The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/27/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Bridget, the aggressor, and Dante are heating up the couch. Amidst a gazillion kisses, she mushes and gushes she can’t believe she couldn’t see him standing right before her the whole time. They joke that love is…….patient… kind….does not envy or boast and definitely not proud……..He tells her now she knows and that is all that matters.

On The Marlin, Brooke asks Nick what difference does it matter when Bridget fell in love with Dante? He defends Stephanie by saying that he thinks she must think that….Brooke finishes – that Bridget learned from Brooke and she is just as selfish as Brooke is. He offers he is NOT defending Stephanie, but she may have a point about the timing of this. Until recently, Bridget wasn’t giving Dante the time of day. She states until he told her he wasn’t coming back. He says he wants Bridget to be happy…..happy with the RIGHT man. And Brooke extols he just doesn’t believe the right man is Dante?

At the guest house, Felicia is singing the praises of Dante to her dad. As buzzed as she was when they met, she says she knew he was a special man, kind and loving and Dino loves him. So, of course, when he proposed, she said yes. And she states that is what she thinks really upsets Bridget….that Felicia saw something in him that she didn’t until it was too damn late. Eric says he doesn’t think for one minute that is what Bridget is thinking or feeling. He tells her that Stephanie gave him the full account. Felicia adds that she doesn’t think Bridget can ever forgive her for surviving cancer and taking her own son back. She threw it in her face yesterday….which proves she only wants her to suffer as much as she did in losing Dino. He tells her that is NOT who Bridget is, and she knows it. She accuses him of defending Saint Bridget….not a selfish bone in her body! Then why when she went to her a couple of weeks ago and asked did she have a problem with Felicia pursuing Dante…….and she didn’t? She backed away. Eric says Bridget was confused. Felicia thinks if she hears that word one more time, she will scream. She was confused too. When Dante proposed to her, she thought it was a joke. Then he told her that he loved her, and he wanted them to be a family. She believed him ……and she still does. Eric softens and says that Stephanie told him that Brooke had a talk with Bridget. Felicia explains that Bridget does not know what she wants. Dante sees how mixed up she is and he is not in love with her. Eric asks is Felicia sure? She states that Dante was just there. If he hadn’t wanted to marry her, doesn’t Eric think he would have said something?

Bridget tells Dante that she definitely knows who she is now. He makes her feel so special…….so stable and secure……lovable and sexy. They lay back further on the couch and are going to get down to business when Stephanie bolts in and tells him to get his hands off Bridget. They both look like their legs have been knocked out from underneath them.

Brooke asks Nick if he believes Bridget is still in love with him? He replies he hopes not. She says she asked her and she said she didn’t. He wonders if Brooke believes her? Brooke opines that something happened during the wedding and hearing the vows. She realized then that she really wanted Dante. He doesn’t understand how it could even get that far. He’d been chasing her for over a year now. Brooke admits that Bridget was in love with him then. She wasn’t ready for another man. He relays – still, doesn’t Brooke want more than that for Bridget? He was going to marry Felicia although he was still in love with Bridget? He maintains that she’s been hurt enough. He doesn’t want to see her hurt any more.

Eric tells Felicia that Dante is probably as confused as anyone else right now. But, she argues that he put a ring on her finger, said vows and they would be married right now if Bridget hadn’t ruined it. Concerned daddy asks if Felicia asked him about the kiss? Felicia states that Bridget threw herself at him. (yeah, like he couldn’t fight her off?) He was too much of a gentlemen to say that, but…..Eric wants to get to the bottom of this, the truth, so just what DID Dante say? She proclaims that he loves her. He stood up in front of God and his family and committed himself to her, NOT Bridget. “Dante is going to marry ME.”

Bridget jumps up and asks Stephanie what is she doing here? Dante gruffly asks does she believe in knocking? Stephanie laments that she just spoke with Brooke who told her that Bridget wasn’t going to walk away……and now obviously she can see that she is not! Brooke starts nervously smoothing her dress and says no, they tried that and it just created problems. And she states she is not going to justify their feelings to her or anyone. In her face, Stephanie points and says she is NOT going to hurt Felicia……and to Dante, he was going to be honorable and honor his commitment to her daughter! Dante says he is sorry, he can not do that. He has loved this woman from the first moment he saw her. Irate, she states but Bridget doesn’t love him. When Bridget protests, Stephanie rants what has changed? Just because her mother is engaged to Nick? That marriage may never happen! Bridget informs her that she is NOT in love with Nick. Stephanie points her finger again and says if anyone told her that Bridget was capable of this, she would have called them a LIAR right to their face.

