments it’s funny that it seems Nick and Brooke are the only ones who ended up with some kind of real happiness. And she thinks it’s just so damn unfair!

Phoebe tells Darla she can’t believe how much Alexandria has grown. Darla says Allie missed Phoebe, they all did. Stephanie chimes in too, then tells Darla to be sure and make that birthday cake chocolate. Darla gives Stephanie and Phoebe big hugs and tells them she loves them. (there’s going to be a LOT of that today). Stephanie senses that Phoebe is really worried about her mother and father.

Ridge admits to Taylor that no one deserves to be happier than she, but she’s not. And the kids aren’t……because of him. And he also admits that he never really comprehended the pain he must have inflicted until Brooke pretty much did the same to him. Nervously, she tells him not to beat himself up that much. She’s done her grieving and put it behind her like she did her marriage. And she was determined to move on. He tells her sincerely that he only wants the best that life has to offer for her. And that includes a man who will love and cherish her strength, intelligence and compassion. A man who won’t let her down the way he did.

Stephanie tells Phoebe that she took Allie down to Eric’s office. He’d designed a dress for her for the party. And she’s a good little artist too. She thinks she got that from her grandfather. And Stephanie wanted to be alone and talk with Phoebe. Phoebe remarks that she is okay, but what would make everything right is for her dad to move home. Stephanie is not sure, after so much has happened. But, Phoebe thinks it could work if the family supported that reconciliation.

Ridge laments that if he hadn’t been so focused in winning Logan back, maybe he would have realized the full extent of what he was losing with Taylor and the kids. She reveals she knows he was in an impossible situation. Thomas enters just then and interrupts. Taylor seems happy to be ending the conversation and she scoots them on their way to the party before they are late. She turns down another invite to go along, but tells Thomas to give Allie a big birthday hug.

Darla lets out a cackle as she brings the cake home to find the apartment lavishly decorated, filled with balloons, streamers, table filled with food, drink and party favors. Sally and Thorne take the credit and are glad she likes it. She rejoices to each of them how much she loves them and they share a gigantic group hug. Sally fusses that NOW she tells her after she moved out and back to her old dump. But, that doesn’t mean she is giving up her number one baby-sitting position around this joint. She states she is there for her Goddaughter any time. And Darla points out that Sally has always been there for Allie’s mom too. Sally says, “will you just stop it? Or I’m going to start blubbering.” Darla hugs her and tells her she better not start. Allie walks in with Stephanie and asks why are they crying? Stephanie offers that sometimes grownups are kind of silly and cry when they are happy. Thorne dons a big red rubber nose and says sometimes they even put on funny little noses and smother their favorite little birthday girl with kisses….smooch, smooch…..Sally states again this is some family. Stephanie good-naturedly tells her she is such a big crybaby and they hug and play nice. Sally comments who said there was no “happily ever after”?

Eric brings in the gifts and watches as Allie plays some clown games with Thorne, Darla passes around the drinks. Thomas takes photos with his video camera and opines to his dad that he bets he is remembering when the twins were that age. Ridge confesses he was. Phoebe wanted a puppy and Steffy wanted a cat…….and Thomas adds his mother convinced them they really wanted goldfish. Ridge cuts out to get some air and tells Thomas to call him when they cut the cake. Eric tells Thomas that his dad will be alright, he just needs some time. Thomas says he knows…..he walked in on his mom and dad today and he thought… was probably just wishful thinking.

Stephanie catches Ridge out back and thanks him for coming. She cheers him by saying she knows he wasn’t exactly in the party mood, but maybe as the night moves on. He tells her not to worry about him, he will be okay. Brooke has made her choice and he’s going to have to find a way to live with that. She agrees, they all will. But, she’s not going to let Brooke keep the company. She confesses she gave it to Brooke to get her to come back to Ridge. She is not going to let her hi-jack the company. He states that he understands her resentment, but he doesn’t think fighting over Forrester Creations is going to help anyone. And remember how Taylor reacted when she found out Stephanie had given Brooke half the company? She still hasn’t forgiven her for that. And the whole time he was trying to get Brooke back, he didn’t understand what he was doing to Taylor. She reminds him that he does now. He continues that when their marriage broke up, he saw Taylor as a hypocrite. And he probably was justified in thinking that way back then. But, after what he has done to her now, there is no way he could ever judge Taylor again.

