The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/26/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Next day after the non-wedding between Felicia and Dante, Bridget hands Brooke some coffee and they sit and chat at the beach house.  She bares her soul to Brooke that how does something that feels so right for her be so wrong for everyone else?  Brooke laments that she doesn’t have to tell her how complicated love can be.  Brooke questions her.  Is that how she really feels?  Is she really in love with her sister’s fiancée? 

At Stephanie’s, she pours some orange juice as she and Eric have an informal breakfast in the living room.  They begin to discuss the non-wedding and all that happened.

Felicia lets Dante into the guest house.  She’s happy to see him.  He doesn’t exactly return those feelings; more business than pleasure.  He starts in that he’s very sorry for yesterday.  He wishes there were a way to explain it and for her to understand.  She says it is not important, and she does understand.  And the important thing is that he is here.  She will work it out.  He mutters that he’s the one who made a mess of things and he should fix it.  She’s eager to forget it and move on.  He asks can she do that?  She says she wants to finish it, the sooner the better.  He flashes those dimples and agrees and she laughs.  And tells him she’s already called the travel agency and they can be in Italy in a day and a half; it will be good to see his family again.  He tries to tell her she’s getting ahead of herself.  She knows – the wedding first.  But, she tells him she will never make him repeat those; they were perfect.  So the ceremony itself is just a formality and they can do it anywhere, Las Vegas, justice of the peace.  The important thing is that no matter where they do it, Bridget won’t be there.  Then she says that was stupid.  Doesn’t even know why she brought up her name.  Again, the important thing is that they are moving on together.  Dino cries and she tells Dante that someone else is glad to see him.  She gives Dante a quick kiss as she goes off to get Dino.  Dante looks like his goose is cooked. 

Bridget opines to Brooke that she definitely feels she and Dante can have a life together.  She loves Dante.  Brooke asks how much?  Bridget squirms by saying she’d promised this wasn’t going to be an interrogation.  And she assures Brooke that she is not taking Dante away from his son; he will always be a part of his life.  Brooke reminds her that if he pursues a relationship with Bridget, he and Dino won’t live together.  And she knows she has never been the kind of girl that put her needs before anybody else’s.  Is she willing to do that now?

Dante is happy to hold his son and Felicia fawns over him that at least he doesn’t know what happened yesterday.  And the good thing is the next wedding is going to be so much better, someone is actually going to end up married.  Dante says again – about these plans she is making?  She guesses he wants to be more involved.  He says they need to talk about it.  But, he doesn’t think this is the right time.  She says she doesn’t think they should wait.  He offers that look what happened when they rushed the first one.  She asks if he feels she is rushing him?  He says he thinks they need to stop and get their bearings before making a decision.  She nervously laughs and says she told him – Vegas, justice of the peace, Italy, she doesn’t care.  He says but he does.  He cares for her a lot, and their son, their family. 

She tells him she was so angry at Bridget yesterday that she never stopped to ask herself if what she said could be true.  But, she went home and thought it over in her head, his vows, what he said… important family was to him.  She realized what Bridget said couldn’t be true.  He tells her it’s complicated.  She says it doesn’t have to be.  They can overcome anything.  He reminds her that she saw him kissing her sister on Felicia’s wedding day.  She counters that Bridget saw her last chance and she took it.  But, she can’t take him away from his son.  “Or me, because that is not the kind of man you are.” She goes on that when he proposed, he meant it.  And when he said the vows, he meant it, so as far as she is concerned, nothing else matters.  He hears Stephanie’s voice calling for him and he tells Felicia he will be right back.

Bridget tells her mom that Felicia is going to be so devastated; she knows that.  Brooke knows they have grown very close.  Bridget says she does care about her happiness and perhaps they will close again some day.  Brooke tells her that she too deserves some happiness.  And Bridget laments that she wasn’t when she was in love with a man who was in love with someone else.  Brooke wonders if Bridget feels she is doing Felicia a favor?  She answers yes in the long run.  And Dino will be blessed with two families – with Felicia, his mom and Dante and his step-mom.  Brooke seems some what surprised – she wants to be MARRIED to Dante?  Bridget says yes.…….she knows, when he proposed - she turned down the best thing that had ever happened to her.  It’s the story of her life.  She gets everything backwards.  She says yes to all the wrong things, especially men, and no to happiness, to the life she’d really like.  Well, she has that chance now with Dante to have that life.  Her mother is supportive.  If that is what she really wants, she isn’t going to let anyone stop her. 

Stephanie calls for Dante to come into her house; she and Eric want to speak with him for a minute.  He tries to tell her that he was leaving, but Stephanie won’t be deterred.  About to enter the spider’s den, Dante looks edgy as Stephanie asks if he spoke with Felicia?  He tells her yes he did.  Both she and Eric stand side by side as Eric says they are worried about Felicia.  And what happened yesterday was very painful, for her and for themselves as well.  Dante tells him that he is very sorry for that.  Eric says so are they! And he does sympathize with his dilemma.  He has a son with Felicia and feelings for Bridget.  He says both of his daughters are incredible and he is sure Dante doesn’t want to hurt either of them anymore than he does.  He questions Dante’s commitment and is sure he will honor and respect that commitment to Felicia. 

Eric leaves for work and Dante really wants to slip out as well, but Stephanie urges him to stay.  She wants to talk to him alone.  They speak of ‘the choice’ he has to make.  He wants to do the right thing without any complications from her or anybody else.  And he gets that she wants him with Felicia.  She tells him Bridget won’t make him happy.  And when he says she already has, Stephanie says it won’t last.  Like mother, like daughter.  These two women are not emotionally stable.  And she explains that it is NOT Bridget’s fault.  It’s the environment she was raised in.  And it’s tragic since she has so much potential, but with all this irrational behavior.  He tells her this conversation is over if she is going to stand there and badmouth Bridget.  She asks if he loves her?  He replies yes. 