Dante defends by saying their son was conceived during a one night stand in France. They never thought they’d see each other again, much less get married! She storms then why the hell did he ask Felicia to marry him? Why did he LIE? Why did he tell her he loved her? He states that he does love her and he loves his son and he’s going to do the best he can to make sure they are okay. She barks, “oh, have your cake and eat it too. Not on my watch.” He fires back this is NOT her life, this is Felicia’s life and his life! He thinks she should go. Stephanie says she told Felicia to come and talk to Bridget, and she did, didn’t she? Bridget replies yes and she told her she was proud to be her sister, and no one would ever come between them. Stephanie seethes – so Bridget LIED to her? Bridget admits that yes, she lied, but…….”I want to be honest now.” Again, Stephanie about bursts a vein in her neck she is so irate. She is just her mother’s daughter! “When you say yes, you mean no, and when you say no, you mean yes.” She double glares at Dante and turns on him like a Mother Tiger when he hollers for her to GET OUT or he’ll throw her out himself.

Eric tells Felicia that he and her mother spoke with Dante before he left the house. They didn’t threaten him, only REMINDED him of the commitment he had made to Felicia and her son. She says he doesn’t need reminding. Can her dad keep a secret? She laughs when he asks, “a secret in THIS family?” And she tells them they are eloping, either Vegas or Italy, she doesn’t know which. He says he just spoke with Dante and he never said one thing about them eloping. She informs him that it is a secret and she’s just trying to hold the pieces together. He thinks she is running away and she needs to resolve all of this before she does anything. She states he must think that Dante doesn’t love her? Why? Because she is damaged? She remarks that Dante doesn’t mind her scars…..physical or emotional. He thinks she is beautiful. He envelopes his arms around her from the back and around her shoulders and tells her that she IS beautiful. She mopes, “spoken like a daddy feeling sorry for his daughter.” She says she has to get away from all of this bad energy. He tries to convince her otherwise, but she doesn’t feel like he’s on her side.

Brooke tells Nick that Bridget is happy and sometimes happiness is right in your own backyard. He acknowledges that, but this is not a fairytale. Brooke states that Dante worships her. He would walk through fire for her. And she finally has a love she can call her own. So Nick surmises that the whole thing with Felicia….Brooke is okay with that? She replies yes, it was a mistake on Dante’s part, but he never stopped loving Bridget. Nick says okay. And he will talk with Bridget because he has something for her to sign. He shows Brooke a document and tells her that he knows she did not want him to pull any strings or push this divorce forward because of Bridget……but now that she is moving on with her life with Dante, he’s moving on with his. He displays the papers in front of Brooke’s face. Sheepishly, she asks if this means they can get married? He quips as soon as the ink is dry. She squeals for him to “get out of here.” And with that, she jumps into his arms and straddles him and smothers him with delightful kisses.

Dante informs Stephanie he is NOT going to listen to this. She tells him then leave! Bridget placates him by asking him to please, leave and she will handle this. He storms – she wants him to leave her with THIS? She calms him and he tells her to call him if she needs him. Alone, she wheels on Stephanie and asks if she remembers when she told Bridget that she would NEVER be happy with Nick if he was still in love with her mother? She states she did not want to believe that just as much as Felicia doesn’t want to believe that Dante will never love her the same way he does Bridget. Stephanie roars again – then WHY did Bridget wait until they were getting married? Bridget expounds to her that she is NOT going to find anything sinister here, there is no conspiracy here! Stephanie retorts that as much as she loves her, and she knows she does, she will never be able to look at her again without seeing her mother! Bridget offers that she knows Stephanie thinks she is acting out and being childish and selfish, but she is wrong. She says she is being as honest as she can be right now. She loves him and she can’t imagine why it took her so long to figure it out. She has no idea, but now that she has, she can’t imagine her life without him! She cries she is sorry that she is going to hurt Felicia and she prays to God she will forgive her someday. And that Stephanie will be able to forgive her. She states that she knows Dante loves her. Even Felicia knows that, and Bridget offers that she knows better than anyone else that Felicia does not want to be married to a man who is in love with someone else. Stephanie shakes her head and says what a mess this is!

