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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It’s Brooke’s wedding day and she brings down her dress in a hanging garment bag and lays it carefully on the table. The doorbell rings and she gets it, only to find an old ball and chain with note at her feet. With amusement she reads, “in a few hours we will be married and I will be your ball and chain for life. I Love You, Nick.” She repeats that she loves him too, but inside her thoughts go straight to Ridge when they both were much, much younger and when he told her for the very first time that he loved her.

In his limo, Massimo cases the grounds of the wedding and reports in to Stephanie that the billboard will be right in Nick’s line of vision and he can’t miss it. She’s at Bridget’s so needs to cut the conversation short. Bridget spies her on the porch and asks what is she doing there? Stephanie opines that her father told her about the severe sunburn and she wonders if she is okay? Bridget looks down at herself and pulls the top half of her dress aside and we still see a LOT of red, along with her face, but she claims to be all right. She says she is on her way to her mother’s wedding and it’s important that she get there on time. Stephanie agrees with her and that Bridget is the most important person in her mother’s life. That is why she is marrying Nick instead of Ridge.

Exasperated, Bridget sighs and asks her to please not do this now. Stephanie laments that there is still time for her to stop this now before her mother makes a terrible mistake. She realizes Brooke is marrying Nick because of Bridget and that is why this whole day has turned into a fiasco. It’s just a misguided sacrifice on both of their parts. Bridget disagrees and tells her she is wrong. Stephanie points out that her mother is doing this for her because she has hurt her time and time again in the past. Bridget says it one last time. He loves HER, they want to build a future together, so will Stephanie please quit bringing this to her? And to just accept that Nick is going to do what no other man has been able to do, including Ridge….he’s going to make her happy and content and love her for the rest of his life. Dryly, Stephanie offers, “just as he promised to do when he married you?” Bridget gives her the eye.

Along the marina, Nick is taking a morning run. He looks over the grounds in the park where the wedding will be held. He calls Brooke and asks what is he doing today? She replies that she is marrying her handsome ball and chain. He asks can he join in? The park is awesome just like this hot chick he’s going to marry. And he vows they are going to have a lifetime of happy memories.

As he finishes, he notices two fellows who are changing out the billboard and he asks what are they doing? He points out that he is the Marone in the billboard and he’s getting married today and he’d like them to please hurry this up and not disrupt the wedding.

Stephanie apologizes to Bridget for saying that last remark. Bridget says that is okay as she’s used to her speaking her mind. It’s never stopped her before as long as she gets what she wants. Stephanie reminds her that when she walked away from her marriage to Nick, it was like she made a gift to her mother. Brooke can’t say no today because she sees how much it has cost Bridget. She’s marrying the man today that she shouldn’t. She should be listening and following her heart. Bridget opines that she is, but Stephanie says she’s not otherwise she would be marrying Ridge. He loves her and understands her. Bridget says Nick understands her too. Stephanie offers that no, he just wants to mold her into something HE wants. She can’t live like that. Bridget looks her in the face and says Brooke is marrying Nick today and there is nothing she nor Ridge nor anyone, absolutely NOTHING anyone can do about that.

The doorbell rings again at Brooke’s as she is leaving and it’s Ridge. He tells her he fought with himself about coming, as he comes on in. He knew it would upset her and he didn’t want to do that. He goes on that he has tried. He has tried to accept the fact that her life is now with Nick. But, it’s like he is watching someone he loves drowning and he can’t throw them a life preserver. He knows she has feelings for his brother……She interrupts, but he thinks he knows her mind better than she does? He comments that he knows what brings her joy, and to live with a man who expects her to live by his rules, or else? She argues that Nick doesn’t EXPECT anything. He knows she is her own person. Ridge says yeah, as long as she does something he approves of. Then he starts issuing strikes. She contends, “as opposed to you who just walks out on me when something better comes along?” He tells her it was never an issue of Taylor being better than her…..and it’s interesting that she would bring this up on the very same day she is supposed to marry Nick. Doesn’t that tell her something?……she is marrying him because she thinks he won’t leave her like her father and Ridge did! She’s choosing security over love. And letting Nick dictate all the terms. She disagrees. Ridge says that Nick is trying to change her. Does she want to spend her life with a man who wants to turn her into someone else? Especially when she has a man who’s standing right in front of her who loves her, cherishes her for who she is. With all her strengths, insecurities, complexities, who’d never think to tell her what to do. He says he wishes he could just give his blessings, but he has to be honest, and she has to be honest too…before it’s too late.

