The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/29/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

After Felicia leaves the beach house, Dante tells Bridget he tried to drive her home but she wouldn’t accept it. Bridget is concerned and hopes Felicia will be okay. She loves her sister and she’s finding it hard to accept their happiness at her expense. He assures Bridget that Felicia loves her very much; she is just hurting right now. Felicia will get past this some day and everything will be okay between them. He grins and says now NOTHING is standing in their way. They can finally love each other. They share many kisses.

On The Marlin, Nick is vigorously scrubbing Hope’s little rubber duckies. Brooke comes in and by the look on her face, he asks how did dinner go? When she doesn’t respond, he guesses that she must have shown Ridge the announcements. She replies yes, and Ridge realizes they are getting married. Nick repeats – they are getting married no matter what Ridge tries to pull. She states she had to make him see that because she loves him and always will. They discuss holding onto the good memories and good things they had together. She agrees and that is why she did what she did so he could start letting go. He gives her a quick kiss and says he knows this is hard. And they both are really hurting right now. She says it isn’t because she loves Nick any less, but just seeing Ridge’s face……she really wants him to move on and have a life after her. She really wants that. Nick says he knows, but Ridge has got to do some of this on his own. He HAS to want that. She says he will……in time…….and maybe he will find something as wonderful and special as she has. “But until then, I don’t know… heart just breaks for him.” They hug.

At Forrester, Stephanie is trying to reach Ridge by phone and thinks it odd that she can’t reach him. Miraculously, he walks in and she tells him that she and Brio, the photographer, have been waiting for him to make some decisions about the shoot tomorrow. He apologizes for being so late and then sheepishly asks if they can put this off until the first thing in the morning? Stephanie thanks Brio, who leaves, and then Stephanie asks Ridge what’s going on? He tells her that Brooke invited him to the private dining room. She thinks that is swell as it’s always been a special place for them. But, he tells her this time she invited him there to say goodbye. ”It is over, mother. It’s over between us. It’s over for good.”

Nick tells Brooke that he needs to take the papers over to Bridget’s. Down playing it, she says she will just wait there until he gets back. And the sooner he can get the papers signed, the sooner they can get married, she says. Reassuring her, he puts his arms around her and says Bridget is going to be fine, and she WANTS them together. They part with a kiss and she tells him to give Bridget her love.

Dante and Bridget are enveloped in each other’s arms sharing a kiss. He tells her he loves her so much. She smiles when he says and now she is his. “Yes, I am.” They kiss some more and she helps take off his shirt and then he quickly unsnaps her dress and lets it fall to the floor. He picks her up, panties and bra, and lays her gently on the bed as they kiss more and their hands find rapture in exploring each other’s bodies.

Barely done, there is a knock at the door and Dante opens it. He’s just in his trunks and Nick takes a look up and down and quips this is awkward. Dante says this happens when you show up unannounced. From the bedroom, Bridget calls out and then enters the room wearing only Dante’s shirt. Nick walks on in, eyeballing them both in what he knows is a rather private moment. He tells Bridget he has something for her and needs to talk to her…….alone. Dante kisses Bridget and excuses himself, he’ll grab a quick shower.

She asks Nick what was his reason for stopping by? He tells her that he pulled a few strings and got the divorce finalized a little early. He hopes she is okay with that. She gulps and smiles, but doesn’t say a word.

Brooke is on deck sipping her coffee when she is surprised by Stephanie who asks where Nick is? Brooke asks what difference does it make? She knows she’s just there to badger her. She assures her she is not, but Ridge did tell her about their conversation earlier at the dining room. Brooke states that things couldn’t continue the way they were. Stephanie offers but he feels so hopeless, like he’s lost her. Brooke assures her they will always be a part of each other’s life because of R.J. Stephanie tells her that is not good for Ridge, nor is it good for Brooke either. And she’s worried about him physically. She doesn’t want him to end up back in the hospital. Brooke tells her to stop it; don’t do that to herself. He’s just fine now, strong, he’s made a remarkable recovery. Still Stephanie is concerned and wonders what she can do, how does she reach Brooke? “What do I have to do to stop you from rushing into this ridiculous marriage?” She begs her not to close the door on her and Ridge, please don’t.