She understands that Bridget is his ideal.  He did chase her half way around the world.  And here she is offering him something that he has wanted for a very long time! “But, my daughter has something wonderful to offer you as well.” Dante says he cares for Felicia very much.  Stephanie is happy; she says she cares for Dante too and she doesn’t want him to make the biggest mistake of his life.  She knows he will regret it.  He doesn’t think of Bridget that way.  Stephanie tells him that is because he doesn’t see the whole picture.  That picture includes Nick.  He points out that Nick is marrying Brooke.  But, Stephanie offers she thinks she is going to end up with her son.  That’s only her opinion, but Brooke always has, always ended up with Ridge.  “If you have a relationship with Bridget, and Nick is free, he will become a MAJOR issue in your relationship.  …….he’s FIRST in Bridget’s heart.  You can’t see that?” History has a way of repeating itself, especially with this mother and daughter! Stephanie says Felicia said it yesterday to Bridget.  This isn’t a game.  You don’t get do-overs.  If he hurts her, he won’t get a second chance.  She won’t take him back and she thinks he will miss the best thing that has ever happened in his life.  Dante has more to ponder…….

Brooke confesses to Bridget that she just wants her to have the life she wants.  Bridget is grateful, but isn’t sure the rest of the family will understand that, especially Stephanie.  Brooke reminds her what she just said – there is no joy in being in love with a man who is in love with someone else.  Eventually Felicia and her family will realize that.  And her feelings for Nick?..........Bridget admits that she will always care about him…..but she understands now they don’t have a future.  Not the way things were, and maybe they never did have a future.  And she was only trying to deny her feelings for Dante for Felicia’s sake.  And she realizes Felicia may never forgive her, but thank God she woke up and realized he is the ONLY man for her.  Brooke touches her on the nose and gives her a hug and beams that SHE is the only woman for Dante!

Stephanie walks into the guest house as Felicia is on phone making honeymoon plans.  She tells the agent to just make up some packages and she will let her fiancée make his choice.  Stephanie seems a little surprised that Felicia is still planning her wedding. 

Dante rushes into the beach house and asks if that was Brooke that was just leaving?  And is Bridget crying?  She tells him yes to both, but she’s crying because she is SO happy.  She envelopes herself in his arms and kisses him about a dozen times. 

Stephanie questions Felicia.  She’s planning her wedding?  Is Dante going to be there?  Felicia quips that yes, of course, he is…..and the point is, Bridget won’t be.  They are interrupted by a knock on the door, and it’s Brooke.  Felicia asks if there is something she wishes to say to her?  Brooke says yes.  Felicia tells her that she hopes she doesn’t mind saying it in front of Stephanie then.  Brooke relies no, that Stephanie was the next one she intended to see.  Stephanie asks if she has spoken to Bridget and is delighted when Brooke says yes, she just left her.  Stephanie just knew she’d do the right thing.  Brooke smirks that she thinks she did the right thing….and Bridget does too.  Felicia asks is Bridget going to back off.  Brooke says no, and they all repeat in unison, no, no, no?  Brooke says she is not going to ask her daughter to deny her feelings for the man she loves.  Felicia asks what feelings?  When Dante proposed, she said no.  Brooke says she is not there to debate this with Felicia, but just to tell her that Bridget is very committed to making a life with Dante. 

Stephanie opines that this is just pure, unadulterated, selfishness.  And Brooke is going to let her do this?  Well, of course, she is…..where did Bridget learn it from?  Brooke fires at her that she doesn’t make decisions for her children the way Stephanie does.  Stephanie shoots back that nobody in her family seems to have the ability to make decisions.  First, she says yes, then no, then yes and then no again….”gosh, who does that remind me of?” Felicia tells her that Dante doesn’t even want Bridget.  He knows how mixed up she is….and he and Felicia have made plans.  Another wedding, but don’t ask where, “because I don’t want your crazy daughter tracking us down.  She’s delusional, Brooke, and so are you if you think I’m going to let her steal Dante and our son.”

Bridget quizzes Dante.  Did he see Felicia?  How did it go?  He replies that it didn’t.  He wanted to tell her about “us”, but he just couldn’t.  Bridget says she’s her sister, she knows and understands this won’t be easy.  And she cares about her a lot.  He opines that she’s the mother of his son, and she’s been through so much and suffered so much already.  And finally she has a man who’s committed to her (apparently not) and Dino will finally have the family he deserves.  Bridget tells him they will make her understand.  And they will do it together.  He doesn’t know – they are talking about ripping Felicia’s world apart……depriving his son of the opportunity to having both of his parents in his life.  So before that happens, Bridget needs to be sure.  Not about him, but herself, “us” is that what she really wants to happen?  She decries, of course, this is what she wants.  Even though Dante says Stephanie believes otherwise.  She guesses, they told her that Bridget will never get over Nick?  He reaffirms that he knows how much she loved that guy…..and there is a LOT at stake here.  He is adamant.  Before they do anything, he needs her to tell him, be absolutely certain what she wants.

She shakes him off – Nick is never going to come back to her! He asks but what if he did?  She vows that she doesn’t care what Stephanie thinks or what Nick does……”All I care about is YOU.  I want YOU! I want you NOW.” She starts kissing him and telling him she knows that he is questioning her love for him and that nothing is ever going to tear them apart, but for him to just know that for all her life all she is going to want is……..THIS.  She pulls him down on the couch with kisses on top of kisses, pawing at him.

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