The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/21/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke sips her coffee and looks over the newspaper with gigantic entire page photo and coverage of the showstopper/fashion show. She’s interrupted by the door bell. It’s her father, Stephen. She gives him a hearty welcome, “what are YOU doing here?” He tells her they need to talk and comes on in. She laments you can’t buy this kind of publicity if he’s talking about her bad behavior at the fashion show. He accuses her of letting Ridge take advantage of her – again! She sighs, no fatherly lectures. It’s a few years too late. He informs her that she is going to listen to what he has to say whether she likes it or not.

Felicia peeks around in the Forrester showroom where her wedding will be held. She has flashbacks of Dante proposing and then sadly reflects on Bridget and Dante touching and kissing. She gives Thorne and Darla a big hug and kiss for helping with the preparations. Bridget brings in the wrapped wedding dress. Thorne gets a call from the caterer and he and Darla have to go. She confesses to Bridget that she loves the dress. And she is happy……she does love Dante. But, she feels like it’s a little unfair. Just because they share a son together……he did love Bridget first. And she needs to know……if Bridget is having second thoughts. If she still has feelings for Dante or he has feelings for her?

Dante is dressing for the wedding and also having flashbacks of the day before when Bridget confesses she does love him, but won’t hurt her sister. His dad walks in and can’t help but notice the sour expression on his face. Dante confesses he loves Felicia but he’s in love with Bridget. They talk about some much earlier times when Aldo was younger and in love with another young lady, not Dante’s mother. But, Aldo clearly thinks Felicia is wonderful and is the right woman for Dante and he will have his son. Despite the fatherly advice, Dante rushes out to speak with Bridget.

Stephen explains to Brooke that he got the stock to protect her. He wanted her to have something that she wanted her entire life. He wanted to make sure nobody could take it away from her. He WANTED her to be in CONTROL of Forrester Creations. When she says she is, he chastises her then to ACT like it. Say no to Ridge like she means it. She asks did Nick send him here? He replies that no, this is HIM talking. She opines okay, then she will tell him the same thing she told Nick. Forrester Creations is a very big part of who she is. He wonders – the company or the man? And she replies both. That scares him. He doesn’t think she is weak, but vulnerable. That is not the same thing. She tells him she knows how to protect herself. She’s had a LOT of practice.

He tells her she has been searching her whole life for someone to make her safe. She’s bewildered. Suddenly he is going to quote her? He replies no, but that someone is NOT Ridge. And she slams she is NOT him! He asks what is that supposed to mean? She retorts that her mom married Stephen on the rebound because she couldn’t have Eric and it’s been eating him alive ever since. She thinks Stephen wants her to fight his battles for him, but she can’t; she won’t.

Felicia tells Bridget that when Dante’s parents came the other night and she announced her wedding plans, it looked like Bridget had lost her best friend. Bridget declares a loud NO. And then Felicia questions her about where she went when they both were missing. Don’t think she is an idiot. Bridget replies that she doesn’t. Felicia says all she needs is for Bridget to be honest with her. Bridget says she doesn’t know what she wants her to say. Even though Dante came to this country to be with her, she was involved with Nick. She is telling her the truth. She was in love with another man and Dante helped her get through one of the hardest times of her life. So, yeah, maybe she did act like she had lost her best friend, but that was just plain selfish. And she gushes that Felicia loves Dante and he loves her and they have a beautiful baby boy together…….Felicia tells her she can take it. It’s not too late, she is tough, practically indestructible. If Bridget has changed her mind and wants Dante more than a friend? She is not a charity case. Bridget says no, and she will never treat her like one. She goes on to say Felicia is an amazing woman and she is PROUD to have her as a sister and she doesn’t want ANYTHING to come between them. No man, nothing, ever. They profess their love for each other. Bridget tells her, “this is YOUR day.” Felicia hugs her and tells her how happy she is. Bridget seems resigned and contented in that.

