The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/3/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

After the photo session, Brooke and Ridge re-hash his ideas of using the Bedroom Line and then the last page the nude shot. She smiles and thinks it might work. They salute with drinks of water. Brio and Stephanie look over the computerized shots before them. Stephanie tells herself that she knows Ridge loves her and once Nick sees this nude photo, well……….

Felicia tells Dante that he doesn’t have to drop the baby off and run. He’s asleep, so they can talk. He says he can’t, he and Bridget are going to the beach. She tells him then don’t let her keep him. He changes his mind and says actually he does want to talk to her. He meant to call……he has good news…..his sculpture won. She grins and says she knows. She got invited to the ceremony. He’s glad; he wanted the committee to know who inspired the piece. He asks if she is going? She asks is he taking Bridget? He nods yes. Then Bridget walks in with all the baby equipment. In the transfer to Felicia, Bridget drops the diaper bag and one of her beach bags. Felicia spies the Sun Block….little wheels start going off in her head. Bridget opines they were going to lay out at her mom’s house, but Hope was having some friends over. Felicia offers her place there. Dante jumps at that; they won’t have to deal with the traffic. Dino was asleep when they dropped him off so both Bridget and Dante want to see him and they excuse themselves. Felicia picks up the Sun Block and ponders.

At Marone, Massimo asks Nick what is this? Nick answers it’s a wedding announcement. Mass says it can’t be, otherwise his father would have gotten one. Nick points out that he doesn’t support this marriage…..unless, of course, he’s changed his mind. Mass tells him no. He still believes Brooke belongs with Ridge and she is going to disappoint Nick. Nick tells him that HE disappoints him. Mass says he’s sorry to hear that, but he’s here for one reason and one reason only. He’s his father and he doesn’t want to see him getting hurt. Nick laments, “well, thanks for dropping by. It’s always nice to know who your true allies are.” Which reminds him, he ought to visit the other side. You never know what they up to, do you? Massimo tells him, “don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

All congratulate Brio for some very provocative shots, but not salacious. Stephanie is ecstatic at the kind of publicity this ad campaign is going to generate. And Brooke makes notice that this isn’t the sort of thing that Stephanie usually believes in. Steph comments that leopards can change their spots. She states that she thinks this collection is going to sell because of Brooke’s image and this ad campaign is going to take the line right through the roof. And she’s going to call the ad agency right now. Brooke tells her to wait. She hasn’t authorized the ad yet. Ridge reminds her that even his mother is on board with this, so what is the problem now? Stephanie guesses that it is Nick! It’s like he is holding her back. And she’s such a free spirit. She is SO surprised that she’d want to marry someone who’d try and restrain her this way.

Christian drops in on Felicia and asks if she is over being angry at Bridget and Dante? Felicia opines they are lucky she was just angry. A less grounded person would be homicidal. He’s glad she won’t do something like that. She grins that no, no crime of passion, but reveals that she did do a little harmless something. ……we spy a bottle of baby oil on the counter.

And the bottle of Sun Block as Bridget asks Dante to please rub it on her. She will be like a lobster without it. She really doesn’t want to be uncomfortable at his ceremony tonight. He applies it (can’t either one of them tell the difference in an oil and a creme?)

Brooke glances more at the pictures and Ridge says they are as good as she thinks they are. He sees her pondering and says it IS Nick, his mother was right. She points out that she is marrying him, so she does need to consider his feelings (which IMO she hasn’t so far). Ridge asks her what is her gut saying? She has some of the best instincts in the business. What are they telling her? Forget about Nick. Forget about Ridge, even Stephanie or any other voice in her head. “Just tell me, what is it YOU want to do?” She claims she wants to think about it. But, he goads her more. Where is the strong, independent woman he used to know? Where is she? How long is she going to let Nick come between her and what she knows to be right?

Stephanie sits at the computer and remarks, “Nick, Nick, Nick. You think you know your fiancée, but you don’t.” The phone rings and it’s Massimo telling her that Nick is on his way to Forrester; he may be there by now. She chagrins that too bad he didn’t get there sooner. He might have gotten an eyeful. Quickly, she tells him she was going to call him. She needs a favor. He tells her anything! She states that she knows he’s personal friends with a certain CEO at the ad agency and she needs to see his top people today. Can he arrange that? She can’t talk more; someone is coming up the elevator.

