The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, half-way apologetic Brooke informs Nick that the picture of that kiss will be splashed all around the world all over the fashion trades. How is he going to handle that? “How are WE going to handle it?” Slowly, he walks to her and takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately.

Felicia coos to Dominick and begins telling him what the wedding will be like. Stephanie walks in and they briefly discuss the show. But, Stephanie says that is not the reason she stopped by. Felicia assures her she doesn’t have to worry about the wedding preparations. Stephanie says she is, but more concerned about the maid of honor. It’s not about the dress, but Bridget and Dante. She thinks they have feelings for each other.

Ridge picks up the program “It Begins With A Kiss” and smiles as he reflects back on THE KISS with Brooke. Bridget walks in on him and asks what in God’s name did he think he was doing? That kiss. He knew better than to know he could do that to someone’s fiancée on the runway. She argues that whether he likes it or not, Nick and her mom are TRYING to have a relationship. He was so transparent. He starts to argue that it seems very apparent for two people so in love…….She maintains that he put Brooke in a position where she had to give in to him, and she did. She accuses him of putting on a show, but not for the press or the others, but for one person only – Nick. He boasts that it worked pretty well, didn’t it?

Pulling away, Nick asks if that answers Brooke’s question? She replies she just needed to know where they stood. He quips he bets Forrester is wondering that same thing right now. She maintains that she had no idea what Ridge was up to. Nick answers and that is because she doesn’t think like a Forrester. “You’re good, decent and honest.” And they are like the Bermuda Triangle. And the only way to keep from being sucked down is to stay away as far as possible. She points out that Ridge IS R.J.’s father so he is going to be in his son’s life. But, Nick argues that he doesn’t have to be in THEIR life, especially when it’s their life Ridge is trying to destroy. She tells him but Ridge CAN’T do that. He does know that, doesn’t he? She sidles up to him and wraps her arms around him and bribes him with a kiss, even suggesting they go upstairs. He has a better idea. Why doesn’t he fire his plane up and get the hell outta there? He’s incredulous when she puts all sorts of obstacles in the way about work, and orders. He tells her he thought they had an understanding about her going back to that place. She looks at him in bewilderment; guess she didn’t get enough clues. And he wonders how she could even consider it after what happened. “I mean it, no more Forrester Creations.”

Felicia doesn’t want to listen to Stephanie, but she persists. She tells Felicia that Dante brought the engagement ring for Bridget. Felicia reminds her that Bridget turned him down time and time again. Stephanie counters with when they were at the house yesterday, they disappeared. Where did they go; why did they go? Felicia lashes at her – this is not what she needs on the eve of her wedding - filling her head with doubts. Stephanie complies that she doesn’t think she is filling her head with doubt. She thinks they are already there.

Bridget tells Ridge that her mom may be back at Forrester Creations for now, but she’s certainly not going to be there long if he keeps playing games like this. Does he think Nick will ALLOW this? He vows that he is only fighting for the woman he loves and the woman he believes in his soul he was meant to spend the rest of his days with. She argues that she is engaged to Nick and loves him. He points his finger and tells her not as much as she loves him. She continues, that she sat next to Nick and she saw his face when Ridge kissed Brooke in front of the whole world. He humiliated him. He states he and her mother are going to be together. They are going to run this company together. Bridget asks where does that leave Nick? Ridge says Nick is NOT his concern. He looks her dead in the eye and tells her it’s HER’S. Pretty soon Popeye will realize that Brooke is like a beautiful, wild mare that can’t be contained. “She’s passionate, unpredictable and doesn’t live by other people’s rules.” You either love her for who she is, or lose her. Bridget gets a cell phone call and says she has to go. One last word – Ridge says he has always loved her mother as she is and he always will.

Brooke explains to Nick that she never said she was going to LEAVE Forrester Creations. She thought they agreed she was going to work out of Marone. Sarcastically, he shows her that isn’t going to work. Look how Ridge showed up at her office wanting her to try on his panties. For God’s sake, they can sell him back the stock or give it back to him. Anything to get them back out of their lives! She argues that stock is her children’s legacy and Brooke’s Bedroom is hers. She states she founded that line, and Forrester is a part of who she is! And everybody else is excited and thinks they are on the brink of something really huge. She just wants to show them what she can do. He begs, “who? The public? Me? I believe in you!” He tells her that she just wants to prove to this family that she is worthy of them…..and that has got to stop! He follows her around and tells her she can’t let them be this instrumental in her life and that will happen as long as she is tied to this company. “That’s what Forrester and his mother is counting on.” She blows smoke and tells him that she will set Ridge straight. If anything else happens like it did tonight, he will be out of that door so fast…….He says that won’t work. Ridge is not listening. He won’t back off. Doesn’t she see this? She tells him she can handle Ridge. (God, how many times can she say this, and then doesn’t?) He says she wouldn’t have to if she weren’t tied to this company. She reveals to him again how much this company means to her. He glares at her and says he tried to explain to her why it shouldn’t be! Distastefully, he says he doesn’t want to keep having the same argument. He thinks he should go. She asks him to please, not to like this. He tells her he isn’t mad. But, he just doesn’t get it how a woman like her can be so strong and talented and let a family like that control her life. He repeats again that he just doesn’t get it and he doesn’t think he ever will. With that, he walks out and she watches in silence.

