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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Bridget states to Felicia that she can’t give Dante up. She is sorry and she knows Felicia is hurt and humiliated, and it’s all Bridget’s fault. But look, at least she knows where things stand now, and it will be better. Felicia fires back at her to feel sorry for herself, not Felicia. And that she knows Bridget will justify anything to get back at her. The doctors had told Felicia she couldn’t get pregnant, and then that she could never carry the baby to term, but she did. Her baby lived and Bridget’s didn’t and Bridget couldn’t forgive her for that.

At the Café Russe, Brooke is overseeing Max as an intimate, romantic table is set. She tells him it is perfect. Right on cue, Ridge walks in and says hello and asks Max that isn’t she beautiful. He replies yes, and that it has been too long. Brooke is dressed in a provocative dark blue satin dress with spaghetti straps. Ridge starts to speak but she ssshhs him, to let her talk. She says, “tonight is about you and me. The you and me that only we know.” Other people see them laugh and work and fight and make up, “but who we are when we are alone, no one ever sees that.” Brooke continues that it’s been a very difficult year for him. And it’s been very hard for her to see him struggle. To see the pain and confusion in his eyes, knowing that she put it there, and yet not knowing really how to take it away.

He spies the wedding announcement and picks it up and reads. He sighs that guess they really are going through with this. She tells him he doesn’t have to be there. She doesn’t expect him to be. Her dad is not even going to be there. She doesn’t need him to give her away. She softly tells him that through the years, he is the one who has taught her so much, has shaped her, made her the person she is today. He’s the man she has loved half of her life. “And now I am asking you to let me go.”

Dismayed, Bridget tells Felicia she had no idea she felt that way. Now Felicia wants to know what she said? Bridget tells her it’s fine. It’s better to get it out in the open. But Felicia apologizes and says she doesn’t know why she said that. That isn’t the way she feels. Bridget wonders how she could ever use that against her. Felicia replies because it was the cruelest thing she could think of. Bridget offers that not for one hour did she ever not love that little boy. Even though Felicia had shoved him in her arms and barely gave her time to catch her breath or mourn the loss of her own daughter. Felicia sniffles that she knows how selfish she is. So she also knows how much Bridget must hate her. And if she doesn’t, she should! And she tells her that if she knows what she wants, it’s never too late. “For God’s sake, stand up for yourself.” Bridget tells her she is trying to, but she’s not her! Felicia states that is nothing to be upset about. She thanks her lucky stars because she has been a despicable person her whole life. People used to say she was the wild, black, sheep of the Forrester’s. But, what they really meant was that she did as she pleased, because she really didn’t give a damn about anybody else. And with the exception of her son, she really didn’t know what to do in this position of loving somebody so much you want better for them than you want for yourself. Bridget tells her she should at least know that Dante has feelings for her. Felicia informs her she is not talking about Dante, but Bridget! She can take just about anything except for Bridget to decide to become a distant relative.

Brooke tells Ridge that she never really imagined a life without him. “But I do love Nick. And we’re going to be together. It’s going to happen.” He reminds her that he can’t marry her until his divorce is final. She tells him the divorce is final. And she has pushed Nick to the limit twice. Two strikes - that is what he calls it. “And I really don’t want there to be a third, so you could keep pushing me, and I’ll keep pushing back.” Or he could just keep loving her the way he’s always done and just let her happiness be enough for him. He asks what does she think he is made of? Whatever those surgeons did to his heart, he can only stretch so much.

He gets up, she obviously thinks he is leaving and she sadly laments that he could walk away and never deal with her again. She certainly can’t stop him. But, that would hurt her immensely. Especially after everything they have meant to each other. And everything he will always mean to her. A single tear rolls down her cheek as a torchy love song plays in the background.

He stops and picks up the bottle of chilled champagne and comes back and pours them each a glass. She looks up at him in disbelief but thanks him and they clink their glasses, “to happiness”. As they sip, Brooke belts out that she is sorry, she didn’t know - the pianist/singer starts their song, Unforgettable. Ridge tells her hey, she knows he always tips the piano player. He holds out his hand and she takes it and he guides her out onto the dance floor – “darling, it’s incredible that someone so unforgettable thinks that I am unforgettable too.”

