The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/14/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

The merriment continues at the Forrester’s with Dante’s parents and extended family. Felicia giggles that some people go looking for love, and some people wait until it finds them. But, not her. She found it by accident. In a beautiful country, with a beautiful man with the kindest eyes she’d ever seen in her life. What she didn’t know was that meeting Dante would change her life, but it did. And it gave her something she never even knew that she wanted --- their son. She can’t even remember now what life was like without him. And she feels luckier than she has any right to be. And she is so grateful for that moon-drenched night and his beautiful brown eyes. (how come no one else is noticing Dante’s sullen look?) She gives him another kiss and says it’s going to be one hell of a ride! Bridget looks very uncomfortable.

At Marone, Nick is angrily pacing around giving himself a pep talk – never forget who you are, a sailor….. the ocean… He looks at a huge portrait of Ridge still sitting on the floor and kicks his foot through it, saying not lingerie or a dressmaker? He picks it up off his foot and dumps it to the side as Brooke waltzes in. He bellows he doesn’t want his face around here. She says she told him that. Nick smartly replies then she shouldn’t be engaging with him because that is what he wants. She starts to say if he ever comes here again…..Nick tells her emphatically that he thinks she gives him mixed signals. (thank you very much for pointing this obvious fact out to Brooke who can’t see it). She says in fact that she doesn’t. Nick holds up some nighties and says then what is this? It’s called Brooke’s Bedroom Lines. Forrester wants to get her out of her clothes and into HIS lingerie. That’s what he wants! She argues that is HER lingerie. She created that. He turns and says Ridge also said something about her modeling this. Ridge has cooked up some fashion show and she’s really going to model this? She replies yeah, she told Ridge she would do that. He responds dumfoundedly, “unbelievable!” She explains it’s what she loves. He scoffs – walking around in her underwear, that is what she does now? She explains further – fashion, glamour, beautiful women and beautiful clothes. He asks why can’t she come up with a different hobby, something new? Again she replies no, that makes her happy. He mocks that makes him sick to his stomach. (better listen, Brooke, he’s telling you something important).

She reminds him that she wanted to quit Forrester, remember? But, he and her father told her not to do that. Because he didn’t want her to have to choose between the company that she loved and the MAN that she loved. He has an exasperated look on his face as she continues that surely is true love! She placates by telling him not to worry. His divorce will be final soon and they are going to get married. And she mentions that Bridget is going to get married. This is the first he’s heard of it – Dante and Bridget? Brooke says they are in love.

Dante manages a small welcome that he is glad they are all there. His mother, Filomena, wishes she had known they were going to get married. Cousin Anabella chimes in they have nothing to wear. Felicia assures them she is sure whatever they packed will be fine. Or Dante suggests they could wait. Setting up a wedding in a few days is crazy. Felicia offers they could wait, but why should they? She doesn’t want some big choreographed spectacle with swans and tiki torches; all she wants is Dante. She says it feels so right, but if he wants to slow things down…….Stephanie steps in and says it is all so overwhelming, committing yourself to someone for life…... and it is happening very quickly…..she can see where it caught Dante by surprise. But, that is Felicia. She caught them all by surprise. She surmises that by looking at Felicia’s face and seeing the expressions in her eyes, she knows she was right to fight as hard as she did, “to keep you alive so you can feel what you are feeling at this very moment.” Mother and daughter kiss and hug. She tells Dante that Felicia is going to have the kind of life she DESERVES. The kind of life she and her father have always wanted for her, “because of you, Dante.” (still with a sullen expression on his face). She graciously thanks him and welcome him into their family.

More picture taking and Bridget slips off to the side. Cousin Carlos comes up and introduces himself. In his small talk, he says she doesn’t look happy. Was she hoping to be first? She doesn’t understand. He says the first to be married. She offers no, that’s not it. She’s actually been married already. He asks then does she not like his cousin? She stammers that no, she likes him very much. And then she excuses herself.

Nick is surprised. He knew Dante was in love with Bridget, but…….Brooke explains now she is in love with him too. He wonders how that happened? Brooke replies when she found out that he’d asked Felicia to marry him. He asks why would he do that if he’s still in love with Bridget? She explains that Bridget turned him down, so he was on the rebound. And even thought they do have a child together, he realized he acted impulsively, and he was wrong. So he’s there now telling Felicia he made a mistake. Brooke says she just hopes Felicia will understand.

