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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Felicia stands at the door on her wedding day gaping at Bridget and Dante in a passionate kiss. Quietly unseen by the busy couple, she closes the door and with a sinking heart, she throws the bouquet down.

The Forrester’s and Dante's family are gathered in the showroom and Filomena exclaims it is the most beautiful wedding ever. Eric is delighted in the joining of the families.

Breathlessly, Bridget pulls away and tells Dante to stop. His son needs both of his parents and he has a family to be responsible for. And he knows her; she can’t do this to her sister. She implores him to love Felicia. Give her everything he has. And let his son know that his parents love each other. She tells him then he will find his happiness and he will find everything he wants. She takes his face in both hands and gently massages his chin with her thumbs. She tells him they are waiting for him downstairs, he has to go. Sadly, but with a quiet resolve he does.

Felicia is standing there when he opens the door, looking at him quizzically. He remarks it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but she looks beautiful, the black dress looks great. This is a day no one will forget. He gives her a sweet kiss on the cheek. She allows it but does not respond nor says a word. He tells her he will meet her at the altar, don’t be long. Felicia slowly walks toward a nervous Bridget and throws her bouquet on the table. It’s obvious the chilliness and Bridget starts making idle chit-chat about the lace on the dress, fingering it, doing anything but looking her in the eye. She tells Felicia she is lucky that the family already loves her. Felicia adds, “and Dante?” Bridget assures her no one more than he. It’s written all over his face. Stoically, Felicia asks her what was she doing with Dante just now?

Bridget tells her she was saying goodbye. Just then Stephanie interrupts and tells Felicia it’s time. She looks between the two of them and senses the tension in the air. She tells Bridget to go ahead, she will check to make sure all is okay with Felicia. Felicia literally jerks the lace train of the dress out of Bridget’s hands, again no words, just a glare.

Stephanie looks from one to the other again and asks Felicia what is going on?

Again, Felicia throws the second bouquet disrespectfully down on the table and repeats, “what is wrong? What could be wrong? I’m getting married.”

She laments – to the most handsome, talented man. When she is around him, she can hardly breathe. And, he’s the father of her son. And if that isn’t enough, his family loves her and only wants the best for her. What could possibly be wrong? Not understanding, Stephanie tells her she can’t read Felicia’s mind. She will have to talk to her and tell her what’s wrong. Felicia replies, “my little sister. Little maid of honor.”

Before she can say more…..Eric comes in and with a big grin goes to her and tells her she looks wonderful. Every father dreams of this, his daughter finding this kind of happiness. And the fact that they almost lost her makes this day very, very, special. Again without a word, she leaves on his arm when he asks if she is ready. He glows – his two daughters, the bride and the maid of honor. Stephanie is left behind, she retrieves the black bouquet Felicia did not pick up and reflects with a dubious face.

At home, Taylor is looking over a Notice To Appear from Superior Court. Looking none too happy, she turns around and there is Stephen. He asks if it is bad timing? She hides the notice and tells him that actually she was just thinking of him. She’s surprised when he tells her that hers was the last face he wanted to see before he left town. Happily, he says he’s heading to the airport but he couldn’t leave without seeing her one more time.

Everyone is gathered in the showroom and Bridget peeks around the corner for her trip down the aisle. Her eyes never leave Dante’s, nor his on her. This does not go unnoticed by Felicia either. She and Eric take the walk and this time Dante does manage a small smile and a bigger one as she approaches him at the altar. Though she has flashbacks of the Dante/Bridget kiss as she approaches. Felicia gives a huge smile when Eric hands her off to the groom. She smiles at Bridget; Bridget smiles back….all seems rosy, then Felicia has another flashback of their kiss and her smile turns deadly serious. For a fleeting second, Dante looks back and forth from Felicia to Bridget standing side by side. His choice?

Taylor asks Stephen if he’s going back to Paris? He says he’d liked for it to have worked out between he and Brooke, but she wasn’t ready. The process takes time so all he can hope for is that someday she will call him. And for now, he’s not going to intrude on her life any more. Which is pretty much what he wants to tell Taylor. He tells her their time together meant a lot to him and he’s sorry that it’s caused her some regret. She’d said they couldn’t be together and he respects that. She explains that he came into her life at a very difficult and confusing time. Thoughtfully, he tells her he realizes that, but if she ever needs something or just a friend…….he’d be there in an instant…..well, at least a ten hour plane ride. She chuckles and tells him she will miss him. He smiles and gives her a sweet kiss on the lips. She reciprocates and he departs. One last smile at her before he closes the door.

Jill, the minister, begins the ceremony. She asks that the witnesses stand and give their vows and support of this union. Bridget manages a smile but her thoughts are of Dante during happier times with her. Felicia seems to be aware that just behind her, Dante’s eyes are on Bridget. One small tear falls on her cheek before the minister asks her to say her vows. Hers are short and sweet. Will he be spontaneous, surprise her every day? Avoid the obvious and celebrate the unexpected? When he says yes, that’s it for her, his turn. Everyone laughs. Much more serious, Dante asks if she will always, always follow her creative spirit? …… bring joy and light into their home? ….to be the best mother for their children and to depend on him for love and support that she rightly deserves. She says, “I do.” He also adds that all his life, he only thought of himself. Now, she had changed all of that. By bringing their son into this world; Dino had brought a happiness he didn’t know existed. He vows to give himself to her and her son from this day forward.

Felicia says she knows this might be a little unconventional but if Jill doesn’t mind, she’d like to address her family. She says miracles do happen. First the doctors told her Dino would not be born alive. And then more doctors told her she was only days away from death. And at that point, she and Dante barely knew each other, much less love each other. Despite everything that has gotten in the way, here they are. She says she never thought she deserved a man like Dante, but she’s going to be the kind of wife and mother that a man like Dante deserves. “Because you love me for who I am. He loves me for me”. She turns slightly to make sure Bridget gets it and indeed these words fall hard on Bridget. Felicia turns to Dante and thanks him for making her dreams come true.

The minister asks for the rings and all goes well as Dante slips the ring on her finger. However when she takes his, she turns it over and over in her fingers, again seeing flashbacks of Bridget and Dante, until Dante has to ask her to continue. Even Bridget asks if she is alright? Felicia shakes her head no, and says she can not do this. She turns on a dime and lashes at Bridget – can she stop acting like a supportive sister? She points out that Bridget is supposed to be her maid of honor. Does she even know what that means? She's supposed to support her on the most important day of her life….instead she was making eyes at her husband behind her back. Bridget is embarrassed, speechless, so is the audience. “What is it with you? Can’t you stand to see anybody else be happy?”

Stephanie stands and tries to calm her down. Felicia continues that she planned this very special day to celebrate her love for this man and to bring her family together. And she wanted it to be perfect….and it was……except for one minor detail. She turns to Bridget and tells her she is ruining it! She shrieks at her that her behavior today is appalling. She is sorry, but she can not continue. This day can not be the day that she remembers the rest of her life as her wedding day. This will NOT be the day she tells her grandchildren about. “Dante is my fiancée…..he loves me. And the day we get married, YOU will not be the center of attention. You’re my sister. You should be ashamed of yourself.” With that, she hits her with the bouquet as everyone’s mouth is agape at the proceedings. None more so than Bridget’s.

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