The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/10/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick kisses Brooke and tells her they are on their island. And not to tell the kids. They can come on Honeymoon Part II. They delight in calling each other Mr. Marone and Mrs. Marone. And he laments that after what he went through, he is lucky he lets her keep the name Brooke! She kisses him as she accuses him of doing the Lord and Master thing. He offers that yeah if she thought he was a caveman before, now that she is out of the wilds, he is going to have her cook and clean until he says stop. And since it is there wedding night…….STOP! He picks her up and heads out to…….

A returning Bridget and Dante are greeted by a foul mood Felicia. They have forgotten it’s their night for Dino. Felicia chastises them for whipping off their clothes and leaving them around. And for making her wait and shuttling her son back and forth and then for them to forget. They apologize; the wedding was a little crazy, but it’s okay now. Felicia laughs when she sees Bridget has caught the bouquet. She tells Dante to be careful, be very careful. And one last dig at Bridget – Dino’s name is Dominick. Dante asks her to ease up on Bridget. She had a rough time today. She asks him if he was going to fall in love with a spoiled brat, why not her? She warns him that she hopes he is prepared to be thrown aside like that wet towel over there…..when Brooke goes back to her brother and Nick is free. She says she hates this and walks away.

Amid all the tiki torch lamps and white netting, Nick carries Brooke out and welcomes her to her “Happily Ever After”. He cajoles her that looks like Chuck’s boys got it all set up right. Of course, they expected them to get there in daylight. He shuts her up with a kiss when she says he was the one who ran off in a huff!

Felicia grouses at Stephanie for barging into the guest house any time she damn well pleases. Stephanie points out Felicia doesn’t pay rent, so yes, she is entitled. Stephanie wants Felicia to go get Ridge. He seems to be at the office and won’t leave. Felicia doesn’t understand the wedding at all; people moping around waiting for things to happen. She asks isn’t there a psychiatric term for this condition desperately wanting something so much until you have it and then desperately wanting something else? Stephanie comments that it’s called ‘Brooke’s syndrome’. Felicia opines then it’s hereditary because Bridget is till mooning over Nick. She isn’t even trying to hide it. And furthermore, Dante has only ever been a security blanket for her. She whines that she’s only loved two men in her life, and Bridget has got both of them. Stephanie shakes her head and says she had such high hopes for Bridget, but she doesn’t even know her anymore. Then Felicia deadpans that she’s not exactly the picture of mental health, so who is she to judge her? Stephanie laughs that all she has to do to get Felicia to change her mind is to agree with her.

Bridget apologizes to Dante for that scene with Felicia. He tells her no need. They were just late, no big deal. He pours them some wine. And reminds Bridget that Felicia doesn’t hate her. She is just going through a lot right now and has a big mouth. He thinks what might settle her down and everyone else as well is if they were making plans on their own. They should pick a time and a date and a priest to get married, even in Italy if necessary. He remarks there is NOT a reason for them not to get married now that Nick’s future is settled. She offers that she doesn’t know what Nick has to do with this. She is NOT sitting there pining away for him. It was in her mother’s head that she needed to dispose of Nick before she started with Dante. Dante thinks that Brooke is so in love with Nick, but Bridget thinks they are terribly mismatched. They argue a lot, but Nick likes that. She argues that her mom went back to Forrester and now with these ads all over the world. How much is Nick supposed to take? Dante tells her that it seems like after today, he has decided he can take a whole lot more!

As Brooke lounges on the round bed covered in white satin (which looks way out of place on the middle of an island), Nick makes them and brings Brooke a huge margarita. They clink glasses and she frowns from too much tequila. He laughs that is right, she’s his wife now. He doesn’t have to get her drunk. She chews on her lime and he remarks in amazement, “you’re my wife!” He kisses her and asks her to listen to that sound…..the sound he’s always waited for that he has everything he wants. Tell him the wait it over!