Stephen corrects Brooke. He is not asking her to fight his battles although she replies she knows he HATES the Forrester’s. He explains it is because of the way they treated her. She sees is more or less because her mom married him by default, and he never measured up and she married Eric and had two children with him. Does any of that factor in on his obsession with her leaving the Forrester’s? He says no. She utters, “now look who’s not being honest.” He tells her this is not a tug-of-war. It only feels that way because she won’t get off the fence. He points out that one point, she quit because she was thinking of a future without Ridge. She fires that she still is, she is marrying Nick. He wonders after the stunt she pulled yesterday, is she sure? She tells him to get out.

He counters that Nick went along with her modeling because he trusted her. When she said she would model lingerie for Ridge, Nick trusted her. She lashes out, he would lecture her about TRUST? And she defends herself when she says it was JUST a kiss when Stephen reminds her that Nick had to sit there and watch Ridge put his hands all over her at the showing. He fires back that it was a kick in the teeth… the man she says he loves! She could have slapped Ridge in the face, showed him once and for all that she does not belong to him….. but, she kissed him back. She accuses him too – that he jumped from Taylor’s bed to Jackie’s bed practically in the same day. He tells her she is better than he is. And she deserves a better life. But, she is never going to have that if she stays addicted to Ridge.

Bridget changes into her black Maid of Honor dress at the office and Dante bursts in saying they need to talk. She opines she thinks they have said everything they need to. They re-hash and he tells her that he has never loved anyone like he does her. She stops him and says she will NOT do this. Yes, she wants him, but he is about to marry her sister. And that’s the way it has to be. If he loves her as much as he says he does, then please leave her alone.

Brooke tells her dad she is NOT addicted to Ridge. He wonders why she can’t move on without him then? She spouts the mantra that this is a family company. He tells her that a family she could have with Nick. If she keeps pushing, she’s going to lose him. And believe him, he knows what it is like living with a person who has feelings for someone else. Sarcastically, she says her mom didn’t lose him; he walked out! He defends by saying that was the biggest mistake of his life, but if he had stayed, they would have hated him more than she does now. She scoffs, so that is how he sleeps at night – he was doing them a favor? He explains that he loved her mother knowing she wasn’t the one she wanted or the one she dreamed of at night. Is that the kind of hell she wants for Nick?

He goes on that Ridge is under her skin; he’s in her blood. She is poisoned by him. And if she only hears one thing he says – this is NOT a vendetta against the Forrester’s, but about “YOU – the beautiful, brilliant daughter that I love.” He declares that she is drowning and doesn’t even know it.

Dante tells Bridget he can’t lose her. She explains to him that Felicia just asked her if she had doubts or if they still had feelings for each other? He takes that as a good sign, she knows. Bridget says not really; she did not confirm it. He thinks it is insane just because they don’t talk about it, it isn’t there! She admits that she told Felicia that NOTHING would come between them and she meant it. It’s over between the two of them.

Stephen laments to Brooke that Nick loves her. She has more a chance to be happy than any other time in her life. Yet, she’s throwing it away and he can’t stop her. He says he just hopes she thinks about what he has been saying when he is gone. He is leaving town. She asks when? He says as soon as possible. He came here originally to make amends but it’s obvious that he’s hurting more than he’s helping. He tells her perhaps she and Nick can honeymoon in Paris. She says maybe. He advises her to marry Nick….be happy……and never forget that he loves her.

As he walks out, she stops him and says she loves him too. He smiles and walks away a prouder man.

Everyone is dressed in black. Felicia hugs Christian and Darla asks if she wants her to take the bouquet (also black) up to Bridget? Felicia says she will. Dante is telling Bridget he made a mistake, not a commitment, and must he pay for it the rest of his life? She argues how could they ever be happy knowing they did this to Felicia? Maybe Felicia thinks this is happening too soon, but now she really believes he loves her. He admits he does love her. She is the mother of his son, but he also says that Bridget is the love of his life. She’s the one he wants to wake up to every day, the one he wants to lay next to every night. She begs him not to do this.

Yet, she melts into his arms and they share a passionate kiss just as Felicia walks in.

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