The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/15/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Working at Forrester’s, Ridge has another two scantily dressed models in the office ‘adjusting’ their attire and telling them they are going to knock them dead tomorrow. He dismisses them just as a smiling Stephanie walks in. She seems pleased when he asks what does she think? She says she thinks it’s really sexy and they are going to sell like mad, and she thinks he ought to go home and rest. But, he claims he is too pumped up. Of course, that is what is worrying her. He’s GOT to take care of himself. She points out to him that it’s not just the show, but his sister’s wedding as well. And she will never forgive him if he collapses on her happiest day. He quips it would serve her right for dying on his wedding day. And do they even know this wedding is going to happen? Five minutes ago, Dante was making a life with Bridget.

She says she knows, she’s worried about that too, but she also is worried about him. He tells her not to, he knows what he can handle and what he can’t. She maintains that it will all work out with Brooke. Ridge says Brooke isn’t the problem; Nick is. “Can you believe that S.O.B? Asking her to fire us from our own company." Stephanie replies yes, but thank God she didn’t. Common sense prevailed. He gloats that really threw Nick into a panic…..and tomorrow’s showing will deliver the knockout punch.

The phone rings at Taylor’s and it’s Stephen, saying he missed hearing her voice. And he wishes he had a less disturbing reason for calling her. She asks what is it? Gently, he tells her the word is out about them. Taylor takes it in stride and says well Stephanie is only discreet when it suits her. Stephen tells Taylor that Stephanie is telling everyone that he USED Taylor to get her stock. And he hopes she knows that is NOT true. Taylor asks does he want her to talk to Stephanie? He tells her no, he will handle that. And he confesses that when she told him they couldn’t see each other, he was disappointed but he understood. But, he would be more than upset if he thought their involvement would cause her any shame. She assures him it hasn’t. He says good because he’d still like them to be friends and see each other. Taylor says yes because he is a kind, wonderful man, but…..He finishes, but he’s Brooke’s father! But, does that count if they aren’t speaking?

Just then the doorbell rings and she quickly tells Stephen she must go. She’ll call him back later. Upon answering the door, Brooke doesn’t wait to be invited in; she just brushes past Taylor saying they need to talk. She can’t believe what happened to Taylor. It is so horrifying, Taylor and her father. She apologizes and wants her to know that she knew nothing about this. And if she had, she would have stopped him from taking advantage of her. Taylor sets her straight. Brooke’s father did NOT take advantage of her. She doesn’t see it that way at all.

Stephen is in Nick’s office at Marone waiting for him. When Nick enters, he doesn’t seem too pleased and in fact asks Stephen who let him in? When he replies his secretary, Nick asks sarcastically if he slept with her too? Stephen says ok, guess he deserved that. Nick proceeds to tell him that he doesn’t know what he deserves. He seduced Taylor; he slept with his mother…..what in the hell is wrong with him? Stephen says that is interesting. Something has to be wrong with him to be attracted to his mother? He says alright, he’ll be completely honest with him. Both are intriguing women. He confesses that Taylor said she wanted no relationship with him. And Nick’s mother and him have no promises to each other, but they enjoy spending time with each other. And, he in fact, intends to spend more time with her so Nick can get all worked up about that if he wants or focus his attention where it should be. On Brooke and whatever Ridge has planned for this fashion show.

Brooke laments that she knows what kind of man her father is. He wanted Taylor’s stock so he slept with her to get it. Everybody knows that Taylor doesn’t sleep around with random men. She was lonely and vulnerable and her SICK father used her. But, Taylor tells her she gave up the stock before any of that happened. It was just a business transaction. There was no seduction required. It was later when he came over to thank her and check up on her. Brooke asks if she was drunk? Taylor gives her a very emphatic NO. She quizzes further – did she want revenge on Ridge? Taylor tells her it was crazy and she was just as surprised as Brooke is right now. Never in a million years…… but he was different than she remembered. And he got her. He knew where she was coming from as it had happened to him as well. He’s been ostracized and used by the Forrester’s. And she the same, so yes, maybe she was a little vulnerable….and she shouldn’t have done it, but she did. “But, I want you to know that it wasn’t something cheap and it wasn’t ugly. Brooke seems even more horrified. Is Taylor INVOLVED with her father?

