The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/19/06


Written By Suzanne

The big Forrester fashion show proceeds....Ridge watches as Brooke prances up and down the catwalk in her lingerie, while the press and everyone claps.  Ridge prepares for the showstoppers part, and his kiss.  Brooke goes to put on her showstopper outfit.  Ridge continues to flirt with Brooke about the show and how great they are together.

Nick watches from the audience, not happy at all that Brooke is in her underwear in front of everyone (especially Ridge).  Bridget assures him that it'll be over soon.

Meanwhile, back in Ridge's office, Stephen realizes that Ridge plans to do something during the showstopper, so he and Jackie rush to the fashion show to stop it. They rush in just as Brooke is about to go on stage.  Stephen and Jackie try to convince Brooke that Ridge has something planned that will damage her relationship with Nick.  The Forresters all protest.  Brooke refuses to listen.  The music for "Unforgettable" (Ridge and Brooke's theme song) starts up.  Stephanie introduces the showstopper.  Brooke comes out in her showstopper outfit.  Everyone applauds wildly.  Eric pats Ridge on the back for his success and urges him to go out and take his bows.

Ridge goes out and takes his bow, he and Brooke holding hands. Then he turns and gives her a big kiss.  She does not resists but seems a bit surprised.  She then turns to the audience and looks at Nick, who seems about to explode.  Bridget is also shocked.

Backstage, the Forresters argue some more with Stephen and Jackie about what Ridge did.  Brooke orders her father out after he calls Ridge a "sick bastard".  Stephen does not leave for a while.  Brooke is just happy that her fashion line was a big hit.  Nick comes in and attacks Ridge, but Brooke stops him.

Out in the audience, Felicia and Bridget chat about the kiss and what effect it had on Nick.  Dante comes out, so they go up to congratulate him.  The press overhear Felicia calling him "soon to be brilliant husband" as she plants a kiss on him. They start taking pictures and ask questions about the wedding, so she tells them about the big news that they are getting married and that he is the father of her baby.  Dante's mother Filomena is also there, encouraging the press.  Felicia insists that Bridget join them in the photos the press is taking, much to Bridget's dismay.  The press ask about the wedding, but Felicia tells them that it will be a private affair.

Jackie argues with Eric about Ridge's kiss (and his plan).  Eric is unapologetic, saying that Nick and Brooke's relationship should be able to tolerate a little kiss.  Jackie thinks they are all conspiring to break the two up.  Stephen and Ridge argue heatedly, and then Stephanie gets involved, too.

Brooke tries to calm Nick down.  She explains that the whole thing was about publicity and that she and Ridge (and their designs) will be all over the magazines.  She says that since they're selling lingerie, it should be a little "scandalous".  She assures him that she loves him and says that he has to learn to separate her public persona from her real self that loves him.  Nick doesn't buy any of it and insists that she choose between him and Ridge. Brooke keeps trying to convince him that the kiss was meaningless.  After Nick points out that Ridge has made a fool of him, she admits that she may have gotten caught up in the moment and apologizes.   She asks him to forgive her.

Bridget gets away from the press and has a flashback to Dante asking her to marry him and to his kissing her just a little while ago.  Felicia comes up and thanks Bridget for her help with the press.  She tells Bridget she loves her and gives her a hug.

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