Nick steps off the elevator and asks Stephanie where Brooke is? She replies she thinks she is downstairs. He picks up a tiny garment and says looks like he missed all the fun. Stephanie chuckles and says yes, she outdid herself. She was quite revolutionary. He points out, it’s underwear. Stephanie says and she’s quite proud of that underwear. He opines that he is proud of her, although he can’t say he’s proud that his fiancée is going to be seen in her lingerie by the entire world. Stephanie quips well if it’s lingerie that he’s bothered by, then he has nothing to worry about. He returns the favor by saying what really bothers him is her telling him how to appreciate Brooke. She closes the laptop and tells him that he’s making the same mistakes many others have made concerning Brooke…..trying to sort of MOLD her into their version ….and play by their rules…….and the only rules she has ever played by are her own. He states that they understand each other. Stephanie asks, “really? What happens if she swings and it’s strike three?” And why would he give her that ultimatum? What does that say about his relationship? He asks her emphatically, will she EVER learn to mind her own business? She opines she is just trying to help. He gives a sarcastic “thanks!” She shrugs if he doesn’t want to listen or doesn’t want to see. He quips he sees just fine. She explains that this is a woman who is not embarrassed by scandal or her own sexuality. “She THRIVES on it.” He begs to differ; she does NOT thrive on scandal. Stephanie keeps saying yes she does. It is her very essence of her personality. He points a finger and tells her it is what her family has turned her into. And he’s offering her something she can rely on. Stephanie extols that the question is – can he rely on her? He knows this is hard on Stephanie right now, but Brooke wants a life with him and he trusts her. “So you do whatever you have to do”. He knocks on the table for good luck, “there will NOT be a strike three.” She lifts her eyebrow and opens the laptop and stares at the photo of Brooke and gives an “oh, yeah?” look.

Brooke tells Ridge that Nick has already put up with enough scandal. He reminds her that is it ONLY an ad campaign. She remarks a very provocative one. He says that’s what makes it so interesting. She points out they understand that because they are in the business. That kiss at the end of the runway was a publicity stunt, but to Nick it was PERSONAL. Ridge muses that is because he doesn’t really understand Brooke. And if he doesn’t understand the real “you” that’s his problem, not hers. He tells her she does not have to change for Nick. She suggests that marriage is about consideration – a compromise. As she tries to turn away, he swings her around and tells her she is letting Nick clip her wings and she shouldn’t let him do that, not when she is beginning to soar.

Basking out in the sun, shades on, both Bridget and Dante praise Felicia for being so nice and letting them use the pool. She hated all that tension between them. It was understandable if she never forgave them, but she really hopes she does. She slathers more lotion ….errrrr oil…..over her body.

Inside, Felicia laughs when Christian realizes she put baby oil in their sun block. She claims it is just a little fun although he tells her Bridget could get sun poisoning. She says it’s just a prank, even though it is poetic justice. “She burned me, so now it’s her turn.”

Brooke sits in her office mulling over the photos. Nick walks in so she stuffs the photos away. He laughs that he’s been upstairs with Stephanie. And she’d filled him in about the photo shoot. She’d said Brooke was brilliant, but he already knew that. And she had her usual insanity and he’d told her he just didn't much like his fiancée posing in her lingerie. She offers that some men would be proud of that. He tells her he thinks they were raised just a little differently. She asks if they were tastefully done? He states he knows what men think when they see ads like that, and he just doesn't want them thinking like that when they look at her, okay? He gives her a quick kiss just as Brio comes in. She introduces her to the photographer. Brio asks her if she’d made up her mind about the pictures? Brooke looks to Nick and tells Brio she’ll go with the first set. Brio opines that the second set was really incredible, the cutting edge. Maybe if she looked at them again. Brooke tells her no, it’s non-negotiable. She spirits Nick out right quick. She wants to show him the place they are going to get married.

Massimo hurries into Stephanie’s office and tells her that the ad people cleared their schedule so they could meet with her. Excitedly, she thanks him and he wants to know what’s going on? She hands him a manila folder and says, “you tell me.” He opens it up and we see a twinkle in his eye when he sees the evidence.

Dante suggests he doesn’t think anyone will notice if they sneak off to the pool house. He reaches out to touch Bridget around the knee and she flinches and recoils from his touch. She looks down and she is as red as a lobster all over. She pulls her strap down and her bathing suit aside and you can visibly see red and white stripes. She doesn’t know what happened as she DID use the sun block. Oh, My God, she’s a French fry! She can’t stand for him to touch her. Felicia is lurking in the bushes with a big smile.

The guys look over the photos and pronounce them very good. Mass gives them the slogan – Brooke’s Bedroom…….or nothing at all……He laughs, it’s inspired! Stephanie wants all of it – print, outdoor, TV spots…..and she wants it on the Internet, around the world by tomorrow!

Brio reports to Ridge that Brooke is very clear. She does not want to use the nude photos. And Brio thinks this could have set a new industry standard, won awards, how could she not see the potential? Ridge tells Brio that Brooke DOES see it. This isn’t about what Brooke wants, but what Nick wants. It’s too bad for Forrester, but especially for Brooke.

As he puts the shots back on the desk, he spies the wedding announcement and picks it up, and thinks back to his wedding on the beach to Brooke. He thinks, “you’ve always been wild and free, Logan. He’s NEVER going to understand you.”

Arm in arm, Brooke guides Nick to the place she wants to get married. She says she thought about sailing everybody out to some deserted island, but she thought she would reserve that for just them. This is perfect because it’s his home, it’s where he is most comfortable and where they fell in love. It smells like the ocean and there are lots of boats everywhere. He’s tickled, he really likes it. He REALLY likes her, he kisses. He asks if this is really going to happen? She declares it is and she can’t wait another second. She’s really wanting to be Mrs. Nick Marone. He kisses her again – and tells her he loves it. He shouts it to the world – he loves it! And he returns to her and kisses her again and tells her that he loves her. They kiss as he picks her up slightly and she squeals with delight.

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