The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/11/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the office, Thorne brings Ridge some coffee as Ridge looks at the front page of the paper with Nick and Brooke’s photo, headlines “Shipping Magnate Marries Fashion Diva.” He laments that she actually married him.  He never thought they wouldn’t end up together.  No matter what it took to get to that place, he thought it would always be R.  J., Hope, Brooke and himself.  Thorne sides with Ridge that Brooke has always loved him, always will and she would have married Ridge if Nick and Bridget hadn’t broken up his marriage.  Ridge says he thought it was a joke and she was just with Nick to punish him.  “Well, I guess the joke was on me.”

At home, Thomas looks at the same headlines in his paper.  Taylor brings in a large pitcher of orange juice.  She lets him know she’s already seen the paper.  He asks how she feels?  She shrugs that she hopes they will be happy.  He wonders since his dad left Brooke for her?  Phoebe walks in and her ears perk up.  Taylor asks how is she since she knows she got in late last night? 

She remarks she was too excited to sleep; she’s glad to be home.  Thomas can’t believe she passed up a summer abroad.  London is one of the greatest cities in the world.  Steffy loves it.  As she pours her OJ and pops a bite of muffin in her mouth, she remarks that she is not Steffy and the weather was totally depressing and the food gross.  Then she asks how is her dad?  And would he be up for lunch?  Thomas says she’d better call first; he might not want to go out.  She asks why – all because Brooke married Nick?  Thomas replies she knows how he hates to lose.  Taylor points out that Ridge has nothing to be embarrassed about while Thomas chimes in that it just makes him feel like a first class loser. 

Ridge keeps beating upon himself, telling Thorne how many times did Brooke try to tell him her future was with Nick?  And he didn’t believe her.  Thorne advises him not to keep torturing himself.  Ridge says after what he did to Taylor, he deserves it! Thorne opines that this is not some kind of karmic judgment.  This is life and it’s complicated, unexpected.  It won’t always feel this way.  Ridge asks if that is the voice of experience?  Thorne chuckles that if there is a reason for everything, then maybe this is supposed to help him figure out just what he really wants.  Ridge replies he knows what he wants.  Thorne tells him maybe, but maybe there is someone else out there.  Ridge quips is Thorne billing him for this?

Thorne laughs then tells him that Darla changed his life and she’s still changing it every day.  At that moment, she pokes her head in and says hi.  Ridge snarks that she is just in time to tell him what a fool he’s been.  Go right ahead, because she is right.  Instead she tells him she is sorry.  She knows how much he loved Brooke.  She gives him a much surprised sisterly hug.  He quips that Brooke got married…..she didn’t die! They trade thoughts, that it’s still a loss for him, he’s devastated, he says he is fine.  Ridge wonders what it is with the two of them and hardly can accept that they love him.  Darla tells him she knows he is hurting and that Brooke broke his heart.  But they are family, and they want him to lean on them.  He remarks that she never liked him. 

She squares off and challenges him.  Does he think he’s the first person to call her a dingbat?  Sticks and stones, that is what she tells Alexandria.  He says he is sorry and she tells him when he gets back to calling her names, she’ll know he’s his old self again.  He says he is not going to do that again.  She takes that as gospel and tells him alright, then a fresh start.  He asks how can they do that?  She tells him first of all, stop thinking about it so much.  She picks up the paper and turns it over.  Thorne tells him perhaps go home and clean up and for God’s sake stop wallowing in it.  Ridge tells him he does appreciate what they are trying to do.  Thorne asks him to prove it.  Come by the house tonight; it’s Alexandria’s birthday.  Ridge feels badly that he forgot his niece’s birthday.  Darla tells him it’s okay.  She had a little cupcake party at school but tonight is just family.  Ridge isn’t sure he’d be very good company.  Darla scoffs that is okay and Thorne adds that is the thing with four year olds.  If he just shows up with a present, she won’t care at all that he looks like hell.  They all laugh.  She mocks Uncle Ridge and begs please.  When he accepts, she says good and bring his kids.  He tells her Phoebe is back home so he’ll bring Phoebe and Thomas.  He sincerely thanks her and she gives him an accepting, loving look.

Phoebe questions her mom.  Has she tried calling their dad?  Taylor laments that she thinks it is much too soon for that.  But, Phoebe thinks he can come home now.  Taylor tells her it isn’t that simple.  And she doesn’t even want them to be worrying about such stuff.  It’s summer, she directs them to just go have fun, go do something.  Phoebe asks if she can borrow the Hybrid?  She hasn’t seen her friends in forever and she won’t be long.  Taylor answers okay, just be careful. 

Then tells Thomas not to worry about his sister, she’ll be fine.  She is a very good driver.  He tells her he’s actually worried about her.  She asks why?  Does it look like she’s falling apart?  He denies that, no she never does.  But, he thinks she has changed.  She’s quiet……sad…..drinking more.  He’s seen the empty wine bottles in the re-cycling bin, and he’s really worried abut her.  She finally admits, okay, she’s a little worried about herself as well.  She says she can’t when he suggests she call his dad.  Thomas thinks his dad can help her.  She says she can help herself.  She’s fine….she is strong….she’ll be okay.  When he still suggests counseling, she says she can counsel herself.  (yeah, how’s that working for you Taylor?) And she vows that she will get rid of it all and pour it down the drain.  She’ll get it out of the house, she’ll be fine.  She’ll clean up her act.  She’ll be the mother that he remembers….the mother that he deserves.  He says good, he just wants her to be happy.  She gives him a motherly hug and when he leaves, heads straight to the wine bottle, with two glasses lined up beside.  She holds it in her hands contemplating.