Felicia explains to her mother that if Bridget wanted to be with Dante she could be. He proposed to her. Stephanie questions – why? Is she still in love with Nick or holding out for Dante? She laments she thinks they are dealing with a very confused young woman here. But, then she is her mother’s daughter! And who sends better mixed messages to men than her mother? She says she thinks Dante is a good man and she thinks he does love Felicia. If it’s Bridget that has second thoughts, then she should keep those feelings to herself. Stephanie confides she wants Felicia to be happy and she doesn’t want Bridget to interfere with that happiness. And she wants that little baby in there to wake up tomorrow morning and spend the whole day with his parents at their wedding while they are happy and committed to each other. But, Stephanie tells Felicia she thinks she needs to go talk to Bridget, straighten her out and make sure she understands. (huh? This is a grown woman who has been married at least twice).

Back in his office, without even turning on a light, Nick heads straight for the booze. Suddenly he realizes he is not alone. Massimo swings around from the chair. He chuckles when Nick asks how he got in? He tells him that Nick has underestimated him. But, that is besides the point. He KNOWS what happened at the fashion show today. He advises him to let it go before it gets any worse for him. Nick gives him the evil eye and tells him he is NOT welcome here. Again, Massimo chuckles and says let him tell him something. What Brooke and Ridge have together, despite all the ups and downs, is very real! And it would behoove Nick to step back. Accept it, but step back. This way maybe he would have a chance to salvage something with Bridget before his divorce becomes final. Nick scoffs, he doesn’t need this, especially from Massimo. Massimo says well who better? He’s his father! Nick spouts, “and the dressmaker’s greatest supporter!” Nick pours himself another stiff drink. He opines that one thing he has learned. It is NOT the strongest or the smartest that survives, but the one who can best adapt to the change. And he vows that there will be some changes involving everybody, but they will, and “WE” will see who is standing in the end. He looks around and eerily Massimo is gone and the chair is empty.

Brooke paces and she hears the door and it’s Ridge just walking on in like he owns the place. (so, what’s new?) She chastises him that this is not his house. He can’t just breeze in here any time he likes. What if Nick were there? He replies but he’s not. They had an argument? And he stormed out? She tells him that is not what happened. And what does he want? Then she throws up her arms and says no she doesn’t even want to hear that. She just wants him to go. She heads for the door and he tells her he thought she would be all pumped up from the success today. Doesn’t she want to celebrate? Tired, she states she just wants to go to bed. He gives a quick thumbs up and says excellent idea. She says she can’t do that until he goes. He has an alternative – he could go take her upstairs, tuck her in and tell her a naughty bedtime story. She chastises him again. But, he reminds her of their scandalous past, though a lot of people didn’t like them falling half-naked out of the elevator. But he thinks they should re-tool that. She shakes it off and asks if they can’t talk about this tomorrow? He agrees, 9 o’clock in her office at Forrester. She replies that her office is at Marone, so they will tele-conference. He asks where is her heart? He knows where it should be. He takes her hand and places it over his heart and says it should be there right next to his.

Bridget catches Nick in his office. He asks what is she doing there? She reminds him she got his text message, but he says he didn’t text her. She wonders quizzically who would want her there? She turns to go and he asks where is her penny? She says she doesn’t need one. She knows him well enough to know what he is thinking. How did he leave things with her mom? He laments that he is not going to give up on her. He just needs to find some way to get through to her, and he will. He glances at a framed photo of the two of them and tells Bridget that he loves her mother, and he supports her. He just needs to make sure she knows that.

Brooke takes her hand away and tells Ridge they can’t keep doing this. He replies he just asked her a simple question. She tells him she means it. It has to stop. He asks is it because her fiancée says so? She denies it. He says he knows Nick dragged her out of there and started laying down a bunch of ground rules. Didn’t want her to work in the fashion industry that she loves or being involved with any of the Forrester’s anymore.

He tells Brooke that Nick is the one trying to control her, trying to tell her where she can work and who with, who’s going to be in her life. It’s his way or no way. Surely she can realize this. He tells her again that he made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked out on her and now to compound it by standing by and watching her commit herself to this control freak. “To stand by without saying anything, when I love you more than I ever have.” Then he states that the recent heart attack makes him realize that a day apart from her is a day wasted. And he doesn’t want to waste another day….another hour or minute away from her.

Only the cell phone saves her. With eyes glistening, she turns to get the phone and it’s Nick. He tells her that he is staring at a photo of her. She looks so beautiful and happy. Let’s keep it that way. She says yeah and they agree to see each other tomorrow. Ridge guesses that was Nick. She tells him he has to leave. He actually obeys and says he will see her bright and early in the morning. He boasts they have a lot of work to do; the orders are pouring in. And they need to get cracking on the hot new designs for the Bedroom Line. He opines he is feeling very inspired….and with a figure like this in front of him… can he not be inspired? A little too little and too late, she tells him to stop. Just wait. This is what she means. This is the problem. She tells him he keeps pushing the limits and getting away with it. (so who lets him?) She warns him. If he tries to take advantage of them working together again, that’s it!

His eyes gleam at her and he coos that “you and I are never going to be over, Brooke.” And the sooner that she realizes it, the better they will be. “It’s gonna happen.” He leans in and kisses her on the cheek and caresses her face. “You and I both know it will happen.” (can anyone say stalker? The guy rapes her, kisses her without her consent in public and announces his intentions loud and clear many times and still she allows him to do this. What is it Forrest Gump says, “stupid is as stupid does.’)

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