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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is working from home on the final wedding plans at Marina Del Rey. Stephanie comes in with a large poster of the “Brooke’s Bedroom…..or nothing at all.” She’d much rather Brooke work on that. She’s disheartened when Brooke tells her that she’s made her decision and they aren’t using that shot.

At Dante’s studio at Forrester, Felicia gleefully tells Christian that being a human lobster is nothing at all for Bridget compared to what she has for her today. The disdain shows on his face. Meanwhile, Bridget slowly wanders out of the bedroom, swaddled only in a white towel, with all the redness to show, face, arms, legs, all over. She remarks with the previous oil and now the vinegar bath, she smells like a salad. He tries to kiss her but she recoils. Everything hurts. She is sorry she had to miss his ceremony last night. He tells her the gallery owners are coming by to give him the award today, perhaps she can attend that? She definitely has to beg off, she just can’t. She feels somewhat better when Dante finds a package from the pharmacy with crème on the deck; she thinks her dad sent it over.

Taylor visits Nick in his office and looks at the announcement and surmises she thought maybe they would be eloping. He pours them coffee and wonders why? She offers that Ridge usually gets his way and with Stephanie helping, Nick might have a little bit of a reason to be concerned. And in fact, Brooke is still trying to get Ridge’s approval and the approval of the entire family, so she might be somewhat vulnerable. He quips then it’s a good thing he’s going to be around to look out for her.

Stephanie asks Brooke if Nick made this decision for her? She informs him that Nick doesn’t know anything about this. No need to, since they are not using it. Stephanie begs her to not let Nick’s jealousy get in the way of Brooke’s success – their success! This is the 4th of July – where is Brooke’s sense of spirit, her independence, that sense of reckless behavior that drove Stephanie CRAZY for years? Brooke muses that she should be happy that she is past all of that. Stephanie can’t believe it. She’s not going to walk away from who she is?

Christian tries to get it out of Felicia what she did; wasn’t the sunburn enough? Felicia delights in saying not after what Bridget did to her. But, she’d looked into it and it’s not life-threatening. Poor little Bridget is going to get creamed! Bridget slathers the crème on; it feels so good. Felicia has flashbacks of her non-wedding day with some of the nasty things said between she and Bridget when Bridget twisted the knife that Dante really wanted her. She feigns sympathy for Bridget to Dante when she asks about the sunburn. They meet the gallery owners and Felicia delights in filling them in on how they initially met, dancing on a tabletop. And in the process even manages to let them know they have a son yet they aren’t a couple as they were engaged and made it all the way up to the ceremony and he dumped her for her sister. You know, the artistic type who needs more inspiration.

Taylor just wants to make Nick aware of what he’s getting into. He quips like her with the father? She and Jackie got played, that wasn’t right. This is a surprise to Taylor. She didn’t know about Jackie and Stephen. He’s sorry. He just assumed she knew.

Brooke utters that she loves Nick. That is why she is marrying him. Stephanie keeps throwing Bridget into the mix. Doesn’t she want her to be happy too? And she’s heard about this two strikes and he should be embarrassed, not Brooke. Brooke argues that Nick is re-acting to everything that she and Ridge have done to keep them apart, so she does NOT blame him. She blames Stephanie. Steph retorts that she’s not standing there in judgment of Brooke, Nick is!

Taylor is miffed but says it doesn’t matter anyway Stephen has left town. Nick thinks it’s for the best. She says she will be okay. She knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to work out between the two of them, but still she is surprised. Nick offers that, “me too. I guess you really never know some people the way you think you do.”

Stephanie stands the poster up and tells Brooke that she can’t ignore her. She wants her to look at it. “The woman in this photo is PROUD of who she is.” It’s who Brooke is – proud, confidant, OPEN. She knows she is afraid of losing Nick because he doesn’t understand. Brooke points out that most men wouldn’t. Steph offers but Ridge does. She comments that is because she understands the business. Stephanie confesses that she was late coming to the parade, but she gets it now. She looks at this photograph through Ridge’s eyes and she understands it, she appreciates it as something that needs to be celebrated. And she sees a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. “And I’m happy….and proud to have this woman represent the family in this company.” Brooks thanks her sincerely for all those kind words. Stephanie just wishes she had said them sooner and spared her all of this heartbreak. Brooke laments that she is fine. Stephanie tells her one more time – Nick will never get her. If she marries him, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

The owners give Dante the medal and he and Felicia admire it. He says he couldn’t have done it without her. She quips – yeah she gets her heart broke and he gets a medal. “Some people have all the luck.” Meanwhile, Bridget checks her face in the mirror and dabs a frozen face with tissues as she panics.

Brooke mulls the poster and hears Stephanie’s words in her head. She stuffs the poster aside when Nick walks in. He asks about the wedding plans because the honeymoon is all set. However, he’s just as mum as she is though she needs to know at least how long so she can make arrangements at work. Work – he needs to talk to her about that. He reminds her that he thinks he’s been a pretty good sport, doesn’t she? She replies yes, he’s been very patient. He suggests it’s time she started her own company. She answers that Forrester Creations IS her company. He says he knows they had good intentions when they started out, but let them be honest. This was weighing them both down. He doesn’t want her working with Ridge….he respects them being parents and all, but that’s where it ends. Besides, he tells her, she will have her hands full being Mrs. Dominick Marone. They share a big kiss.

Christian returns and reveals to Felicia that he knows she wanted to make Dante as uncomfortable as she made Bridget. She admits that Bridget isn’t uncomfortable; she’s not feeling a thing!

Dante returns to the beach house and finds a panicked Bridget, who is drooling at the mouth, can not move her lips, only mumbling, still walking stiff like a zombie. He finally manages to understand when she says her face is numb, she can’t feel a thing, call a doctor. Felicia explains to Christian that it’s nothing really. It’s just some Botox that she had shipped in from Europe….and she’s going to come out of it younger. At that moment, Dante calls and Christian tells him to sit tight, don’t panic and he will be right there. He turns on Felicia and tells her this is it. He wants her to stop this right now; this will be the last stunt she pulls on Bridget. Felicia asks that he not tell her it was Felicia.

Nick tells Brooke that he is worried about her, not Ridge. He’s done enough already, doesn’t she think? She states that he will not affect her role at Forrester. Nick asks exactly what is her role? She answers as CEO. Then, he asks, why do they have her modeling? She answers again because it is HER line and their promotions reflect that. “And you have no problem with that? Lying around in your underwear to get them rich?” She reminds him that they profit too, but he doesn’t care about the money. They don’t need that. He’ll take care of her. And she regales that she doesn’t WANT to be taken care of! (ah, that seems to be the germ of the problem, two diametric points of view of who they each are). She softens and says she wants to be loved, and appreciated for who she is. He tells her that she is an amazingly talented, driven woman who doesn’t need the Forrester’s or the company to feel like a success. She agrees, she can’t argue with that. He says he doesn’t want to argue about anything! Unless they can find a FINE way to make up. Hmmmm..she asks if he has any ideas? He kisses her and says he has LOTS of ideas.

Stephanie walks Massimo to the spot in Burton W. Chace Park where the wedding will take place. He walks up the knoll and extols that this is perfect. He shows her the spot where the ceremony will take place and Nick will look out and immediately see the photograph. He won’t be able to miss it; he’ll be looking right at it. They should have some fireworks there. “Dominick will explode……and so should their marriage.”

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