As they sit on the couch, a little more calm and relaxed now, Felicia tells Bridget that she got Nick, it should be her turn. Bridget remarks that she only got Nick on loan, that’s all. Her eyes roll as Felicia asks her why does she go after her mother’s men? That’d be like her dating Massimo. She chuckles and says she doesn’t know. Perhaps because when she was little she watched so many men walk away from her, and she thought she could get them to stay or something. Felicia asks if she is the only one who knows how screwed up she is now? Bridget proclaims she thinks she is cured now. Even though Felicia reminds her that she looked her straight in the eye and asked was she done with Dante, could she have a crack at him? She was the good girl. Bridget points out that she was naked at the time. Felicia tells her no excuse. Why did she say yes if she meant no? Bridget offers – hasn’t Felicia ever said something that she doesn’t mean and she didn’t know why? Felicia responds all right, fine. But, how’s Dante supposed to trust that? How’s he supposed to know that she won’t decide the grass is greener somewhere else in a year or two? “I mean, he knows I may be nuts, but when I take the plunge, I do it without a net.”

Bridget simply offers that Dante understands her. He walks in a room and simply knows if she wants company or to be alone. He has infinite patience with her and when a man loves you the way he loves her, so devoted and so long, you kind of take it for granted. Bridget says she thought love was something you had to fight for. Like she did with Nick. She just thought he saw something in her that didn’t exist. But, that’s not it. He just sees something, a part of her that she shied away from because she thought she was so ordinary….but she’s not ordinary to him.

Him – he walks in. Dante tells Felicia that he was looking for her. She pounces on him and says he is NOT going to tell her the wedding is off! She repeats, “you are NOT, you are NOT!” He tries to take her hand to say listen to him for a minute. She asks why should she? He tells her for the sake of their son. She urges him not to use their son to justify what the two of them had done to her. He tells her to shut up and listen. He wants their son to know what an amazing and incredible woman he has for a mother. And how lucky his father is to have loved this woman. This woman that is free and fearless. She used to like him, right? Because he was a dreamer. And he knows that they could have been happy, but that dream came true for him. Those things don’t happen too often. She wipes her tears away and tells him he’s wrong. She don’t just like him, she loves him. So if he’s got the idea that he’s letting her down easy, he’s not. He quips she wouldn’t let him. She continues that he should thank her, really the two of them. “For getting you off the damn dime. If I hadn’t forced the issue, you’d be mooning around making cow eyes at each other until you got bifocals.” He tells her there is some truth to that. She declares that if he agrees with her now, she will scream.

As she starts to leave, she stops and says, by the way, this ring, he doesn’t get it back. She knows it was never meant for her, but too bad. Because she figures that someday she may want proof that this drop dead gorgeous man that she loved was insane enough to think he could make a wife of her. She leaves. Dante and Brooke look at each other, not feeling really good.

Brooke hands Ridge a lovely wrapped gift. She tells him to open it. She’s giving it to him for safekeeping. He sees that it is a scrapbook/wedding album. Actually, she wants R.J. to have it too. She wants him to grow up knowing how he came from an amazing love story. And it’s only a quarter full because there is still so much to tell. “Our lives as R.J.’s parents is just beginning.” He says that their lives together, why couldn’t it have had a happier ending? She shares that perhaps love isn’t something you are supposed to feel. Maybe it’s something you are supposed to live. “Love is like water. It takes the shape you give it. Right now, our love has taken this shape.” He tells her that he never felt alone in his life until losing her. She says she is not lost. He says it won’t be the same. She opines did they ever stay the same? He shares that he always wanted her to ask something big of him….something impossible, so he could really prove to her……maybe this is it.

She whispers for him to close his eyes. He looks at her quizzically for a moment, then does as she asks. She slowly rises and goes to his side of the table, bends and kisses him. He savors the kiss, still with his eyes closed, then agony is shown on his face as he slowly opens his eyes. He’s alone and he knows it. Max comes in and tells him the entrees are ready…..shall they wait? Ridge musters the courage to say no, it was all right. “I think we are done for the night. I don’t think the lady is coming back.”

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