But, she does the right thing, and starts pouring them two at a time down the drain.  She’s interrupted by the doorbell.  It’s Darla who asks is it a bad time?  Taylor says no and invites her in.  The first thing Darla sees is the lineup of bottles on the bar.  Taylor tells her it isn’t what she is thinking.  Embarrassed, Darla says she isn’t thinking.  Taylor offers that she actually is getting rid of it, all of it right down the drain.  Darla asks what happened?  And Taylor relays how her son is worried about her.  And how parents are supposed to be taking care of their children, not the other way around.  She states that Thomas misses the happy, together mom that she used to be….and she misses her too. 

Thoughtfully, Darla says she is sorry for all the times they did not invite Taylor over.  They were sisters-in-law….and they shouldn’t have to choose between her and ……Taylor points out she can mention HIS name.  Darla sighs and says just because Taylor is divorced doesn’t mean they aren’t still family.  She saw Ridge today and he’s really hurting…..really hurting.  Taylor surmises she thinks he probably is.  He probably sees what she has with Thorne and wants that too.  Darla says it’s funny.  He DID have it, with Taylor.  ….but, she did not come over to talk about Ridge.  She tells her it’s Alexandria’s birthday and they are having a bash for her, can Taylor come?  She says she’d like too, but……is Ridge going to be there?  Darla admits that yes he will.  Taylor thinks better of it that she better not.  Darla says she understands, and it’s okay.  Taylor tells her that she’d love to, but please tell Alexandria happy birthday.  Darla tells her she can tell her herself.  They will have lunch real soon….”just us girlfriends.” She takes Taylor by both hands and holds them tight in a pact that they love each other….they are sisters….they are friends and they are gonna be there for each other, no matter what.  And to call her if she needs her, she loves her.  Taylor gets misty-eyes and the ladies hug and both say, “I love you.”

At his desk, Ridge is having a lousy time concentrating.  Luckily, Phoebe interrupts and he rushes to greet her.  She tells him she missed him and he replies, “I missed you too, my big girl.” She mentions that she was worried that he wouldn’t let her come home.  He says he doesn’t care about the money for the trip, he’s just glad to have his “little girl” home.  She tells him that he’s the best dad ever.  And they both don’t get Steffy not being homesick at all.  Phoebe says the London boys were kind of cute and Ridge chides her that she was supposed to be studying.  She offers that she really was worried about her mom, how things were when they left. 

Ridge asks about Taylor and Phoebe tells him that her mom misses him.  She didn’t say that, but she can tell.  And she suggests that if Brooke is out of the picture, there’s nothing stopping him now.  He reminds her that it’s not that simple.  Phoebe says that’s what her mother said too.  But, why not?  If he loves her and she loves him too…”why can’t you just love each other…….come home, Daddy, please.” He holds her around the waist.  She asks is he still hoping things will work out with Brooke?  He replies no.  She remarks she was like a mother to her for years, and she loves her too.  He tells her that door is closed.  Phoebe tells him that mom needs him although she is way too proud to admit it.  He asks if she knows Phoebe is there?  She tells him she told her mom that she was with friends.  But, they just want him back with them, home where he belongs.  He gives her a big hug and tells her about the party for Alexandria and she’s invited.  How would she like to go?  She says she probably should get a present.  He digs in his wallet and gives her a big bill and tells her do it! She gives another hug and before she goes she says she loves him… matter what happens. 

Catching Thorne at the office late, Darla asks him shouldn’t he be home helping decorate for the party?  He says that Sally had gone ahead and she’d promised to leave all the heavy lifting for him.  Darla sighs and he tells her she worries too much.  She exclaims she is like a mother to her.  He tells her he’s never been more proud of her the way she reached out with her big heart tonight to Ridge.  She thanks him but says poor guy, Ridge was almost in shock.  Wonder if he’s still coming to the party?  She says what he really needs is Taylor, but she knows it’s none of her business.  She fills him in that she saw her earlier.  Even invited her to the party, but she passed.  But, she knows she still loves Ridge.  Thorne wonders if she actually said that.  Darla says no, she doesn’t have to.  She laments they were such a wonderful family.  They were happy so long.  He agrees.  Does she think there is still a chance?  She says she doesn’t know.  He really broke her heart.  And Taylor is such a strong, independent woman and has worked really hard to get her life back on track.  And still loving Ridge isn’t going to protect her from being hurt again.  “I, for one, would love to see that family back together.  But, after what Ridge put her through, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d never take him back.”

Pensively, Taylor puts the finishing touch on Alexandria’s gift.  She sniffles and dabbles her eyes when the doorbell rings.  She expects Ridge, but hardly looks at him when she opens the door.  He’s there to pick up Thomas.  They quickly discuss Phoebe being home.  They both awkwardly ask how each other is?  Taylor tells him she is sorry it didn’t work out for him and Brooke.  And she knows he probably doesn’t believe that, but she does.  And after everything they went through, she just wanted one of them to end up happy.  He says he doesn’t know what to say.  She walks away and says now the whole thing seems so pointless.  She wanted honesty in their marriage and he wanted Brooke.  He offers that it was a little more complicated than that.  She says she understands it but part of his heart was hers.  He tells her they don’t have to do this.  She whines that she knows……but she’s just trying to make sense of her life.  She just doesn’t understand any of it.  They ended their marriage, tore apart their family and practically destroyed their children, and for what?  What?  So they could both end up alone!

Standing behind her, he fashions his hands in a prayer and repeats over and over that he is sorry.  He kisses her hair, closes his eyes and leans into her.  He turns her around and she looks him right in the eyes as he pulls her into a familiar embrace. 

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