As Nick shuffles some papers, Stephen tells him he can’t pretend this isn’t happening. Nick tells him he knows what is happened. Ridge is using his little fashion show to get closer to Brooke. Stephen wants to know what he’s going to do about it? Nick says nothing to do. It will be over tomorrow. Stephen hounds him – why does he continually underestimate the Forrester’s? He points out that Stephanie gave Brooke half of the company to lure her back. It’s her number one priority. He points his finger at Nick and tells him……. and it’d better also be Nick’s. He continues that Ridge is going to use everything in his arsenal. Every scrap of history to make inroads with Brooke. “And believe me, this fashion show is a major opportunity.” Nick seems intrigued. What can they do? Brooke controls the company. They can’t make a move without her. Stephen tells him he doesn’t know, but he knows they are plotting even as they speak.

With a Cheshire Cat look on his face, Stephanie asks Ridge what does he have up his sleeve? He sloughs if off that he and Brooke are working together again. They are reconnecting. There’s no question of that. When his mother questions him that she knows how much she means to him and that he loves her, but…….Ridge says he has made a LOT of mistakes, but tomorrow he is going to wipe them away and he’s going to remind Brooke why and how they fell in love in the first place. He hands her a program “It Begins With A Kiss”. He tells her that is the theme of their show. It’s a tribute to their relationship. She opens it up and reads, “A heart was torn, but with a kiss, it was reborn.” She acknowledges it is a tad sentimental. He gloats that there is a lot of power in a kiss. A kiss can change everything. “Brooke’s kiss in the hospital brought me back to life. THIS kiss is going to bring her back to ME!” He tells his mother that tomorrow Brooke is going to come down the catwalk in the most beautiful, sexy lingerie that he has ever designed. He will join her for the bows and in front of the whole world…..Stephanie guesses – he’s going to kiss her? He smiles, a kiss like no other. Stephanie wonders how does he know that she will go along with that? He gloats that she will; oh she will. It’ll be a kiss to start a whole new beginning for them..…….and the kiss of death for Nick and Brooke.

Stephanie remarks that life isn’t a fairytale. One kiss can only do so much. He opines that he thinks one kiss can do quite a lot….the right time….the right circumstances. When she seems skeptical with just one kiss, he says they don’t need a hurricane to knock down a house of cards. When Nick sees Brooke’s reaction, he’ll go right through the roof!

Taylor tells Brooke that it’s over. Actually, it never even got started but whatever it was in those few moments with her father, it’s over. Brooke thinks that is good because it was crazy. So there’s really nothing to talk about as they are both in total agreement that he is the last person on this earth that Taylor should get involved with. Brooke says thank God as she can’t keep making excuses for her father. Taylor tells her she knows he has caused her pain in the past and some wounds will never heal, but people do change. Brooke vows that he hasn’t. Taylor reminds her that Stephanie has. But, that she, Taylor, is tired of all the emotional dishonesty in that family and that is the real reason she gave the stock back. She doesn’t want to be part of that and doesn’t understand why Brooke would either.

Brooke says she is just doing business with her. Taylor answers that only Brooke can probably figure out if that was a bribe to get her back with Ridge. Brooke says it really doesn’t matter since she is engaged to Nick. (hasn’t she learned anything yet?) Her cell phone rings and it’s Ridge telling her he needs her to come in for a fitting. When she says she doesn't need to, he argues that she does. Even when she tells him that he has a dress form there with the exact measurements so they don’t need a fitting, he tells her they are talking lingerie here. So little fabric, no room for error. Does she really want a wardrobe malfunction (shades of Janet Jackson?) coming down the catwalk? She gives in (too easily) and says alright, she’ll be right there.