Below now, Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge has finally accepted it is over between them. And she is insulted if Stephanie is suggesting that Nick gave her an ultimatum.. Stephanie simply states that he is mad at Brooke for forgiving Ridge, for the runway kiss and for two strikes against her…….and she’s waiting for the third. Brooke is appalled and wonders where Stephanie heard that? Stephanie fires back – since when did Brooke ever let a man dictate how she ran her life? She spits out that Ridge never did anything or tried anything like that because he knew she was a free spirit. She wags her finger and declares that Ridge appreciates her in a way that Nick never will! And she wonders if Brooke really loves Nick just so she can justify taking him away from Bridget? Brooke tells her she is not going to get into that. Stephanie pursues it more – the only reason Nick is rushing this is because he is afraid she will follow her heart and go back to Ridge. Brooke shouts, “I AM following my heart and it’s leading me to Nick. For the love of God, let’s please just stop this.” She reminds her they all have to work together. Tomorrow, she and Ridge and Stephanie at the photo shoot. So they all need to work together, on their best behavior, no more stunts. Because Nick won’t put up with it, and neither will she. Stephanie is quiet. Brooke asks if she understands? You can see the little wheels going around in Stephanie’s head. She faces Brooke who calmly says, “I know you love Ridge, and so do I. And neither of us want to lose him. But life isn’t as simple as it used to be.” She offers that both Hope and Bridget want this marriage to Nick and NOTHING is going to get her to back out NOW. Stephanie shakes her head in dismay.

Bridget takes the papers from Nick’s hand and asks if he is that anxious to get rid of her? He jerks them back out of her hands and replies no. She smiles and says she was just kidding. Forlornly, he offers that she seems to be in a good place, so happy. She shyly says thanks, she is. He motions toward the bedroom. “Because of him?” She nods yes and she knows he’s not his favorite person or the man Nick would have chosen for her, but he IS making her happy. And she points out that Nick has found happiness with her mom. After a hesitation, she asks shall they do this?

They sit side by side on the couch. Slowly, he opens the papers and takes the pen she hands to him. But, he only stares at the words that leap out at him – Dissolution of Marriage. He looks at her, she looks back at him and finally he signs his name. He passes it to her and she signs her part. She then wipes a tear and says this is what he wanted….this is what they both wanted. “Now you have it…….she’s yours. I’m really happy for you……both of you.” She gives him a kiss….he’s stone cold erect, no emotion, but halfway pats her on the knee as he gets up and walks slowly out the door. She gives a sigh and tears roll down her cheeks.

Stephanie walks in on Massimo who is pacing and looking out the window. She asks where is Ridge? She’s stunned that he would just let him leave after everything he has been through this evening. He chastises her for leaving them alone without saying a word. She tells him she went to see Brooke. She hoped she would reconsider this whole thing. And Brooke did say something that got her to wondering. Mass asks if it will help Ridge? Stephanie replies perhaps it will…….. “I have a plan.”

Nick bolts down the stairs onto The Marlin. Brooke looks up in wonder. He states this was all much harder than he thought. She asks about her daughter? He states that she is okay, but he can’t answer when she asks how does HE feel? Instead he takes her hands and puts them up under his t-shirt and tells her she can tell him. She groans and tells him he feels good, then kisses him. He tells her they are getting married, “beautiful” and nothing is going to stop them.

Massimo repeats what Stephanie just told him. Brooke has two strikes against her……and just needs one more. Stephanie says that Nick has said, “three strikes and you are out…… that would just be the end of Nick and Brooke.” She’s thinking deeply, formulating that plan!

Nick twirls Brooke around and they fall devilishly on the sofa in an embrace and a kiss.

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