The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/16/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester, everybody is spitting and polishing up the showroom. Ridge, in particular has a big satisfied grin on his face when Eric and Stephanie walk in and she exclaims it is absolutely stunning. Eric says this may be their best showing ever. Ridge remarks he just hopes it makes an impact on Brooke. Eric states he hopes Ridge is not counting on this reuniting him with Brooke. He boasts he is COUNTING on it. Stephanie fills Eric in, that Ridge has a plan. Since Brooke is lead model, she will be front and center all day. Ridge tells his dad that he will be with her all day and when the show is over, they will come out to take their bows and he will sweep her off her feet. They will kiss like the fashion world has never seen. Trust him – when he says it’s going to be the kiss of death for Nick and Brooke. He gives a high brow to his dad.

At Marone, Nick tells Brooke that he doesn’t know, but he just doesn’t think that the CEO of a company should be prancing around in her skivvies. She explains that it’s her BUSINESS. She is selling an image. It is sexy and provocative, but it IS just work! She coos as she puts her arms around his neck that afterwards perhaps she can bring some home and they can have their own fun. He still doesn’t look too convinced. He tells her she’d better go. She asks if he is alright? He replies yep while making a face. She gives him a sweet kiss and says she will save him a seat next to Bridget. As she goes, he pulls her back playfully and says actually he is NOT okay just yet. And he locks her into a deep kiss.

Dante is assisting with helping one of the models and still looking over the wares when Felicia and Dante’s family arrive, all beaming with pride at Dante’s accomplishments. Felicia greets Dante with a kiss and tells the rest just wait until they see them walking down the runway at the wedding. Bridget walks by at this instance and looks on with envy. Dante spies her and they exchange ‘a look’.

Stephen chastises Nick for not taking Brooke to Forrester Creations. Nick says he had a few things to finish. Stephen hounds him with the same old, same old – he can’t let his guard down as he knows Ridge and Stephanie are up to something. Nick looks like he has a bad taste in his mouth.

Brooke walks into the showing room and Stephanie points her out to Ridge. He greets her and she says the place looks great. He tells her they are A-Go for re-launch. She tells him he deserves most of the credit. She says the designs are inspired and the Kiss theme is dead on. Smugly, Stephanie says it certainly is.

Stephen says he knows that Nick thinks he is making too much of this, but he knows Ridge has something up his sleeve. Nick opines well if he does then it’ll be even clearer to Brooke that she can’t work with the guy. Stephen asks if Nick is still thinking of asking her to quit? Nick says he didn’t say that, but this will be the LAST time they’ll be on that runway together. Stephen says he still doesn’t like it. Nick quips then it’s a good thing she didn’t get him a ticket. Stephen says not a problem.

Brooke laments to Ridge that he did a beautiful job and she appreciates everything he has done. He tells her it was a labor of love. She says she just hope it pays off. He tells her it is going to be a very special day. They have had success in the past, but THIS is going to be a show nobody forgets.

Thorne alerts everyone – places, as he is letting the press in. Frantically, Bridget seeks out Brooke to wish her good luck. She asks her not to mention what they talked about earlier about Dante as it didn’t work out. Brooke is concerned and asks what happened? Bridget says it’s a long story and she’ll have to fill her in later. Then she wishes her luck and tells her to have fun.

Dante sees Brooke leave and he makes a bee line to Bridget and asks can he talk to her? He doesn’t go far but he pulls her behind a clothes rack. Foolishly, she places her hands on both of his shoulders and tries to reason with him that Felicia is the mother of his child and he proposed to Felicia and she said yes, so…….Dante says but he can’t marry her if he is in love with Bridget. She tells him he has to, he just HAS to.

Eric needs Dante to approve of some fabric and asks Felicia where he is? She hasn’t seen him in a while but vows she will find him. The dress rack is moved and she spots them in the corner with Bridget’s hands on Dante. You can see a sinking feeling in her face.

At Forrester, Stephen looks around and then lets himself into Stephanie’s office. Talking to himself, he says he knows they are up to something, so look for a clue. A moment later, Stephanie is surprised when she comes in and catches him red handed going over papers on the desk. She asks what is he doing there? He covers quickly by saying this is his daughter’s office. Stephanie remarks yes, but she wants nothing to do with him. He retorts that she is the one Brooke should be suspicious of. Her and her son. “You’re up to something, Stephanie, what is it?” She tells him he’s one to talk. He reminds her that she is wasting her time. There is nothing she can do to get between Brooke and Nick. She offers if he is so confident about that, then what is he so worried about? She opines she has no idea why he’s there, but go ahead and root around. She can’t imagine what he thinks he is going to find. Shaking her head and giving him a disdainful look, she tells him she has a fashion show to attend.