At home, Taylor is walking around with a framed picture of she and Ridge, asking herself WHY? The phone rings and it’s Phoebe. She says she is calling from the car, she’s not at the party yet. They end up lightly arguing because it is so foggy and Phoebe says she missed the turn-off to Uncle Thorne’s. She ignores Taylor’s suggestion to come on home and tells her she will call when she gets there, safe and sound. Taylor picks up the photo again and then a wine bottle looms at her from just a few feet away.

With Thomas taking pictures, Eric helps Allie break the piñata. Ridge glances at his watch and remarks that he thought Phoebe would be there by now. Thomas mutters something about teenage girls and the mall, they may never see her again. Thorne tells them Clarke is late too. He was supposed to have a surprise for Allie an hour ago. Sally tells them not to worry. They will save everyone a piece of birthday cake. Darla hears birthday cake and brings in a huge clown cake. The group gathers, dons their funny noses and sings Happy Birthday, Stephanie and Thomas taking pictures. They tell Allie to make a wish and don’t tell, then blow out the candles. Darla asks Grandpa Eric if he will do the honors and cut the cake. He kneels before Allie and she thanks him for the pretty party dress, it was so pretty. He answers, “well, it’s pretty for you. And you are my perfect little granddaughter.” They hug.

Eric passes out the cake; Allie takes a piece to Ridge and crawls up in his lap. Darla eats it all up; she is overwhelmed. She gives a high sign to Thorne and he tells everyone that his beautiful wife has something to say. He grabs her around the waist/hips and gives her support. She starts by saying she wants to thank all of them from the bottom of her heart for making this such a special day for her daughter. She knows she will remember this day forever….along with all the wonderful memories she is going to make being a part of such a beautiful, loving family. She states that is something she never had when she was Allie’s age. But, it never stopped her from praying that someday she would find a family of her own. And she did, right here! She looks lovingly at Thorne, Sally, and Stephanie. She takes Sally’s hand and says it’s all due to this beautiful, amazing woman here. She had taken her into her family and her heart. She reaches down and kisses Sally’s hand. And then takes Stephanie’s and says the same thing about this amazing, beautiful woman – the day she married her son. And what a son! And a father and husband. She touches Thorne and tells him that he has given her more happiness and love than she thinks her heart can ever hold. “You and Alexandria are my life. As the two of you, are the mothers that I never had.” She chuckles as she tells Sally that she taught her to be tough….yet compassionate. And Miss Stephanie – taught her dignity and self-respect. And only because of the two of them can she stand there and say she is happy and finally worthy of the love and happiness that she has found with this family in abundance. Once again, she looks to Sally, then Stephanie and then to Thorne. She tells them that she loves them all….more than words can possibly say. She clings to Thorne in a hug, then gives the other ‘girls’ another group hug as they mugg for the camera.

On a foggy road that obstructs almost all things, Phoebe calls her mom again and tells her she can’t believe she has a flat tire. She’s looking around, there must be a jack somewhere. Taylor tells her absolutely not, it’s too dark, too foggy and dangerous. Phoebe remarks she was only kidding, she wouldn’t have a clue how to change a tire. Taylor wonders if she has tried calling her brother? Phoebe remarks she tried, but the cell must not work well on the beach.

Taylor advises her to get back in the car and lock the doors and put on her emergency flashers. Suddenly there is a strange sound (the cell phone fell on ground) and it’s followed by silence. Scared stiff, Phoebe is confronted by a mysterious stranger cloaked in the fog. He calls her sweetheart and asks if she needs help? Taylor keeps calling her daughter’s name to no avail. She grabs her purse, cell phone and jacket and flies out the door.

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