Bridget slips upstairs and is overlooking the scene below from the railing. Dante slips up behind her and this does not go unnoticed by Stephanie. She’s even more concerned when she sees them disappear out of sight. Bridget tells Dante what were they thinking? He pleads with her – nothing has changed. She tells him his entire family is downstairs. And he heard them. They love Felicia. And she points out that they have a child together and that is never going to change. He blurts out that he can’t marry Felicia when he is in love with her. Bridget doesn’t think he would have ever proposed to her unless he thought he could make her happy. Frantically, he tells her she is the only one for him, always has been, and it’s NOT too late. But, she shakes her head and says she can’t do this. She just can’t. He tells her he knows it’s a shock to find his entire family here, and Felicia saying she moved up the wedding. But, she can stop it. All she has to do is believe in “us.” But as she argues that it would destroy her sister’s happiness, he tells her he doesn’t love Felicia, he loves her! He passionately kisses her and pushes her just conveniently into a large, darkened linen closet. Who knows what might have happened but they hear voices. It’s Thorne and Darla and they are joking about Dante getting cold feet. Thorne quips by marrying into this family, he should! Bridget stops cold. She tells Dante they shouldn’t be doing this. She says this can’t be happening. He’s marrying her sister, and she’s the mother of his child. She just can’t do this to her. And if he doesn’t know that about her, then he doesn’t know her at all! He can’t accept that. That it is over between them just like that. She tells him he needs to go… with his family…..they are waiting for him downstairs. Finally he backs away and silently leaves, leaving Bridget behind heartbroken……..again.

In a quiet mode on the patio, Stephanie catches Felicia and remarks how the family just adores her because she is so easy to love. Felicia thanks her for giving her life back so she can feel what she is feeling right now. She giggles when Stephanie holds her tight and tells her she’s going to take it out of her trust fund, not to worry. Eric interrupts and tells Felicia that Filomena has something for her.

Inside, Filomena presents her with a beautiful white lace mantilla and remarks they bought it for her in Italy, but they will understand if she doesn’t want to wear it. Felicia thinks it’s beautiful and tells them that Eric is making her wedding dress as they speak. Would they mind if she dyed this black? A hush falls but they say – for her, anything.

Aldo asks where is Dante with the champagne? Stephanie tells them to stay put, she’ll go find him. She doesn’t get very far when Dante comes bounding down the stairs. She tells him he has a lovely family…….and it’s apparent to her that family is very important to him…..this decision to marry her daughter and be a father to his son and to start a family….well, as she said, family is everything. It’s worth every sacrifice. Slowly, he seems to get the message. She continues that he came to this country to start a life with Bridget, so if there are some unresolved feelings…….He remarks he’s going to get some champagne. She says no thank you. She wouldn’t want him to get lost again. She leaves and he turns to look upward to the balcony and spots Bridget looking down at him.

She comes down and he quickly joins her and says it is now or never. She still protests that she can’t do this. He informs her they love each other. They can’t hide that. She says they have to and they will. He says he knows she wants to do the right thing, but they can’t ignore their feelings. They aren’t going to go away. They touch, wanting their hands to be all over each other. He says she knows what they have to do. But at that moment, Aldo bellows out for his son and Dante leaves her standing there. He joins the group as Stephanie hands him a glass of bubbly. She asks if they should have a toast? Bridget rushes in and tells them to wait for her. Stephanie starts – “to Felicia and Dante. May they always be as happy as they are now.” Everyone drinks to that while Dante glances longingly at Bridget.

Nick feels a little guilty. He wishes he had spoken up a little earlier to let Bridget know he wasn’t going to come back to her. Brooke thought she already knew that. He says she did but he had gone to see her the other night and she had asked if he ever thought what might have happened if Nicole had lived? And he had told her she shouldn’t wait around for something that isn’t going to happen. A future with him. Brooke says well now she has a different future. A future with a man she is meant to be with – Dante. And that future is going to begin tonight. She hugs Nick and as she does, she looks over his shoulder and sees a videoed message from Ridge coming in on the screen, “looking forward to our first fitting. Love, Ridge.”

Dante holds a sleeping Dino; Eric gives his toast knowing that Dante will make Felicia very, very happy. Bridget expresses that she would like to say something. Felicia quips that she smells a roast! But, don’t make her cry. Stephanie says Bridget wouldn’t do that. Felicia says she has no idea what Bridget is going to say, but better save some of it. Because as her maid of honor, she is going to have to give a toast at the wedding.

This makes it even harder for Bridget to say what she intends. She proclaims that people come into their lives that they didn’t expect. Things happen that you can’t control. You think you are never going to get over something, but you do because someone incredible appears. “Someone that I have fallen deeply in love with.” She goes on that she recently had a loss and she felt really alone. But, when she held HIM in her arms, the emptiness would slip away. She felt like he was a gift given especially for her. But, he’s not hers anymore and she can’t have him. But, she tells Felicia she doesn’t know if she can let HIM go, as she really loves him. And she always will. Felicia asks her who does she love? Bridget hesitates then stammers, apparently talking one thing and saying another,“Dino.” But now that she and Dante are getting married, they will be a family. Felicia assures her she will always want Bridget in Dino’s life. She’s his second mommy and that is not going to change.

She calls Dante forward and he starts to speak, but Bridget interrupts and tells him he is going to have a wonderful life. One that he’s been searching for all his life. His own family and she knows he is going to love them with all his heart. (then again, how come he looks so glum?) She tells him he is going to be very, very happy. And this is as it should be.

Aldo gives a hearty “hey, hey” and another round of toasts and hugs and kisses to all. Dante goes to Bridget and hugs her tightly. With tears in her eyes and a very stoic expression still on his face, she whispers goodbye to him. He merely shakes his head no.

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