She listens, her eyes even tear up, but she leaves him standing anyway.

Bridget greets long-gone brother, Rick, along with Dante at Chuck’s. Brooke quickly shows up and gives Rick a big hug and thanks him for being able to come. He makes a faux pas by congratulating the bride, then says he knew better. It’s not like this is his mother’s first time down the aisle. She accepts his apology and tells him that this is different. She truly feels THIS marriage is going to last forever.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick hands Jackie a roll of paper towels for her nose; she’s getting all emotional. She comments that she has waited so long for him and Brooke to get married. He buttons up his Naval dress whites and laments that he appreciates her always being his #1 supporter….unlike someone else they know. She knows he means Massimo. He doesn’t even want to talk about him. She laments it’s so sad, the lengths he wanted to go to keep him and Brooke apart. But, even sadder that he’s not going to be there to share in his wedding day. He points out that Massimo crossed the line he shouldn’t have crossed and he won’t put up with that even from someone he loves……..and anyway he got the girl. So despite his old man’s support to his #1 son, and he’s sure the dressmaker’s mother and him will do all they can to stop this wedding, Nick vows he will be ready.

Stephanie also slips in at Brooke’s and catches Ridge at the window deep in thought. She asks if he tried to stop her? He says yes, short of doing like his brother and throwing Brooke over his shoulder like a caveman. And he just can’t force her to see what she doesn’t want to see. Still, he wishes there was more that he could do. She offers that perhaps something will come up. He doubts it, why would Nick sabotage his own wedding? He looks at his mother – what has she done now? She vows that she told him she would make everything right for him and she’s not going to stop until she does.

Brooke tries on her dress and asks Bridget what does she think? Her reply – WOW! She asks Bridget if it’s not too revealing? She knows how old-fashioned Nick can be. Brooke preens before the mirror and says Bridget is right. It is her and she can’t be someone she is not. Then Brooke has something she wants to say to Bridget. Nervously, Bridget tells her this isn’t necessary. She thinks she knows what it is. And she is all right, just fine. Brooke tells her of course she worries, because she loves her. Bridget tells her to please don’t do this. She and Nick had their chance. They worked hard on their marriage, they really did. And it wasn’t meant to be, and he’s with her now. Brooke responds that she should resent her right now; instead of making it possible for this to happen. After all that has happened, she really just truly needs to know that Bridget it okay with this. Bridget tells her she really wants her to be with him; she is doing the right thing.

The limo drives up with Stephanie and Massimo. He lowers the window and she looks out and sees the billboard and says that is perfect. He asks about Ridge? She says he thinks he has lost Brooke…….but she doesn’t think so after seeing this.

The guests assemble – first Jackie, Dante, Rick and Bridget. As they stand on the hill, Bridget is the first to discover the billboard and then in unison the others gasp as Jackie says Brooke is almost naked. What will Nick say? Rick says they will know soon as here he comes. Nick greets them with a hand slap and remarks what a glorious day it is for a wedding. He thanks Rick for coming in on short notice, it means a lot to him and his mother. But soon he is worried about their grim faces and asks what is wrong?

A horse whinnies and it’s Brooke coming in a white horse driven carriage across the bridge. He watches proudly then goes to greet her. He helps her descend the carriage and they smile at each other. He tells her she is so beautiful.

Still at Brooke’s house, Ridge paces and lovingly looks at/touches the family photos. Oh, what might have been! At the foot of the hill, still in their limo, Stephanie comments that Nick is so involved in the ceremony that he might not see the ad. Mass says he will.

Under the pavilion, the ceremony begins and Brooke hands off her bouquet to Bridget. Nick’s eyes turn just enough that he suddenly spies the ad just as Brooke sees it too and gasps. He asks “what is THAT?” with an angry, bewildered look on his face. Brooke has a panicked look on her face as Nick turns back to her for answers.

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