Like a bad penny that won’t go away, Stephen tells Nick that they have to be ready for anything. Nicks tells him to go easy on the “we” stuff. Stephen says this is no time for them to be at odds. They both want what is best for Brooke. Nick shoots back, “maybe if you have kept it ZIPPED, we wouldn’t be in this spot!” Stephen defends by saying if he wants to blame him, fine. But, if he does, it will be playing right into their hands. Why does Nick think Stephanie even told him about Taylor? And does he think she is concerned about his mother’s feelings? No, she just wants to divide them. “To get us chasing our own tails.” But, Nick is adamant. It doesn’t mean she has some devious plans in the works. Stephen asks but what if he is wrong? Nick states that Brooke can handle herself.

Brooke is stepping off the elevator at Forrester and glances into Ridge’s office. Then she moves aside long enough to make a phone call to Nick. She tells him she only has a minute but she’d at Forrester’s for a fitting. She knows how he feels about that, so she’s going to make it as speedy as possible. He tells her he appreciates that. She says she will be back at Marone before he knows it…..and she loves him. He says he loves her too.

She gives a big sigh and walks into Ridge’s office, saying she is here, give it to her. He hands her the outfit and asks if she needs any help. She goes behind the folded partition and tells him NO. He, of course, has this just you wait, cat-swallowed-the-canary look.

Home alone, Taylor paces the floor talking to herself or a fictitious talk out loud to Ridge. She picks up a framed photo (gosh, isn’t it time to get rid of those?) of the two of them and starts remembering when they were so happy – engagements, the beach, the weddings, the bedroom, the births……she remarks they really had it all. And she opines what has happened to her since he’s gone? She remembers more, coming back from the dead, the drinking, the car accident….she doesn’t even know who she is anymore.

Stephen is incredulous – Brooke is at Forrester’s? Nick tells him not for long. She has some sort of fitting. Stephen is sure that is Ridge’s idea. Lingerie fitting? She shouldn’t be there at all. Nick seems calm. If Ridge crosses the line, Brooke will handle it. Stephen replies every minute she spends with him is a minute too long! Nick agrees that he doesn’t like it any more than Stephen does. But this collection is very important to Brooke. It’s her first act as CEO and hopefully the last. Stephen scoffs – the last? Nick tells him they just have to get through tomorrow.

Ridge tells Brooke to come on out and let him see the outfit. She says it fits perfectly, she doesn’t need to model it. Nor look in the mirror. He goads her then why is she afraid to show him? She spouts she is not AFRAID. So once again he coerces her to come on out, he’ll be strictly professional.

She does and we see a very sheer, filmy short skirt, tight fitted bodice with a pair of thong panties. He looks her up and down and goes, “Wow”. She says it’s lovely; very nice work. He thanks her and then, of course, wants his hands-on technique of checking the seams. She asks him to make it quick. He tells her it’s a fitting, not a lineup. He asks her to loosen up a bit, so he can make adjustments. She jiggles around, pulls her shoulders up, shakes it a bit and says okay. She sighs, she’s a little nervous she admits. She hasn’t modeled lingerie in a very long time. She even offers perhaps they should have hired a younger spokesmodel. He tells her she is gorgeous; never more beautiful. She tells him that is very sweet of him, but she thought he was going to keep this strictly professional.

He tells her okay, professionally speaking, this is HER line. Tomorrow they are coming to see her. She says great, no pressure! He tells her it’s going to be fine. And he has something to show her. He holds up the program and she tells him she likes that. He repeats “The Power Of the Kiss”, a great theme for them. She corrects him – he means for Brooke’s Bedroom? Slowly, he says, “right.” She asks has Stephanie seen this? He answers in the affirmative, that she wholeheartedly approves. She finds that amazing. He tells her that Stephanie supports her and so does he. Tomorrow on that runway he’s going to be right beside her. And he promises her by the end of the day, the whole fashion world is going to be talking about them. She states that it is about time. She can’t wait. She misses it. There is an awkwardness on her part in the air and she asks if he is through with her, she should go. He only smiles and tells her she can walk out of this office……she can work at Marone….but their chemistry is always going to be there. That’s what made Brooke’s Bedroom a success. Tomorrow will be a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

She looks into his eyes a little too long; she’s almost hypnotized. Finally, she scoots away saying she has to change. Smugly, Ridge thinks, “tomorrow begins again, Logan. The kiss of death for you and Nick.”

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