Dante confesses to Bridget he doesn’t think she will ever be entirely over Nick. And that used to bother him but it doesn’t any more. Because it’s partly about Nick but also about a time in her life that she was dealing with a lot of personal demons. And as much as he doesn’t like the guy, he feels like he owes him. Otherwise, she might still be looking for that guy to come along and mistreat her if Nick hadn’t done such a good job of it already. She admits they did learn a little bit from each other. And Dante says that some people don’t know what is best for them. She says that was the story of her life until she met Dante. He wonders if that is the story between her mother and Nick? She says she did not say that. He warns her that she needs to stop trying to be her mother’s mom. Does she think she made a mistake with Nick; she should be with Ridge? He doesn’t know why her mother does the things she does, nobody does, not even Bridget. But, she can’t FIX it for her either. She finally admits he is absolutely right. He leans back and confesses that being right is not as much fun as you think it’s going to be. She gently kisses him and snuggles up, draping her leg over his. He grins that he will take that last statement back, as she kisses him again.

Felicia laments that she needs to grow up. Stephanie tells her she was planning on mentioning that on her 40th birthday. Felicia informs her that she is NOT in competition with Bridget, she’s really not; but, she thinks she knows exactly what it is. She keeps expecting to wake up dead every day. (Stephanie rolls her eyes). And that this living every day as if it’s her last isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. She confesses that she keeps thinking she needs everything now, this minute, but she doesn’t. Bridget and Dante aren’t married and all sorts of things could happen. “No, I think I need to keep living every day as though I am going to be as old and mean as YOU.” Stephanie says she is touched that she inspires her. Then asks if she is going to go get her brother or not? Felicia says no. The only thing she could tell him is that Brooke is an air-head and he’s not going to want to hear that when he’s already heartbroken. But, okay, she will call him and see if he wants to have breakfast in the morning. Sarcastically, Stephanie thanks her for small favors. And Felicia calls out after her that Stephanie is NOT invited. Stephanie says she is not surprised by that. Felicia retorts why is it that making her feel worse makes her feel better? She grins when Stephanie answers, “what are mothers for?”

Nick and Brooke start ripping off their clothes and she tells him breathlessly that she married him for his body. As she kisses him, she says she is glad he doesn’t close his eyes. He reposts that he doesn’t because he LOVES to look at her. She repeats she loves to look at him. He says he wants to make love to his wife. She begs him to go ahead and make love to her. “Going Back Again” blares in the background as they embrace and kiss and she lays back on the bed. He touches her stomach and lowers himself on her as she anxiously awaits.

Bridget snuggles with Dante and he chides her not to do it again when she laments how close she came to losing him. She harps again that she knows Felicia cares so much for him, and not just because he’s Dino’s father. He tells her that he cares about Felicia too, always will. And Bridget knows that she is hurting. But, she’s going to find it. Dante wonders when? She deserves better. She had her whole life right there, him and Dino. The family she always wanted. And now she has nothing. It’s just NOT right! She tells him he is SO amazing. Felicia stood out there and tore into them. She was really mean and said some very harsh things, but he just understands her and is not upset at her at all! He regales that he knows she is just lashing out. And besides, he knows how it feels to want someone and not be able to have them. And why don’t they be just a little more sensitive where Felicia is concerned? She agrees and thanks him for being such an incredible guy. She rewards him with a sweet kiss.

Clad in her underwear and short robe, Felicia stands before her mirror massaging her tummy scar with oil. She tells herself that she is going to wake up tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that……and for what? She thanks God for her son….and for spare parts and second chances. “Now I need life, not just a pulse.” She smiles deeply and thinks of beautiful times with Dante, and then says she wants him back. And then tells God if that is a sin, then stop her while he can, “but I will never believe that we don’t belong together.”

After mad, passionate love, Nick and Brooke lay in each other’s arms gazing at the stars overhead. She remarks that he probably knows them all by name. He remarks about a few of them, like a dance, everything in motion. Everything is being steered somewhere. She says, “and my lucky star steered me right to you.” He cajoles that he didn’t know she had a lucky star and she points it out. Now he does see it - the one that flashes ‘Brooke’s lucky star’. Contentedly, she giggles that she finally feels like she is home. Seriously, he replies that she is!

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