Dante comes back to the guest house. Eric lets him in and tells him that Felicia is not there. It’s just the baby and him. But he tells him that Felicia is under the impression that they are going to elope. Dante confides that is the reason he is there right now. He’d like to fix everything. Eric asks then he is not going to marry Felicia? Dante justifies it all by saying he is really sorry for what happened. He really cares for Felicia a lot, but……he’s in love with Bridget. Eric asks then why didn’t he say that BEFORE he broke Felicia’s heart?

Nick has to literally heft Brook and ask her to get down so he can show her more. He grabs a box of printed wedding announcements that she reads about their wedding. He asks if it is too subtle? She wonders if he thought of this and he takes credit, plus his mother. He quips he wanted to write it from the Marone jet, but his mother said they made cards for this sort of thing. She thinks they are perfect. He says he thinks she is perfect, as he kisses her. He sighs that it has been a long road. She agrees, and they have made it through it all. And it’s all due to him. He’s been so patient. And he put up with her. He says he has a feeling he always will.

Bridget confesses to Stephanie that yes, Felicia asked her a couple of weeks ago if she cared if she started something up with Dante. And she wishes she could have been honest with her. And be honest with herself. Stephanie asks what are they going to do now? Bridget remarks that she thinks Felicia is in denial (isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?) and that Dante is really worried about her. She seems concerned. Is that the reason Dante hasn’t told her the truth? Bridget states that he loves her….and so does Bridget. Stephanie asks is she is absolutely sure…..even if Nick became available? She makes it clear – she is in love with Dante. Stephanie finally seems to get the message and announces that she is not going to let her daughter marry a man that is not in love with her. Before she turns to go, she tells Bridget she is NOT doing this for her. Felicia is going to be DEVASTATED because of Bridget’s indecisiveness. “I don’t think I’ll never be able to forgive you for that, Bridget.”

Dante laments that Eric has always known he loved Bridget. He hasn’t kept it a secret. Eric asks then how did all of this happen? “How is it that both of my daughters think you are going to marry them?” He explains that he never stopped loving Bridget. But, he did just give up hope that she would love him back. Now she says she does love him, and he believes her. The reality is that one of his daughters is going to be hurt by this, and he’s really sorry about that. But he states that he’s got to do what he has to do, what’s in his heart. Eric scoffs that he tried to tell Felicia about this. Dante said he knew he was crazy to get married so quickly, but then he was crazy not to because they have a beautiful, amazing son together. Eric agrees that they all got caught up in the neat, tidy thing, especially Felicia. Dante says again he is so sorry and he will explain this to Felicia if she will just take the time to slow down a little bit.

Eric tells him that Felicia is not as tough as everyone thinks she is. She’s not as tough as SHE thinks she is. No one fights any more than she, but no one hurts like she does either. “God, how many hits does she have to take?” Dante repeats again he is so sorry. Eric says ok, and then points the way to his son as he leaves.

Felicia comes calling on poor Bridget. Soon as the door is opened, she comes charging in spouting that she wants to make something very clear. She and Dante WILL be getting married – someplace where there won’t be any more surprises. Bridget frantically asks has Felicia talked to him? Felicia replies of course. Bridget asks recently? She tells her that her relationship with her fiancée is NONE of Bridget’s business. And she thinks that Bridget needs to stay the hell away from him. “If I mean anything at all to you.” Bridget assures her, of course, she does. And this is a very confusing time for all of them and she is so sorry what happened at the wedding. She vows that she knows what this means to Felicia, to give Dante his father, but this is not a fling. This isn’t a competition between the two of them. What she has with Dante is very real. Course the timing could have been better, but they want to share a life together. Felicia sniffles that she is not going to listen to this. She knows how Dante feels about her. It’s a lot more than just caring about her because she is Dino’s mother.

They spar as Bridget tries to explain that he will always have a special place in his heart for her, but the life she wanted isn’t happening. Felicia commands her to STOP IT, but Bridget continues that she is way too important to her, the connection with Dino gave them something few people can have…….Felicia asks her to give Dante up then, please. Bridget tells her she can not do that. As Felicia glares at her, Bridget says, “I can’t."

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