The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/9/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Brooke’s, she orders her dad to go. He stands up to her and says he’s not going anywhere until they work this out. She lashes out that she wants no part of his ‘working out’ thing. He says simply that he’s just trying to make up for his mistakes. She asks – by putting fuel on a flame that was about to go out? Stephanie was about to accept her. He can’t believe she is that naïve. She mocks she must be as she gave him a second chance! He tells her she is simply frustrated. Taking control of Forrester was more complicated than they thought. And it’s put stress on her relationship with Nick, but she has to realize that was not his intention. She tells him oh no, he never intends to make a mess of things. He just does! He tells her not to do that. Don’t make him into a hapless loser. He’s turned his life completely around. He’s done his time. She asks, “really? Well, then tell me, dad, what is the minimum sentence for abandoning your family?”

Nick is alone working in his office when Stephanie barges in telling the receptionist that he is expecting her. He glances up and says oh no, he’s not. She mentions the 2% stock and he tells her that Brooke’s office is just right down the hall. Stephanie points out that he and Stephen bilked Taylor of those shares. They took advantage of a decent woman. He reminds her that his accountant said he paid more for the shares than they were worth. And taking advantage – no that was her style, not his. Pointing fingers, he tells her, “now you take that high horse you are on and you ride it right out of here. ‘Cause there’s nothing you’ve got to say that I want to hear.”

Bridget tells Dante that it was a mistake. She shouldn’t have come there. He tells her to wait a second, he’s very sorry. Incredulously she says he is ENGAGED! He admits it just happened last night. She says but he’s not in love with Felicia. He reminds her they have a son together. She says just a few days ago he wanted to raise that son with her. Dante says but she turned him down. She asks, “so you just go to the next person on the list and propose to them?” She turns away and goes to the patio. He follows and tells her it’s not like that. He’s moved on with his life and he thought she’d be happy for him.

At Stephanie’s, Felicia is gushing to Eric how ecstatic she is – imagine – her getting married with husband, baby, white picket fence, no minivan. He’s trying to he happy for her, but says it is a little bit unexpected. She tells him she knows he never thought she’d find the one – Mr. Right, someone normal with no piercings, tattoos or green hair. He tells her he always hoped she would find someone who loved her, adored her and only her. She tells him Dante is a good man. He quips he knows he has good taste. Given that she’s the second of his two daughters that Dante has proposed to in the last month.

Hands on her shoulders, he asks if she is aware that Dante is pursuing a relationship with her sister? She replies that he was, but that was before he knew he actually could have one with her. And she knows it’s a little crazy and impulsive, but if Dante weren’t a little impulsive, he wouldn’t be the man for her. Eric asks if she is certain that Dante is? She kisses him and replies yes, she is. He declares well alright. She says not quite, she needs a wedding dress. He replies, “hmmm. Black. Leather? She adds buckles and they laugh. She kisses him and gives him a big hug and tells him she loves him. He tells her he loves her too. Does Dante really make her happy? She replies yes, he does.

Bridget asks Dante if he really thought she’d be happy for him? And she realizes she has no right to be upset. She sobs that she turned down his proposal and he obviously didn’t want to wait when he thought there was nothing to wait for. He tells her because she wasn’t over Nick. But, he still wants her to be in Dino’s life; close to him and Felicia. She turns away but then asks about the ring he was going to give her? He admits he gave it to Felicia. It wasn’t planned; it was an impulse. And he believes it is the right one for him and his son. Both he and Felicia are very happy. She turns to go and stammers that she hopes they have a wonderful life together. He tells her to wait; he’s truly sorry. She says she is too; more than he’ll ever know. He tries to get her to stay, but she slams the door.