Nick enters the backstage chaos. Not finding Brooke, he spies Ridge and asks where she is? He dismisses him by saying only Forrester personnel allowed and the show is about to start. Nick says he knows and states that Ridge has got that smirk on his face pretty good. And that he really gets off on having Brooke dress up in his lingerie like this. But, it’s just a job to her, but he urges Ridge to just go ahead, do this, enjoy this, but it’s the last time she will be walking down the Forrester runway. Another big smirk on Ridge’s face.

Again, Ridge dismisses Nick by saying if he is lost, he can have someone escort him to his seat. Nick states he just needs to talk to Brooke. Ridge counters with the fact that Brooke is very excited about this showing, so they shouldn’t let Nick’s insecurities ruin it for her. Nick chuckles, he is not insecure about a fashion show! He picks up a program and repeats “it begins with a kiss” and scoffs that Ridge really does makes dresses, doesn’t he? He drops it at Ridge’s feet. Again Ridge smirks.

Jackie walks into Stephanie’s office and asks Stephen what is he looking for? He states he’ll know when he finds it. She closes the door and asks is that why he asked her here – to ransack Brooke’s office? He tells her he knows Ridge is up to something. She says he is down in the storeroom; shouldn’t he be there as well? He tells her he is not welcome, but he isn’t going to let that stop him from protecting his daughter. He vows if the Forrester’s are trying to use this fashion show to trick her or manipulate her, he’s going to figure it out. She asks how, using the show? He tells her she can tell him. What’s Stephanie done in the past? She agrees, where can she start?

The press and all gather in the showroom. Bridget takes her place by Felicia and says hello. Felicia’s mind is elsewhere and she apologizes and says she has a one track mind. It’s Bridget’s mom’s moment in the spotlight, but she can’t keep from picturing how great this place is going to look on her wedding day. Ouch, the look on Bridget’s face. Felicia sneaks a look sideways as she knows the effect it probably caused.

Brooke gathers everyone around and thanks them and tells them how grateful she is for all of this, seeing this line revived. Ridge adds – better than ever. He announces ‘show time’ and all give a big clap.

Nick finally finds Brooke and he gives her a good luck kiss. And half serious he tells her to be sure and tell Forrester that if he tries anything, he’ll kill him. She chuckles that she will. As he leaves, Ridge rushes up, hands on and tells her she looks gorgeous and he outlines her lips with his thumbs and says he wants to be sure they are perfect because so much is riding on that. She smiles and repeats, “it begins with a kiss.” He tells her that’s right.

Nick slips in and sits beside Bridget, alongside Felicia. Stephanie’s voice comes across the loud speaker introducing Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester. They stride hand in hand to thunderous applause. And Brooke says it is a pleasure to have all of them here. Jarrod, the reporter, speaks out that it’s a pleasure for all of them to have them back here in charge. Ridge graciously says he’s just the designer…..”this woman is the heart and soul of Forrester Creations. Brooke’s Bedroom, one of the most successful lines in Forrester history…..and today, she is bringing it back.” More applause. And he ends with “it begins with a kiss.” He holds Brooke’s arm up in triumph.

The show begins with graphics on a gigantic screen with a song and words superimposed over the luscious lips – Forrester – Brooke’s Bedroom. Three models come out and one by one strut their stuff. Dozens of cameras are flashing. Darla and Sally are beaming with pride. Nick looks a little uncomfortable.

Backstage, Brooke is retouching her makeup and Stephanie sits and tells her they are loving it, the first group. Almost as much as Ridge loves her. Stephanie cajoles Brooke is back where she belongs. It’s her homecoming, her triumph, enjoy it! Brooke can’t wipe the grin off her face.

The show continues. Jackie and Stephen watch it on the monitor in Stephanie/Brooke’s office. Jackie picks up the program and exclaims that Brooke is wearing the showstopper. He asks if that is where the designer and the models are all on stage? She replies yes, it’s like a victory lap. The light bulb goes off – that’s it. After the show, after the victory lap; that’s when Ridge is going to make his move!

Nick looks more and more uncomfortable. To the point that Bridget leans over and asks how it is going? And she reminds him it is all for show, not to worry. He remarks he still doesn’t like it, none of it and he doesn’t want Brooke involved in this company…and he’s not taking no for an answer.

Dressed in the showstopper, Brooke is cornered by Ridge who tells her again that she looks amazing, a real knock out. She tells him it’s the designs, listen to the crowd. He crows they make a good team….she agrees. He adds both personally and professionally. She doesn’t discourage him, she only smiles in agreement. He touches her face and says he will always love her. They hug. Then he backs off and tells her to go out there and show them what she’d made of.

To more thunderous applause, Brooke does her thing up and down the runway, twirling, flirting, enjoying every moment in the spotlight. Nick and Bridget converse and he says he just wants to get the day over with and get Brooke out of this. Brooke continues and gives Ridge a glowing look as she glances his way. He swells with a knowing pride. Stephanie slips up and asks if he has any second thoughts? He replies none! “Brooke and Nick’s relationship is about to be blown to bits.”

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