Stephanie accuses Nick of pushing his father out of the business and now he’s trying to push her out of hers. He shakes his finger at her and says no, no, this is not about him. He bought Taylor’s shares so that Brooke could be free of her family. Stephanie reminds him that is not what Brooke wants; she did not fire them. And he quips she probably won’t as long as Stephanie keeps up this peace, love and harmony act. She muses that it is not an act; it’s the truth. He tells her oh, by the way, he saw her ad in the paper, the new lingerie line. She gushes that Ridge is so excited about it. He says, “I’ll bet he is. You tell him to keep his pencil in his pocket. Because I’m not the only one who wants to protect Brooke.” She chuckles, “oh you and her father? I hear Stephen has been busy as a little bee.” Jacqueline enters the office and Stephanie glances at her and asks, “isn’t that right?” Jackie sniffs, well if she’s referring to their friendship. Stephanie quips oh yeah, friendship. You know what they say, ‘lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.’ Jackie tells her that Stephen is a good man, and she should know.

Mincing no words, Stephanie asks if she knows where he was the night before?……in Taylor’s bed! Jackie’s happy expression falls.

Stephen tells Brooke that he can’t change what happened in the past. She asks then why is he here? He opines because he is her father and believe it or not, he loves her. She asks if he loved them, then why did he leave them? He confesses that was the biggest mistake of his life and one he will never make again. And she offers now that she wants him gone, he won’t leave. He tells her that he is not her problem. The Forrester’s are her problem. She’s got them in her head. They are influencing her choices, what she values, who she loves. She lambastes him, that is very, very, rich coming from him. Does he know why she turned to Eric, to Ridge and to Thorne? Because she NEEDED someone to love her. Somebody to make her feel safe and secure. Everything that he was supposed to make her feel, but didn’t. The absent father. Stephanie, Taylor and Ridge all told her this, but she wouldn’t believe them. “All of the mistakes I have made, all the regrets I have had, all of the bad decisions and wrong moves, I blame them ALL on YOU.”

Felicia is euphoric, she leaves a note for her mom. She has great news, call her! Bridget walks in and Felicia gives her a big hi and hugs her and says that was so sweet of her but she didn’t have to come all the way over there just to congratulate her.

Stephen tells Brooke that if she blames him for all the bad things that happened to her, well, he blames himself too. He knows what his absence has caused her. But, he could always tell himself that she was better off without him. He tells her how he would pick up newspapers and there would be one success story after another and he’s say, “see, she’s doing great. My baby’s okay.” She argues that she wasn’t okay. With tears in her eyes, she asks does he know why she had to work so hard, why she had to achieve so much? She admits he had to keep moving all the time; keep her mind working all the time, so she wouldn’t think about him. So she wouldn’t feel that emptiness inside. Wouldn’t feel the loss. So she wouldn’t feel, and fall into that empty, dark, painful place that HE left inside of her.

Nick tells his mother not to listen to Stephanie. She asks – Stephen and Taylor? Stephanie quips how does she think he got her 2% of stock? Jackie says she does not believe her. Stephanie says she caught him coming out of Taylor’s bedroom. With arms folded, she smugly asks, “I wonder if he would have been so proud if I had caught him sneaking out of yours?” Nick tells her that’s enough. She continues anyway and tells Jackie it’s one thing to be rejected by men like Eric and Massimo, but quite another to be tossed aside by a loser like Stephen Logan. Nick intercedes again and tells her not to disrespect his mother. Stephanie poses a question to Jackie but to Nick as well. Is Stephen really the kind of guy they both want to get in bed with?

Felicia tells Bridget she is really glad she came. Bridget reveals that she really thought they should talk. Dante told her a little bit at the beach house. Felicia asks if she wouldn’t mind, since she has been dying to tell someone about it. She holds up her ring and asks if Bridget knows about it? With an expression like she’d rather swallow poison, she says yeah. Felicia prattles on and assumes Bridget is happy for them since she said so over the phone. Bridget feigns happiness but tells Felicia she is worried about her. Yes, Dante is a charming, loving, caring man and they have a son together. “but, honey, you can’t just take your clothes off, pose, and call that love.” Felicia seems offended and says, “excuse me!” Bridget tells her she is not trying to insult her or get her upset, but she did almost die. And sometimes a traumatic experience like that can really affect one’s judgment. Felicia says, “whoa. Are you saying I threw myself at him?” Bridget replies no, she just thinks she needs to slow down and think about what she is doing. If not for her own sake, then for her son. Felicia tells her that she thinks giving her son a stable, happy home is what’s best for him. Bridget agrees of course it is, when you’re with a man who really loves her. Felicia reminds her that Dante proposed to her, not her to him. Bridget realizes this probably sounds like sour grapes to her. Felicia tells her then don’t say it. Don’t spoil it for her. Because she has waited a lifetime to find this kind of satisfaction with a man. Bridget says she knows that. And Felicia thinks she deserves that. She and Dino deserve to have everything they want. And she really doesn’t want to stand in their way. But, is this really what she wants? Felicia says yes, otherwise, she wouldn’t have said yes. Bridget surmises she barely knows Dante. Felicia says she knows enough. Listen to this – a month ago she thought she was toes up. But, she’s not, she’s here. She has a second chance. And she’s going to make the most of it. And if that means taking risks or putting herself out there, then she’s going to do it. She tells Bridget that she is her sister, and she loves her. And she wants her to be part of this and needs her support. Again, Bridget pretends to be happy. Of course she will support her. She knows she loves her. Felicia pulls Bridget into a hug and begs her just to be happy for her; tell her she is happy for her.

Stephanie declares that Stephen Logan has never done anything positive for anyone in his whole life, including himself. Nick spouts that Stephen isn’t the only one looking out for Brooke. Stephanie shakes her finger at Nick and tells him that telling Brooke to fire them was a miscalculation on his part, and she’s not going to be swayed by such bad judgment again. Jackie spits that Stephanie is making it sound like Nick is manipulating Brooke when it is Stephanie that is pushing her buttons. And Nick adds that he doesn’t like it. Stephanie admits that she made her life hell. She was terrible to her. But, she is trying to make amends and she NEVER pretended to try to help her. It’s Nick and her father that is filling her head with suspicions and bad business judgment. Jackie offers that Stephanie just admitted she made Brooke’s life hell. Brooke has every reason to be suspicious.

Stephanie smarts that perhaps Jackie should be too – of her father. This is a man who abandoned his wife and four little children. She points her finger at Jackie and says he is using her, and Nick and Taylor. He’s even using his own daughter to get back at Stephanie because it is a lot easier than facing his own failures and mistakes. She says, “you want to help Brooke? Get rid of the father…..or I will!” She’s out the door.

Brooke asks her father if he believes in ghosts? She tells her children they don’t exist, but they do. She knows because she has lived with one most of her life. He says what he did still haunts him too. She tells him she wasn’t haunted, she was possessed. If he says the Forrester’s are in her head. What about him? He was there for all the horrible decisions that she made, all the pain that she caused her children and her family. She cries he was there. “And you were there for all those questions that keep me awake at night. Am I ever going to be happy? Am I worth loving?” He tells her of course she is. How does he know that? Was he there to tell her? Was he there to hold her when she was lonely? When she felt scared?

He offers that he is there now, but she cries it is just too late. She wants him to GO! He says no she doesn’t. She walks away to the stairs and buckles down and sobs. He goes to her and takes her in his arms to comfort her and tell her it is all right.

She has a sudden flashback of a much younger girl with Stephen holding her telling her it would be okay. Brooke jumps up and tells him she doesn’t need him anymore. She needed him when she was younger, but she doesn’t need him now. It’s too late. He argues that it is NEVER too late. Just listen to him. She shouts that he isn’t going to ruin her life. He tries to restrain her and she pounds on him ferociously and tells him not to touch her. He pulls, she struggles and continues beating him. She manages to grab his coat and while opening the door with one hand, pushes him out of it with the other, screaming at him to leave. Slamming the door, she dissolves on the floor in a wild state of tears.

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